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  1. Yes, it is probably normal. Places with adequate staffing don't need constant per diem coverage. When I was per diem, I usually got called once a month to arrange coverage for planned vacations and so forth, and then only sporadically other than that...
  2. benegesserit

    MSN - how long does it take?

    Because it is self-paced, "usual" isn't really an useful concept with WGU. According to the chart on their website, approximately 20% finish in 1 year, 25% in 1.5 years, 30% in two years, and the rest take longer.
  3. benegesserit

    Switch Shifts?

    This is very very valid. I recently switched to 5 8s, and found that, despite a pay increase, I'm earning around $1000 a month less because of lost overtime/per diem opportunities. If working nights is impacting your ability to pick up extra shifts, ...
  4. benegesserit

    RN to MPH-Nursing- Where to Go?

    I looked into a public health master's options when considering which MSN to choose. I wasn't looking at quite the same thing, since I already had a BSN, but this is what I found. You've basically got three options. MPH, MSN/MPH dual degree, and MSN ...
  5. I screwed up my first round of university. Hasn't mattered in the slightest. I did an RN to BSN program, and am currently working on an MSN. RN to BSN programs don't tend to be particularly selective. You've proven yourself capable of the work by ma...
  6. benegesserit

    Panic attacks following never event.

    Yes, we had an event at my facility - I was there that day, but it wasn't actually my patient. A co-worker took most of the fallout from the event, but I'm 100% sure the situation would have happened the exact same way if he'd been my patient, and I ...
  7. benegesserit

    I GOTTA KNOW!!!!!

    Well, combining a lasix shortage and a urinal shortage just might work out.
  8. benegesserit

    RN best -BSN or RN- MSN ,FNP The quick answer is that yes, plenty of people have gone on to MSN/NP programs after WGU. You will not be coming out of it with a 3.0 GPA because you have previous college cou...
  9. benegesserit

    New Grads With Attitude

    I agree that the person with seniority should get the schedule adjustment first, and would be upset if someone who was just hired got the schedule that I'd requested.
  10. benegesserit

    MDS in LTC salary

    Ok, I have a slightly different take on this question, since RN salaries in general vary so greatly geographically. What do MDS coordinators earn at your facility compared to floor nurses at the same facility?
  11. The school provides a webcam for testing purposes, so you don't have to go out and buy something. People also use cell phone cameras. Relatively few people take less than 6 months to finish the program. There is no way anyone can say whether or not...
  12. benegesserit

    RN to BSN- Statistics requirement (appeal)

    They'll probably make you take it again. The good news is that statistics at WGU really isn't that hard. If it's a review, you can probably get through it quickly, without a lot of effort.
  13. benegesserit

    Graduate / doctoral admissions with WGU degrees

    Just keep in mind that some people may not want to post the specific program they got into for privacy reasons. "I got into an MSN program with XYZ focus at a state university" is still useful info even without knowing the specific school.
  14. benegesserit

    Has anyone done the WGU online RN to BSN program?

    It would help if you used the quote function to provide some more context about the post you are responding to, because I'm not sure what was actually said. You can't "test out of assignments" at WGU. All mandatory assignments are mandatory for ever...
  15. benegesserit

    GPA or E.C. activities more important for admission?

    It's going to depend on the program in question, but I believe most programs focus primarily on GPA and employment history/references over extracurriculars or volunteer experience. For someone planning to go into a post-graduate program directly afte...