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  1. nursenow

    Nurse Fights for License After Sex With Dying Patient

    Oh I understand it very well. I have no problem with them convicting her for that behavior. I totaly agree with you that it is wrong. But 20 years for sex? MDs kill patients by poor decisions, nurses abuse and steal narcotics from their patient, among other things against non-consenting patients and they at least get a chance to redeem themselves and continue in healthcare. Have sex with a consenting adult patient and your career is over? She was wrong, no doubt about it. but to end her career? I have spent time at the BON site looking at charges and punishments against nurses for various offenses and find the punishment they administered to this nurses totaly out of line compared to many crimes/punishments you will see levied by the state against nurses for patient abuse, drug theft/use, DUI and the list goes on. Including offenses that actually put people's lives in danger. I believe the punishment was a result of the culture in that state based on having lived there for a number of years. Totaly out of line.
  2. nursenow

    Nurse Fights for License After Sex With Dying Patient

    Consenting adults, away from the work place, he was A&O. I have heard of other nurses marrying people they originaly met as a patient. whats the problem? Obviously those people were attracted and flirting while still in a patient/provider relationship. should they lose their license for ever? Whats the big deal with this case? It doesn't say she raped him while he was drugged or anything along those lines. You can steal a patient's narcotics, neglect them, get stupid drunk and hurt someone in a car wreck and not lose your license for 20 years. But dont dare have consenting sex because because they won't even allow you the chance to "rehabilitate" yourself. They just end your career. I used to live in that area of Oklahoma and have a pretty good idea as to the real reason they were so harsh on her. 20 years is nonsense.
  3. Hmm. If they amputate my arm, I would be pretty upset with some student standing there posing with it publicly. After all, it is still my arm until they incinerate it? Did she get permission from the Mom to photograph that body part? Since when is it OK to use a camera like that in clinicals or even the healthcare environment? I find it pretty offensive that someone would pose with it like it is a trophy or something.
  4. nursenow

    Lawsuit after patient kicks nurse

    Lindarn, I really hope you are about to retire because your attitude towards men is one we really don't need. It is straight out of "back in the day".
  5. nursenow

    disappearing nurses notes!

    If you made copies of a patients information and kept it you would be as guilty as the DON. You would be breaking facility and probably federal rules. This is another great example of why everyone nees to go to electronic charting. If your DON deletes something there is a record of him/her doing that and even if something has been deleted it can still be recovered.
  6. nursenow

    disappearing nurses notes!

    I am sitting here wondering what situation would cause me to use two pages charting about a slow MD/pharmacy taking four hours to supply pain meds. I really can't. If it was that bad, I would call an oncall MD and tell him/her I need to transport a patient to the ER because we are unable to control his pain. If the MD refuses, just make a short entry about it in the nurses notes, transcribe it as a T.O. on the physicians orders page and be done with it. In order to throw away your entry in the physicians orders the DON would have to throw away all the other orders on that page also. If you are not allowed to write T.O.s where you work just make a one paragraph entry with only the relevent facts and call it quits. Only twice have I been unable to get hold of an oncall MD. When I demanded to be put through to another doctor and told the aswering sevice I absolutely have to talk to an MD (after they insisted there was no one available) it took about 60 seconds for another MD that wasn't even on call for mine to call back. I have never made a two page entry for anything including work place violence, elopements, abuse, --nothing. It is possible removing that entry protects you as well. did you really take ALL action available to you to provide for your patient? Did you call your supervisor (the DON) about a situation you were not able to resolve?(), how many times did you call the pharmace/ MD. What did you tell them, What else did you do to relieve the patients pain? In your charting were you blowing off steam or sticking to actual facts and not perceptions and opinions? I have had my DON ask me to rewrite two different entries and after she explained why I was happy to do it. Those rewrites included other nurses having to redo theirs also. My entries made both me and the facility look bad were we to go to court. But in the end I have to say I totaly agree that what the DON did is illegal. It does happen in LTC/SNFs though. Find another job BEFORE you report it because you are going to need one.
  7. nursenow

    Why aren't pt phones & TV free?

    Nothing is free. Your hospital is taking those services into consideration as a cost of business and billing appropriately. They just don't itemize them. Somewhere they are adding the hospital cost of the sevices to the patients bill, maybe by adding a few dollars somewhere else...
  8. nursenow

    what's it like to be a LVN in LTC?

    It is sad someone attaches so little importance to such an important and neccesary part of the modern nursing process. There is alot of difference between "just paperwork" and charting.
  9. nursenow

    what's it like to be a LVN in LTC?

    Charting and the "paperwork" you do IS nursing. One thing that makes modern healthcare/nursing so effective is the charting and record keeping which allows us to keep track of a patients progress and gives us a history. I am always amazed at how many nurses didn't learn in school about why/how charting is part of nursing. Nursing is alot more than standing by the bed doing "nursy" things. It is a team effort that includes people you don't even meet in person but they use what you chart to make changes to your patients care. I suggest people stop complaining about charting and focus on becoming more effective at it. I regularly find myself reffering back to other people's chart entries as I provide care. What you do and don't chart can be as important as the things people consider "real nursing".
  10. nursenow

    LVNs training RNs???

    I work in a SNF currently LVN still going to school dreaming of BSN. I am at my current postition in the facility because a BSN was clueless so my boss replaced him with me and gave him an easier job (fewer critical thinking skills needed). I have seen both good and bad RN/LVNs and have learned that just because you got through nursing school doesn't mean you are a good nurse no matter how much alphabet you have after your name. There is a BIG difference between a good nursing student and a good nurse. There are many RNs out there that can(and do) learn alot from experienced LVNs.
  11. nursenow

    The Policeman vs. The Nurse

    I agree. It IS a conspiricy by all the employers. I heard they meet in secrecy every year somewhere in Northern California to hatch their plans to fire all employees. If the plan to fire her didn't come out of the latest secret employer meeting then it probably was hatched during the secret meeting of evil Corporations. I heard they like to fire nurses .
  12. nursenow

    The Policeman vs. The Nurse

    I am OK with her being fired. Her behavior indicates a lack of judgment that makes me uncomfortable. Yes I believe she had the right to say say that but that doesn't mean it was right. Makes me wonder how she would respond to a patient on one of her bad days.
  13. I believe you will be OK but could you post the online addy of the photos so I can evaluate them more closely for you? :)
  14. nursenow

    What have you done without a Dr. order???

    Someday, doing all those things wlithout an order will catch up to you. A not very nice MD or someone you work for/with with with cure you of doing that.
  15. nursenow

    Needing an honest answer

    Is this another one of those topics posted just to get a response and drum up interest/participation?
  16. nursenow

    Well, No Nursing for Me

    Gosh. You sure showed them. I dont know how those schoolsl are going to get along without your attendence. Every class on every subject I have ever taken had an exit exam. Usually they are called a final.

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