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  1. teeniebert

    I'm running away to PetSmart

    ...and awful owners instead of irritating family members/visitors.
  2. teeniebert

    Funny things patients say !

    Wow...correlation and causation are NOT the same thing, people!
  3. teeniebert

    Report of Health Center Visit?

    Hi everybody; I've been asked to create a form to be filled out any time a camper visits the health center or gets first aid elsewhere in camp. This form will be given to the parent/guardian at check-out, presumably so that when the kid says "I had ...
  4. teeniebert

    Tragically idiotic

    Skipping Lasix so you won't have to make so many potty stops during a 7-hour car trip--great idea! I'd rather stop every half hour than end up spending 4 days in the hospital and 2 months in a SNF 7 hours away from home, but that's just me.
  5. teeniebert

    Harlem Shake - Nursing Style!

  6. teeniebert

    Soiled Scrubs Mid-Shift

    When I worked in LTC I had a spare set of EVERYTHING in my locker--scrub pants and top, socks, shoes, and undies. I only ever had to use the shoes and socks (so I wouldn't wake everyone up squelching up and down the hall after a particularly difficu...
  7. teeniebert

    Cant believe the nurse did.....

    What the...
  8. teeniebert

    Got "nurse face"? How'd you get it?

    This is brilliant--do you mind if I use it?
  9. teeniebert

    What did you get for Christmas?

    A Keurig coffee maker. I'm the only one here who drinks coffee and I'd end up throwing away half a pot more often than not with my full-size coffeepot. Now I can make just what I need, and the grounds won't go stale sitting opened in the cupboard e...
  10. teeniebert

    Ever disappointed on Christmas?

    Twice--both times I was broker than broke. The first time, I asked specifically for gift cards to clothing stores because my 'business casual' work clothes were getting worn out. At the time I was surviving on ramen noodles and instant oatmeal, and...
  11. teeniebert

    What type of job do Camp Nurses have throghout the year?

    I worked for Mollen Immunization Clinics in the fall this year. I don't have a job at the moment. In addition to camp, I'm involved in a couple community organizations that take up a lot of my time in the spring, so I'm not really looking. It does...
  12. teeniebert

    2013 Camp

    I'm stalking the Girl Scout Council's employment page, waiting for the seasonal application to show up. It says 'coming in January' but I keep looking anyway!
  13. teeniebert

    You Know You're A Nurse If...

    ...every time you go to youtube, regardless of what you're watching, the list on the right is full of surgery, er/trauma, and abscess drainage videos.
  14. teeniebert

    Funny & Cute Things Our Demented Patients Say

    In my area there are many people from the Netherlands and 1st-generation Americans who spoke only Dutch at home. Several times I've had to ask an elder to please repeat their request/statement because I only speak English. One lady in particular wo...
  15. teeniebert

    Nursing the End of a Leash

    "Dictated but not read"...really?