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Can't wait to travel after uni!

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  1. thanks for the quick reply, elenova! i have been reading some of your posts on other threads. we would like to go to dubai or abu dhabi. if a married couple of RNs go to dubai can they then live together in hospital accommodation or do they usually f...
  2. elenova, i am an aussie RN very keen to go to the UAE next year. i work in medical high dependency (mostly cardiac pts). my boyfriend is a general RN and we want to travel together. is there any hope of us being able to live together if we're not ...
  3. Evie

    Channel Islands

    Can someone give me the low-down on the Channel Islands? I have seen several job ads for Guernsey and I've tried to do a google search but all I can really find is touristy stuff. Is it isolating working there? Do you have to be a certain type of per...
  4. Evie

    bachelor of nursing

    dardar, you don't need any science subjects as prerequisites for a nursing degree. well, not for the undergraduate entry. some universities have graduate entry, where you need a science degree first. having said that, you will study science subjec...
  5. thanks grace! i am having so much fun working and actually getting paid for it! as a student nurse i was a bit worried but, you know, getting your registration is like getting your drivers' licence!! once you're on your own you just FLY. i'm ...
  6. Evie

    Want to work in the OR when I qualify

    my friend went straight into a 12 month theatre grad program (she's actually doing the transition program which gets her credit towards a grad cert i think) - she knew it was what she wanted to do so went for it! i think that if you know then go for ...
  7. good luck, kelly! i started working as an RN in mid-december after finishing uni, and work has reinforced that i definitely made the right choice studying nursing. yep, times will get tough when you're in the middle of assignments and exams or aw...
  8. Evie

    The MICU faqs continue to be updated...

    Hi Mark, I just wanted to let you know that your ICQ FAQs have been a huge help to me as a 3rd year student in the lead up to my final Med-Surg exam (the focus of which is high acuity nursing). Reading through the documents has reinforced what I h...
  9. Evie

    Thinking ahead - Jobs!

    but then i guess a graduate program is what you make of it..
  10. Evie

    We're Being Beaten!!!!

    or should that be, my EYES..
  11. Evie

    We're Being Beaten!!!!

    torachan - my ears are bleeding!! hahaha
  12. Evie

    Thinking ahead - Jobs!

    do you think there is a difference in whether you work for QH or a private hospital in your grad year? (apart from the obvious pay, conditions, etc) we have been told that a lot of private hospitals start recruiting earlier than public..
  13. Evie

    Thinking ahead - Jobs!

    hi everyone, i'm also at QUT.. i just did a rural placement which confirmed to me that i wanted to stay here in brisbane for at least a year or two (gwenith - you told me so! ) - but it was something i had to figure out for myself.. one of my f...
  14. Evie

    28yr old want to study 4 RN-What u think?

    through the grape vine i've heard that UTS offers a great nursing program
  15. Evie

    Music from OZ

    i think we are, bukko! although i can only speak for myself and the nurses i know. one nurse i worked with last year was the owner of a very groovy up-and-coming club in the valley here in brisbane, and i always hear of the cool acts they have playin...
  16. Evie

    Finished degree!!!!!!!!

    congratulations on finishing joh :) i am in my last year - finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! going into my 5th year of full-time study.. i want out! but there's not long to go.. i am going on prac at the end of next week thank goodness so at least i...