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  1. Do you need these nurses or staff people to do your job? More than likely you don’t. Ignore them and do your job. Don’t let the likes of people like that run you away from a job you like. That’s what they want and I wouldn’t let them mess with my...
  2. I agree, we definitely need to double check behind administrators also. Clearly something is either wrong with the protocol in place or the nurse misinterpreted it. But either way, I think the administrators should still be able to tell this person...
  3. Nope, there wasn’t.
  4. Sounds like you really need to review the protocol in detail and become more familiar with it. And, seek clarification especially when it comes to dealing with narcs. Saying it was a verbal order when you didn’t actually receive one is irresponsibl...
  5. And when did I call her insane? Read and get your facts straight. I clearly responded to what someone said about this being an “insane profession.” If your concerned about being able to have a discussion without the use of “derogatives” then start...
  6. Well it’s not the profession that’s “insane,” you mean it’s some of the people working in it. It’s not for everyone especially those who can’t honor and uphold nursing ethics and codes of conduct.
  7. Then why are you asking for advice if your not willing to listen to what people are saying or seem to already have the answer? If your okay with your very odd, wrongful and unprofessional behavior then don’t ask for people’s feedback. I don’t think...
  8. MInurse2b

    Help!! I need a examples of nursing case studies

    Had these articles saved in my favorites folder for quite some time. I haven't had the chance to review the sites in depth since I'm not taking Issues just yet. I think the ones from Univ. of Missouri may show a detailed format of what should be incl...
  9. MInurse2b

    Don't Rain On My Parade ....2009 Grads

    LOL...someone reminded me of this too...I'm definitely not trying to prolong my graduation date by any means :) I must say though 8 mos in nursing school feels like an eternity! Wishing everyone a successful year!
  10. MInurse2b

    WCCCD Students - Is this OK?

    Actually you don't have to be a fully licensed RN to pass meds or narcotics. You can be certified to do so such as in the case of Direct Care Workers that work in group homes/institutions. As a certified DCW I passed meds for well over five years ...
  11. MInurse2b

    WCCCD Students - Is this OK?

    :eek:LOL. Frankly I don't think it totally concerns them either. But, I just want to remain in compliance with my school's policies. After a year now of very hard work and personal challenges because of being in nursing school, the last thing I want ...
  12. MInurse2b

    WCCCD Students - Is this OK?

    I've been offered a position that involves passing meds and possibly handling narcotics. Although a great opportunity to learn I'm feeling a bit uneasy since I haven't been able to speak with anyone at the nursing office since the move, and soon I'll...
  13. MInurse2b

    Metro Detroit jobs for student

    I also have a degree in Psych. I am currently in my second year of an ADN program. I have to say I WISH that I became a CNA and had other experience before I entered the program. It could have helped me with my anxiousness and apprehension when I fir...
  14. MInurse2b

    HELP! What class should I take while I wait?

    Depending upon what your career goals are this should aid you in determining which classes will be most valuable and important to take. If your looking to go on for your bachelor's or higher, I would first contact the school your interested in atten...
  15. MInurse2b

    Good assessment book?

    For assessments I have found the Nurse's Handbook of Health Assessment by Janet R. Weber to be both informative and helpful. It is a small, portable, binder size book covering your head-to-toe assessment. It has graphics, tells you what to look for, ...