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  1. may1787

    Dream NICU

    Aren't you a joy. You might want to get out of nursing... I love the private NICU rooms and they are better for our patients and their families even if it might be a change people aren't used to, and having information in your own language reduces anxiety and stress.
  2. may1787

    Beanbags out? Need proof!

    Z-Flo type fluidized positioners are best practice and are disposable, unlike the bean bags which are an infection risk. That would be my guess as to their reasoning.
  3. may1787

    Friending patient families on social media?

    I see nurses do this all the time as well and it's 100% unprofessional, especially if you are the person to contact and the family then feels obligated to say yes which can create awkwardness and tension if they don't feel they are on that level with you. What I suggest if you are interested is at the end of the patient stay give them a congratulatory card and within you can include contact information with the suggestion that if they're are interested in remaining in touch they can contact you in the listed ways. I do this with my primary families.
  4. may1787

    Dream NICU

    We will be moving into our new private room NICU in 2 years and I would like your suggestions for your dream NICU that I might bring to management. I've worked in private rooms before, and I'm very excited to get back to that model! Anyway, an example of a dream NICU suggestion that also looks toward the future is digital information boards in the patient room that are updated automatically when the nurse assigns herself to the patient and new information is added on the electronic medical record and this digital board can also flip/scroll between languages in case you have, for example, a Spanish speaking only patient or family. So, dream for me dreamers!
  5. may1787

    Help to Become a Leader

    Hello! I am a nurse with 9 years of experience and I (finally) want to get more involved with unit councils and magnet councils. I am going to be joining a new unit with supportive managaement and can start joining these councils 90 days after hire. What do you recommend for an experienced nurse in a new facility and/or unit who wants to bring new ideas and introduce current best practice that isn't being utilized in the facility/on the unit currently for the best outcomes?
  6. may1787

    Burnt Out NICU RN

    Honestly, I would rather get out of nursing before doing home health.
  7. may1787

    Burnt Out NICU RN

    Hello, I am a burnt out NICU nurse. I know I am intelligent. I have my certification in NICU nursing and have been in the field for 9 years as a nurse and 2 years as an extern during nursing school. I also really love the actual task and interpersonal part of the job. That being said, I can't seem to keep a job in the field because my generalized anxiety disorder and major depressive disorder gives me brain fog, I forget things, and I am not as meticulous as I once was. My first job (6 years) I chose resignation in lieu of termination because there were parental complaints that I wasn't very cheery (hello depression) and patient satisfaction vs. quality of care was of utmost importance to management, the second (6 months) I left because the NICU was absolutely horrendous and I couldn't face going in to work anymore and was literally bed bound, and the third (current, 2.5 years) I am being terminated because I did a really dumb thing and accessed my own medical record without thinking about it (which apparently is an immediate termination now) but otherwise the job was going well and I was the most requested primary nurse. I'm not sure I want to keep doing this to myself. So where do I go from here? I don't have any adult health experience, nor do I desire to work in that field. I need a similar salary due to medical requirements, and I don't care if I utilize my degree or not. At this point my happiness and health is more important. I've always thought floristry sounded really fun and low stress but it doesn't pay much. I thought about being a Newborn Specialist but worry that dealing with people would become an issue again. If I'm a mostly agreeable, prefer structure, am good at independent work, and persistent, what options might I have if I want to stay at a $45000+ salary? I don't mind mindless work like inputting data or something like that but it would be nice to like my job.
  8. may1787

    Jacksonville FL NICU

    I'm thinking of moving to Jacksonville this year but I am having a hard time with the job search because all the hospital websites are not very forthcoming with their NICU information. I have been an RN (BSN) for 9 years, a NICU nurse for 8 and want a NICU job. Can anyone help me find which hospital would fit most of these requirements? -Level III/IV NICU -Private rooms -self scheduling & approved vacation time (i.e no limits like "only 1 week vacation allowed at a time") -easy parking at the hospital (i.e. no shuttles required, long walks into the facility from offsite parking garages/lots, etc) Is this a possibility in Jacksonville?
  9. may1787

    Where Should I Move?

    Can someone help me find the best place to move to work that has the following: Level III or IV NICU Within an hour of a metropolitan area that has museums, plays, musicals, events, etc. Easy/Quick commute Has amenities but is minutes from the "great outdoors." Has distinct seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) Has an international airport within a half hour You can park on the hospital campus easily I know, I know, maybe its too much to ask. I had it when I lived in Anchorage, AK but can't move back there. Anywhere else is free game.
  10. may1787


    Yes, I've already seen those.
  11. may1787


    Hello! I am trying to implement zflos in the NICU because they are evidence based best practice but I am having a lot of push-back simply because staff doesn't like change. I've used them at every facility I have worked at and they were a requirement for kids under 32 weeks. Does anyone have any research studies or links that might help me? Perhaps suggestions?
  12. may1787

    NMC Test Online

    What is a dl? Is the assessment basically all the forms and documents I need to get together for them to decide if they want me?
  13. may1787

    NMC Test Online

    I finally passed the NMC RN1 test, which I was sure I wouldn't since I only do NICU nursing and not adult nursing. Anyway, I am wondering what the next step will be? Visa? OSCE? I wish there was a step by step guide so I would know what would be coming next.
  14. may1787

    Road to NMC Registration

    I'm having a similar problem. However, they do answer for me; you just have to call during UK business hours. What happens is they reset my account and I can log in once and then I have the same error message "unauthorized" again. Resetting my password doesn't help. I have to say, everyone answering phones at the NMC are so kind but their technology is crap. They are constantly having technological issues. Just a few days ago I got an email saying they rejected my application and I had to call them in a panic! Turns out it was just another technological glitch. So, for those of you that have passed the NMC RN1 test, what is the next step when the recruiter contacts me? Visa? OSCE? How did you schedule the OSCE? Did you take a trip there and then back home or did you do it once you had moved over there and just hoped you would pass? It seems ridiculous for us to take off work and spend thousands of dollars on flights just to take a skills test that could be done in our home country.
  15. may1787

    Visa & OSCE

    Hello, I just passed my NMC RN1 test and am trying to get in touch with my recruiter to discuss the next steps. Does anyone know what will be involved in getting my VISA? I hear people talking about having to contact their university where they studied and all sorts of hoops to jump through. Also, in regards to the OSCE, do you go to the UK and take the test then come back home and wait for the results before finally getting a job and moving over there permanently? I am just worried about the cost and taking time off of work to go back and forth to take the test. Its easily $1200 a trip in airline costs alone for each trip.
  16. may1787

    NMC Test Online

    Hello, again. I ended up going round about to find my results the following day and found out I did not pass. Its super frustrating because my recruiter said nothing about reading the Royal Marsden or looking at the blueprint. I only found out about all that after failing via my new recruiter. Great. Thanks. Nothing like dropping 130pounds to fail. I am now studying the Royal Marsden but there is SO MUCH in that book and I don't know what to focus on. Its especially concerning because I am a NICU nurse that has never done adult nursing except in nursing school. Its not a very nice route for people who do pediatric nursing who will do pediatric nursing in the UK. You'd think it would make more sense to put us through the pediatric test. Anyway, hoping to retake in late December. My confidence has really been dashed because I thought I did fairly well on the last one for not being an adult nurse. I bought these practice questions (BMJ OnExamination Sign In) but I have no idea if they will help. Anyone know what to focus on in the RM book? Anyone know any links to practice tests, because I feel like that will help me the most for my learning style (the amount of info in the book is just overwhelming).

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