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jnrsmommy specializes in LTC/Rehab,Med/Surg, OB/GYN, Ortho, Neuro.

I am very curious by nature, love to have new adventures as much as I do relaxing at home. Can't wait to see what the future has in store for me!!

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  1. jnrsmommy

    Does this schedule exist for an LPN?

    When I was in school, I worked Fri 10p-6a, sat 2p-6a, sun 2p-6a, then school m-f 0745-1445. I was a single parent of 2 toddlers, and was only able to keep up that pace for a semester. Where I work, the weekend nurses work the baylor program. They work 6a-10p sat and sun, and while it's 32 hours, so long as they work their entire shifts, they get paid for 40 hours. Have plenty of friends that work this and go to school during the week.
  2. jnrsmommy

    Best one sentence handoff report

    SSDD... on a LTC pt that is never happy w/ anyone or anything
  3. jnrsmommy

    ? on drawing PT/INR

    Ooooh, I have never seen that machine before. Ours are still being sent out to the lab. Would be awesome to just do ourselves.
  4. jnrsmommy

    Albumin Reaction

    I'm a little confused. She developed the reaction shortly after the drip was started. So that means she hadn't received the lasix yet, right???
  5. jnrsmommy

    That Feeling

    It's been three days, and I still cannot keep the smile off of my face. I was recently switched shifts and stations at work (working day shift on a LTC unit, whereas I was the night nurse on a rehab unit). I've been on this unit for 2 weeks now, and having just gotten a routine down, now it's time to work on things I think need to be fixed. Story 1. Have a resident that has been with us for a few weeks now. Family does not come to visit, this resident had no clothes, always went around in 2 gowns. When I got to work that morning, a night shift aide and nurse brought in clothes for this resident (so much so, that we donated to some other people, there was just not enough room to fit it all!) My resident was crying and so grateful, was very moving. And that just started the mood for the day. Story 2. Have another resident who has not been eating (does get feeding via peg at night). Daughter has been concerned that resident is losing weight, and "can't you do something about it??" The resident is perfectly capable of eating, she just doesn't, says that she's not hungry. I got to sit with her, got her to talk about her favorite foods, was able to get some sent up from the kitchen, and she did eat 25%!! She was shocked that she did that, even stated "I forgot how good that tastes" She didn't eat lunch, but she did drink her supplements (another thing she hasn't done). Story 3. Have another resident who has been on isolation for a while now (infection in a wound with wound vac). Was talking to an aide, and come to find out, this resident has not been gotten out of bed except for showers and md appts. I had them get her up in her w/c, and brought her out to the common area during activity time. She was like a different woman. Perked up, laughing, interacting with people, and she ate all her lunch (another one that was eating like a bird). Story 4. (my favorite) Another resident who has been on hospice for some time now (failure to thrive). On around the clock pain medicine. Did talk w/ hospice about getting her pain medicine lowered and see how she would respond to that (had been getting Dilaudid 2mg q3hrs, now have her on 1mg g3hrs). Before she would just sleep all the time, no response to stimuli except moaning when moved. Since the dose has been lowered, she has become more alert and talking some. This day, as soon as I came on shift, I could hear her down the hall talking. She's conversing appropriately, initiating conversation, opening her eyes, not complaining of any pain. I had the aides get her up in her gerichair and sit by the window, and she tolerated it!! She has not been out of bed in over a year, and she was soo happy she could see outside!! Everything combined brought tears to my eyes. I actually felt like I made a difference in people's lives. Have not felt like that in a loooong time, that I really was starting to question my career choice. I was not happy about being in the LTC part, but I'm starting to think that right now, this just might be where I need to be.
  6. jnrsmommy

    Is that my med error?

    You noted the order, you transcribed it correctly on the MARs, you started the first of the additional 3 IV doses, and the other nurse missed the next dose. No, it is not your error.
  7. jnrsmommy

    Rash from hand sanitizer?

    yeah, that one for the lotion. type in gold bond ultimate sanitizer, it's the 3rd and 4th one on the list. i'm not good at posting links. I'm allergic to latex, and never fails that I come in contact with it in some form, and the lotion is the only one OTC and prescribed that ever gave my hand any relief. I came across the sanitizer while shopping in wal-mart one day and decided to try it out. I will not use anything else again. My boss allows me to use it b/c she knows about my difficulties. I apologize for any typos. was hurt at work and my hand is now in a splint, really cumbersome to type one-handed.
  8. jnrsmommy

    Rash from hand sanitizer?

    I can't use the alcohol based hand sanitizers because they are very irritating to my hands. I found that Gold Bond makes a hand sanitizer/lotion combo that I LOVE, and it doesn't have alcohol in it.
  9. jnrsmommy

    Why do patients..??

    My favorites are the ones that have either slept all night and tell the doc the next day "I couldn't sleep at all last night" or the ones that you've been in the room upteen million times and tell the next shift "No one came in to check on me all night."
  10. jnrsmommy

    crossing out MD orders??

    I guess I'm a little confused, are you saying the cross out the actual order, or just on the recap sheet? I know that when I do the recap orders, if the order has been discontinued, I normally highlight (or will cross out if I don't have my highlighter), write next to it, order changed or order d/c'd on such and such date, then I write a computer clarification order so that medical records can update the information.
  11. jnrsmommy

    How to Document

    Make sure to check facility policy regarding use of heat. I've worked in places that we have to have an order for any kind of heat wraps/packs.
  12. jnrsmommy

    what do you think of this pain med schedule?

    Not knowing this pt's history, I would say that this order could be ok. That being said, I've learned, if your gut is questioning it, follow-up/clarify it.
  13. jnrsmommy

    Quirky Habits?

    I am such a procrastinator in my personal life. Will have to tell more about that later.
  14. jnrsmommy

    LTC- resident in clear distress

    I had a situation similar to this one night. Long story short, pt fell and sustained a compound fx. We called the ambulance first, then called the NP on call. Pt had been gone for over an hour when the NP finally called back, then proceeded to try and chew me out for sending pt out w/o her order, "You should've gotten an xray first, but you seem to think you can give yourself orders." At which I told her "In case you forgot what compound fracture means, the bone is through the skin, and I saw that. I figured you would want your pt to be taken care of as quickly as possible, instead of waiting for you to call me back an hour later." She hung up on me, but I know I did the right thing.
  15. jnrsmommy

    Painful intercourse.

    Per the Terms of Service, that is asking for medical advice, and we can't give you any answers. I do hope that you do find a doctor that can help you. Good luck to you.
  16. jnrsmommy

    keeping glucometers clean

    Our facility just started using the wipes btwn each pt as well (if I remember correctly, it's from the same company as the machines). Anyhoo, it's to be used btwn pts w/ waiting 2min after wiping before it can be used on the next pt.