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  1. sneakymom2011

    Injury already?

    I'm in my 3rd semester of school. Actually getting ready to finish it. I'm an older student- mid-40's. For the last 8 weeks I've been on an Orthopedic floor at a local hospital for this half of Med-Surge. I really did like it- though there were a whole lot of clients there who didn't have orthopedic injury. Weds was my last day of clinical. I went home early b/c I was feeling kind of woozy, and my back and shoulders were just killing me. Wed and Thursday were just awful (good thing we've finished class and I've just got to study now). My back would go into spasms, making it impossible to sleep. Today's been better- it doesn't hurt as much. But it hurt going to the grocery store and lifting a 10 lb bag of potatoes. I picked up my 11 pound cat and it hurt a little At first I thought it was how I slept. Then I got to thinking. For some reason- it just feels like I have had an obese patient who was dead weight and couldn't move every single week for the last 5 weeks. And I feel bad asking for help constantly, but I was trying to avoid getting hurt in the first place. The client I had Tuesday had surgery on her head b/c she fell. She was almost 300 lbs- 2 person assist. She had a bedside commode. I helped her on it 3 times. And yes- I had help all 3 times. But I think I lifted her the wrong way the last time I was trying to help her. I didn't feel anything pop or tear when I lifted her. Here's the question. Now I'm paranoid that I'm going to do something even worse. And I haven't even GRADUATED yet. That won't happen until May. I've got at least 1 more rotation in medsurge- possibly 2. Preceptorship I'm looking at something in Psych. I can't exactly go into pre-clin every single week next rotation and say "sorry- I can't take care of that client today- they're too big and heavy for me to move". Any tips besides the obvious (lift with your legs etc)? Cheryl
  2. sneakymom2011

    Is Pharm really that bad?

    At my school ( and this is just for my program- final diploma RN class) pharm is mixed in with regular lecture. For example- right now we're studying endocrine/ musculoskelatal . I have osteoperosis drugs, RA and OA drugs, and gout drugs on my next test. I don't really like drugs. But I have to admit- the way we're being taught them is helping me learn them. Though I feel like it's a whole lot of memorization, and that's not really my strength. But I do the best that I can. Learning the classes and side effects is a whole lot easier than memorizing them one by one. Cheryl
  3. sneakymom2011

    How many patients do you have during clinicals?

    It was 1 up until this week. Now it's 2. And it wasn't bad this week. But I really didn't have any total care patients. Now if I had 2 of them like the lady I had last week I don't know. She was total care. Bedbound- couldn't move in bed. Couldn't feed herself- so guess what I did. Then she started having diarrea (like 3 stools within 2 hours) and a stage 2 ulcer on her bottom. And the poo was ALL over her bottom. I was cleaning up poo for what seemed my entire shift. And then I had to keep running to find someone to help me b/c she was 250 pounds of dead weight. Keeping up with charting was a pain. Cheryl
  4. sneakymom2011

    To be or not to be a psych nurse

    So am I. With a BA in Psych, I think it could be easier to get a Psych job. But that is NOT the only reason why I'm interested in Psych. I had Psych clinical last 8 weeks and I really liked it. We graduate in May of 2011 and we have to start thinking about preceptorship. And I'd be interested to do one on a Psych unit somewhere. There's been a couple of people who've done them on a Psych unit. I asked my clinical instructor today the same question you asked Brycemom RN, because I've got the same exact question as you. She said no- but told me that talking to one of the Psych instructors who run the Psych clinicals might be a good idea. Cheryl
  5. sneakymom2011

    What is a Psych-Tech?

    When I did my Psych rotation in June I thought the techs at our hospital were at least CNA's. They were very good- they ran groups, interacted with pt's etc. I liked Psych anyhow. And I'm thinking about possibly becoming a Psych nurse............ Cheryl
  6. sneakymom2011

    Does your school use dosage calc software and clickers?

    We have a clicker (Turning Point software). But we also have distance learning students, the software never worked for them from day 1 a year ago, so it's not used. And we paid for that and it irks me There was a math program (that I still have access to) to learn dosage calculations. I think I used it for the first test, then I had my husband- who loves math- explain it to me and I never used the software again. And it kind of irks me b/c I paid for it We did have something called MedsPub that was bought out by ATI. They just gave us a class on how to use it yesterday. It sounds good, I need to go ask one of my classmates for the codes so I can take a demo test. The only thing we have to use it for are the end-of-course exams. And we have to remediate on those tests for 30 minutes or we can't sit for the final. I don't think there's math software with the ATI site b/c we've learned all the math that we need to know for the whole nursing curriculum. We get a test that we have to take for every course, but after the 3rd level you don't learn anything new. Cheryl
  7. Well- I got put in a clinical site for this rotation that's a 40 minute drive one way from my house. And I'm complaining here about it No I don't like it. My teacher said she's a stickler for being on time and looked directly at ME after I told her where I was coming from. Since I have to drive the furthest distance out of the 10 of us. But I'll suck it up and get there on time. Even early. Even if it means leaving the house at 5:45 am clinical days. It's only 6 weeks- 10 clinical days. I can do anything for 10 days if it means I'm that much closer to graduation :) Cheryl
  8. sneakymom2011

