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vokaybo has 30 years experience and specializes in NICU, Acute Rehab, Med/Surg, Quality.

Work as Clinical Quality Analyst at local hospital; currently in school for MSN; CMSRN certified

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  1. I have an interview coming up at a community college for a nursing faculty position. What type of questions should I expect?
  2. vokaybo

    DNP Online ;Chamberlain vs. Grand Canyon U

    Grand Canyon University is a real school on campus and online. You can do either. Some nurses have to work to support family and do not have the time to attend classes on a physical campus. I obtained my BSN from GCU and plan to do my DNP there. I would like to add that it was one of the hardest programs I have completed. It was harder than my AASN or MSN.
  3. vokaybo

    Grand Canyon DNP Program

    I am planning on doing my DNP at GCU. I obtained my BSN from there. I am about through with my MSN at another college and want to go back to GCU. Call Matt Ballentine at GCU 602-513-4273 or email him at Matt.Ballentine@gcu.edu
  4. Any input from anyone on choice of schools for DNP? Grand Canyon is my Alma Mater but I like Chamberlain's set up. Any advice from grads of either program?
  5. vokaybo

    I am angry...

    Make a complaint with your state board of nursing first. Issues dealing with narcotics are usually mandatory to report. File a grievance with your HR department against your supervisor and complete an incident report as to what you found. Speak with your Risk Manager. The BON will likely discipline the supervisor for failing to report. The pharmacy will have to file a report with the DEA. Drug screens will likely be administered to all personnel who worked the days the documentation was forged to test for diversion. Our facility does hair drug tests. It could be that whoever did this is selling them also so they may not test positive themselves. Don't let this go unaddressed.
  6. Housewife
  7. vokaybo

    Failed out of BSN Program, What Now?

    Try Tri-County Community College in Murphy, NC. It is about an hour and a half from Kennesaw and there are several Georgia students that attend there. He could at least get his ADN and then could do BSN online.
  8. vokaybo

    Failed out of BSN Program, What Now?

    It seems as though he is doing well in his other classes since he has a 3.5 GPA. If possible, he may need to get down to the core reason he can't seem to get through this class with a passing grade. Often students do need tutoring in difficult subjects. You didn't mention which class he was having difficulty with. Tell him to keep his chin up and encourage him to go after his dreams of being a nurse. If you weren't in Georgia I would tell you to have him check out Excelsior for his ADN but he wouldn't be able to work in Ga until he fulfilled the requirements for hours worked. There are options out there. He just needs to explore them. Hope you are able to find him something...
  9. vokaybo

    Pursuing CNA while in nursing school

    A CNA is required in our state's community college system for nursing students to even be admitted. I believe it would be beneficial to you in whatever state you are in.
  10. vokaybo

    Appropriate orientation attire

    Business casual...
  11. vokaybo

    Need some positive insight about interview

    It's a tough world out there. I was a Med/Surg manager for 5 years and I can tell you from experience that you must be careful not to hire too many new grads. The reason for this is patient safety. Seasoned nurses are more knowledgeable of care because they have been doing it longer. Their critical thinking skills have matured over time and they are excellent resources. That being said, new grads are great for a unit too because they bring fresh, new ideas straight out of school and seasoned nurses can learn from them as well. A unit just needs a good mixture of seasoned and new nurses. Many things are not learned in the classroom and are needed to give the best care possible. Seasoned nurses can give guidance to new grads. Hope this helps and good luck with the other interview. I think you should do it. No doubt, the manager will be asking about your first interview from the one that interviewed you. The unit you are applying to may have plenty of seasoned nurses and it could go well for you. Just don't give up...
  12. vokaybo

    Third attempt

    Have you done a review? I suggest doing that. They are quite helpful.
  13. vokaybo

    Care Plans

  14. vokaybo

    Going back to school online. Statistics

    I took online statistics at UNC and it was a booger but ended up with a B (1 point from an A). I am terrible at math. With statistics it will depend on your teacher too. Good luck... It is doable.
  15. vokaybo

    Length of time before requesting transfer at new job

    There are usually policies on how long you have to stay on the unit before a transfer can be applied for. Check your facility policy.
  16. vokaybo

    Online application

    Call Human Resources and ask...