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  1. akoalaatemylion

    Nurse Career Battery Test

    Right? I felt terrible after not passing, but then a super-competent friend also failed to pass. We figure there must be some sort of personality quality quotient they are looking for, that we don't meet. (We have similar personalities) Or it's a crapshoot. Either way.
  2. akoalaatemylion

    New Grad, joining the Navy and heading to ODS in August

    I have to second Jams, there are a few older posts in the archives about ODS experiences. I also found a cool wiki put together by physicians on their way to ODS: http://navyhpsp.net/wiki/ODS_Tips Hope that helps! Congratulations and good luck!
  3. Extended Learning oversees CSUSM's ABSN, so any statistics from the School of Nursing do not apply. As I mentioned previously, my classmates and I are pretty sure it's first come, first serve (as long as you have your "nursing core" prerequisites done.) In fact, quite a few of my classmates were finishing a "core" class our first semester. A few classmates applied after deadline, and there was a spot open, so they got in. From strictly anecdoctal evidence, I think everyone who applied got in. We heard reports of 300-400 applicants, but that doesn't really fit with the reality of the last-minute admissions. Now, we were the second cohort of ABSN students, and a double cohort at that. In the future, they will be admitting 50 students at a time, and applications will probably go up as word spreads about the program, and it becomes more established, with accreditation, NCLEX pass rates, et cetera. Due to the state of transition, there really is no way to tell how "competative" a candidate a person is. As it stands now, Extended Learning has full discretion over admission, with prerequisites being the only input from the School of Nursing. My advice would be to do the best you can, so that you'll be prepared. Understand that the program will be intense - you cannot hold a job and students with families are extra stressed. Plan now to have a support system in place. Nursing students (and nurses) tend to be type-A personalities, so the atmosphere tends to be thick with anxiety. As a second degree student, you will recieve minimal financial aid - you will want to have a plan in place to support yourself. (I live at home and have taken out private loans). I understand the anxiety - but there will be plenty of that later, so try to relax while you can!
  4. The ABSN is easier to get into (for now) since it's so new - we also had a double cohort (100 spots instead of 50). We think that Extended Learning takes applicants first come, first serve, as opposed to the School of Nursing, which has a points system. In fact, many of our cohort were still taking one or two prerequisites during our first semester. This may change as the number of applicants grows. CSUSM is still listed under "new applicants" on the CCNE website, but the program was accredited. We got the announcement from the School of Nursing just last week.
  5. I am actually a student in the 2010 Accelerated BSN class at the Temecula satellite campus, but if you're anything like me, any bit of information helps. As a new program, there are definitely wrinkles to be ironed out. Skills lab time and clinical sites have been a challenge to schedule due to the large amount of nursing students on campus. There will only be one Accelerated cohort started this year, and it will be on the Temecula campus, so perhaps that will alleviate some of the crunch. Most of my complaints would be regarding communication issues between the School of Nursing and Extended Learning, but as a generic student, you wouldn't have to worry about that. My experiences with the staff have been very positive. They have been extremely supportive and seem to be student-centered. The director, Dr. Judy Papenhausen, is very respected in the field and extremely ambitious. CSUSM just recieved CCNE accreditation, and they have recieved the go-ahead to begin a Masters-Level program. A classmate's mom presented the newness of the program as a benefit - NCLEX pass rates can make or break a school, so a new program is going to want their first few classes to pass as many as possible. I'm not sure about the Generic Cohort, but the first Accelerated class got extra NCLEX review when they weren't doing as well as hoped on practice tests. Hope that helps a little!
  6. akoalaatemylion

    Nursing student going 2 the Navy

    One of the best people to accurately answer your more technical questions is a Medical Officer Recruiter - you can find your most local recruiter here: http://www.navy.com/findarecruiter/ my recruiter is very straightforward and answers all my questions. I'm still an SN myself, but there are a few Nurse Corps folks on here who have shared their experiences and given great info on the "day to day" stuff - it shouldn't be too hard to find in the archives.
  7. akoalaatemylion

    Song lyrics that remind you of nursing...

    Are We Human by The Killers always makes a nursing montage run through my mind. "Will your system be alright? When you dream of home tonight There is no message we're receiving Let me know, is your heart still beating? Are we human, or are we dancer My sign is vital, my hands are cold And I'm on my knees looking for the answer"
  8. akoalaatemylion

    Did anyone move back home to attend nursing school?

