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  1. Do you have any topics on informatics in healthcare that you are willing to share with me.  I have an assignment to do and I'm struggling with my start.  Any advice will be appreciated; please.

  2. klone

    Does your employer charge you for PTO?

    You're looking at it the wrong way - the wage does not decrease if you take incentives. The wage increases if you don't take the incentives. Many places do it like this. (my husband gets something like $500 back each month if he doesn't use his company's health insurance).
  3. klone

    What do sign with?

    No, not at all. In fact, half the time I don’t even use “RN” at work - only if I’m signing something that’s related to patient documentation.
  4. klone

    What would you do!?!

    No, you can’t be picky. Yes, you should accept one of the positions that was offered to you. As an L&D hiring manager, based only on your post, you strike me as somewhat immature and I likely would not hire you, if your post is a reflection of your behavior in real life.
  5. I would be frank with the hiring manager, let her know that you really want to work in that specialty, but need to decline it right now because of your circumstances. There is a possibility that she may be willing to hire you in a year, after your pregnancy and maternity leave are behind you. Good luck!
  6. klone

    Challenging Joint Commission

  7. klone

    Challenging Joint Commission

    Also, a lot of people don't realize that TJC isn't a governmental agency. It's a private, for-profit company that's contracted by CMS. There are other such agencies out there - a hospital doesn't HAVE to use TJC.
  8. klone

    Challenging Joint Commission

    Yes, I have challenged a JC surveyor and won. In OB, we keep small quantities of sterile processed instruments on the unit (kits, individual peel packs of stuff, etc). The surveyor insisted that we needed to monitor temp and humidity in the room and keep a temp log. I insisted that we do not, because this clean utility is not "centralized sterile processing" but rather, an ancillary area to keep small quantities of instruments. I then showed her the document FROM HER AGENCY'S WEBSITE that states what I just told her, that ancillary areas (and the document even cited "OB department clean utility areas" as an example) did not have the same requirements to monitor temp and humidity. She then questioned the document's wording of "small quantities" and that is a subjective term and one could state that we had more than "small quantities" of sterile instruments in our clean utility area. I then stated that the document intentionally left it vague and up for interpretation of the individual facility as to how they want to define "small quantities" and our facility has determined that the amount we keep in our clean utility room meet's our definition of "small quantities" as evidenced by the policy we have on the topic (which I then produced for her to read). It's been my experience that JC surveyors are human, and are subject to their own whims and biases when it comes to interpreting the agency's regulations.
  9. I agree that home ownership is not the be-all, end-all, and it's a perfectly reasonable fiscal option to rent.
  10. Well, good luck to you
  11. That's the whole point of retiring. So you can do what you want, not work.
  12. Well, technically you won't be working "off the clock" because in general, APNs and LIPs are salaried.
  13. Wow, that would so not fly when I worked in clinic. They can't bill until the provider's notes are submitted. Just be aware that not all provider groups are going to be okay with this practice. Also, be aware that you have a very rigid idea of what you're going to be doing/what your schedule will be in this hypothetical job, in this hypothetical role, with a degree that you haven't yet even earned. Your schedule will be somewhat at the whim of the needs of the practice.
  14. Where are you envisioning yourself working? If you're planning on working at a clinic as part of a practice, that's not going to fly. You will have to submit your notes the same day. As a new practitioner, they will often build larger chunks of "admin time" into your template until you get faster.
  15. klone

    Husband Wants to Become a Nurse Too

    My husband and I graduated from nursing school at the same time, but we went to different schools. We work in VERY different areas of nursing (OB and hospice). For a couple brief times during our career, we worked for the same hospital, but it was always super weird seeing him in various meetings and such. I prefer that our professional lives remain very separate, with weird random occasional intersections (e.g. twice in my career I've been the labor nurse for a woman who was giving birth to a baby with Trisomy 18 who went from my care, directly into my husband's care as a hospice nurse). It's nice having someone in healthcare that knows the lingo and can commiserate with a lot of the stuff, but is separate enough that I don't feel like we're in competition.