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    FNP or ACNP switch

    Im currently enrolled in a FNP program at University of Texas Arlington. I have been thinking about switching to the ACNP but still undecided. It seems that in my area there is more demand for ACNPs. I need to decide soon since I'm about to start the FNP 1 class which would have to be AC 1 this summer. If anyone here switched tracks? Why did you do it and how has your experience been so far?
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    Written Up

    I highly doubt there was an adverse reaction. Its just 1mg of Xanax.
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    Written Up

    Yikes. I hate it when the Docs write confusing orders or write a mix of PRNs of the same med for different reasons. Yes you should never give both the PRN together with the scheduled med. Wait at least an hr. 0.5mg of Xanax is a tini little dose. In all honestly that wont even touch most patients. Also I think the charge nurse here is making things too hard for you. We all make mistakes. This was not a lethal dose or a dangerous dose at all. Writting you up is being to harsh and even catty. She could have just counseled you. Are you a new nurse? I have had newbies make silly mistakes like these and I never try to ruin their careers by writting them up. I teach them. That is what we as nurses are supposed to do. I dont think these are grounds for terminatiin so just accept the write up and explain the missunderstanding and never do that again.
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    How many of you hate your job?

    I agree with some of the posts above. My first job after graduating was on MedSurg-Telemetry and I enter the job so optimistic to find out myself in a very hostile work environment. I loved the being a nurse part and taking care of my patients. Didn't even mind helping the Aids clean a "code Brown". What made me quit my hospital job was the way other nurses treated one another. I never wanted to take it personal but it seemed like the other nurses just wanted to tear you apart and eat you alive. I did not know a whole lot when I started my job and even my preceptor seemed to want to make my life living hell. She expected me to know everything and do everything myself while she sat on her butt making phone calls to her friends using the hospital phone. She was very rude to me all the time yet I felt bad because she was pregnant and didn't want to complain to my manager. My manager never asked how things were going with my preceptor or to evaluate her as a preceptor. I just felt like I was being watched all the time. Very stressful! The last drop was a time when I was working night shift after finishing my preceptorship program. I had 6 patients to take care of. Got 2 admitions at the end of my shift one that needed blood trasfusion and the other needed a bunch of IVs and a Heparin Drip. When it was time for me to go home I got done with most of my work exept some med orders that needed to be sent to pharmacy which was no big deal because the meds were to be given at 7am and my shift was over at 3am. Well the nurse that followed me was 30min late. When I was giving her report she started doing stuff in the computer and not listening. Then the next morning my manager called me and gave me a hard time because the nurse complained that one of the patients IV was infiltrated, that I didn't finish my admition's orders. That I didn't reposition a 300 lb patient every 2 hours (task that I assigned to the LPN which was nowhere to be found) But being young, dumb and hurt I failed to defend myself so I just quit. Bedside care its a battlefield and Im very disapointed of it. Nursing is a great profession but is the way nurses treat each other what kills it. I'm doing pediatric home care right now and I love it. When people ask me why I don't get a job at the hospital I tell them that I'd rather work with kids than spending 8-12 hours a day with a bunch of women.
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    Credit checking for a job?..im in trouble :(

    What does credit scores have to do with patient care? Whoever came out with that idea is an idiot. And then they complain that there is a nursing shortage:redpinkhe