    Yep! I hadn't planned on going back to school for another year, but got laid off and moved in with my parents to re-asses. I found a program near our home, and decided that the less debt, the better! I had been out of the house for 7 years, but we all get along okay.
  9. akoalaatemylion

    Going to ODS 9/1/08; what shall I take???

    Congratulations! I went to high school in Fallbrook (on the Naval Weapons Station side of Pendleton), and did some time in the Naval Hospital there (broke right distal fibula my senior year!). Fallbrook is also a great little (emphasis on little) place, family-wise. The schools are large enough to have good programs, but aren't overwhelming - at least, that was true in 2001, when I graduated. My NCP packet is currently a work in progress - keeping my fingers crossed. Congrats again!
  10. akoalaatemylion

    Anyone apply to the CSU San Marcos ABSN Program?

    :yeah:Hurrah! I just got my e-mail, too!!! I got into the Temecula cohort - someone/thing out there really is looking out for me! Riy2b - are you on the main campus? I'm out of town for Orientation - I hope that is okay - I will stay home if I have to, but it's an employment commitment, so I really hope they are okay with me maybe sitting down with an advisor to go over everything. I am super sad to miss a chance to meet everyone ahead of time, though!
  11. akoalaatemylion

    How many Programs did you apply to??

    I'm another CSUSM Accelerated BSN hopeful. I don't know why, but the fact that CSUSM is going to e-mail/call makes me more anxious about waiting. Now I will be checking my e-mail/voicemail obsessively as well as the mailbox.
  12. akoalaatemylion

    Navy NCP selectee!!

    Congratulations! I am working on my NCP packet now - I'm actually hoping that I come up before the board right around October for just this reason - NCP spots are given out on a rolling basis, so your chances are better at the beginning of the fiscal year. It's exciting to hear that they are willing to go over their projected number of spots, though. Best of luck - if nothing else, you'll be front of the line come October.
  13. akoalaatemylion

    TEAS and out of touch!!!!

    As previous poster mentioned - work with the ATI study guide, and you're golden. The test is just like the guide. There are no suprises or tricks to the exam. Good luck!
  14. akoalaatemylion

    Anyone apply to the CSU San Marcos ABSN Program?

    Me! Thanks, I didn't want to be the first to ask. I believe that the notification date is July 18th, based on CSUSM's extended learning site. http://www.csusm.edu/el/acceleratedbsn/how_to_apply.php I think it's so they can consider your summer courses when checking your prerequisites. If enrolled in summer classes, proof of registration was due June 25, so it gives them about three weeks to include that information and make descisions. (I'm currently enrolled in Child Development, CA Government, and Marriage&Family, myself) I have a classmate who applied to the traditional BSN, they were also given the date of July 18th, but told they might hear as early as the last week in June. If that applies to us as well, I wouldn't mind knowing a little sooner! Nerve-wracking isn't it? This is my only application, as I had intended to start the prereq process this upcoming year, but moved up plans due to a layoff. I'm kind of at loose ends if I don't start this Fall. Attending CSUSM also means being able to live at home, which is attractive as I've still got my first set of loans looming. Good luck! We can commiserate and countdown the days...:dzed:
  15. akoalaatemylion

    Teas Test Nerves

    The TEAS is just like the study guide - if you've done your studying, you should be fine - it's very straightforward. The trickest part for me was re-learning how to do math by hand - but I followed the guide and did fine on that part. Worst part was physical science (I've never taken a physics class), and I didn't see the point in cramming for the section when it would probably translate to a question or two. I think the sections I did well in balanced it out. The environment I took it in was great (by myself, in a cubicle-like room) and it's all computerized. You get your results right away, too, which is nice. You'll be fine :) Good luck!
  16. akoalaatemylion

    What will you do if you don't get in?

    I am cautiously optimistic - I'm waiting on a letter from an accelerated BSN program - I never knew about wait lists, impacted programs, and all the craziness until I started prereq classes this semester. All I can think to do if not accepted is broaden my application field, look into entry-level MSN programs - and find a job that doesn't suck out my soul so much (currently working retail).