    Summer is almost over

    I've been off since June 30. And it's gone WAYYY too fast. Didn't help that my youngest hurt her knee (fractured her growth plate) at camp 2 weeks ago so she's been in a knee immoblizer since July 12. And hasn't been able to do a whole lot of anything We did manage to see a couple of movies. And I had a childhood friend come here last weekend. We all leave on vacation tomorrow- the girls to Europe with grandma (and hopefully my youngest's knee will be ok) and dh and I to Vegas. I come back on the 11th of August, and I only have a couple more days after that before beginning the 2nd half of medsurge. UGH. Not looking forward to the frantic pace of school. But- we get a different lecture teacher. I'm not sure how much I like her online notes (the first day's lecture were posted online today). But as long as I can follow along in the book, and she doesn't talk a mile a minute, I should be ok. And since my daughter was laid up for three weeks, I managed to get a pretty good chunk of the paper that's due the 1st week of Sept finished. All I have to do is proofread, figure out how to APA refrence a website, and it's finished. And- I'm kind of beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. 9 months, 2 more semesters until graduation. Cheryl
  9. sneakymom2011

    What subjects is everyone taking at the moment?

    The 2nd 8 weeks of medsurge. I wasn't real thrilled with the first 8 weeks. I wasn't thrilled with the way my teacher lectured (but I tried to make it work the best I could), wasn't thrilled with my clinical rotation (a medsurge floor where the youngest person was age 50 and they all had a TON of meds and hardly any visitors). We change lecture teachers in August. And I just found out my clinical rotation is at a different hospital (I have been at the same one since my first rotation LOL). AND it's an orthopedic floor. It's different, and we are actually studying joint replacement this next 8 weeks, so I'm kind of looking forward to it. Then after this 8 weeks, we go on to the next level. Medsurge for 8 weeks, then leadership for 8 weeks. And THEN- preceptorship and graduation! I'm kind of beginning to see the end of a very, very VERY long tunnel Cheryl
  10. Med-surge. UGH. I just don't like it much either. We're on break right now too. When I go back, we've got 4 tests, a final and a paper due. The paper I'm currently picking at (not due until Sept but I plan on having 99% of it done by the time we go back) I wasn't real fond at the way my last teacher did lecture. What made me the angriest is that I re-wrote every single one of her darn notes for the last test- then I proceeded to not do well on the test (there were some questions I second-guessed, and lab stuff that I should have known). Just UGH. At one point I told the family "I'm done. Not going back in August. Don't care that I'm passing clinical. I'm done." Then I think of how much work I have put into the last year. And that there's only another year (well less than a year when I go back) left. And I get a new clinical assignment (I wasn't real thrilled where we were these last 8 weeks). And a new lecture teacher. And when we go back half of the next test is on Psych stuff- stuff that I saw during my Psych rotation. We were told too that if you make it through medsurge- you can do anything. Though I'm still just annoyed right now b/c I downloaded the schedule for the next 8 weeks and there's a test the day after Labor day. Kind of puts a damper on doing much of anything Cheryl
  11. sneakymom2011

    Are there any acceptable absences?

    Not excused at my school. You can miss class- if you call in and say you aren't going to be there. But be careful. Because more absences than 3 without a REALLY good reason can mean you get 3 points taken off your final grade. Which can be the difference between failing and moving onto the next course. If you're late 5 times, that counts as an absence so you need to watch those too. For clinical- you are allowed to miss no more than 10% of the hours. For this semester I think it's 180 hrs so you can miss 18. BUT- clinical days are 6 hours each so it's like 3 that you can miss for the semester. So far I've only missed 2 clinical days. One because I burnt my hand bad enough that it caused a blister that hadn't popped, and there was no way I was caring for pts with that (though looking back I could have- maybe I just wanted a "mental health" day b/c it was an oncology floor and I was DONE with oncology) The 2nd one I missed b/c I was sick. And we were working on a peds floor. With sick babies. Didn't miss any this semster so far. There have been days that I need a "mental health" day, but since they don't want us coming into clinical sick, I'd rather use those days when it's absolutly necessary. Cheryl
  12. sneakymom2011

    TCC's Nursing Program (Virginia Beach area)

    I'm at Sentara now. In their last diploma RN class. It's not an RN program anymore- it's a 3 year BSN. I know some of the teachers who are teaching the BSN program, and they are good. It's just that it's 3 years now instead of 2. And you HAVE to have your CNA in order to apply to Sentara's program. I know some people who graduated from TCC's program (and that is a 2 year ADN program) They said it was a good program. Bon Secours is also a BSN program. Riverside (which is on the Penninsula) is still a 2 year diploma program- I know a couple of people who applied there as well. Thomas Nelson Community college (also on the Penninsula) has a 2 year ADN program. That's all the ones that I know of. I know that NSU has a BSN program, and I think it has an RN program as well (it did when I was reseraching schools 2 years ago). ODU has a BSN program. But with the BSN programs, there are a lot more prerequisites. They gave us the option last year of opting out of the diploma program and applying for the BSN program, but there were at least 3 more classes (plus the online classes) that I'd have to do, and I'm just DONE right now LOL. Hope this helps. Cheryl
  13. sneakymom2011

    Passed Med/Surg and completed my 1st year

    Good job! And I read what you did to change test-taking skills and I do the same thing- "second-guess" or read the question wrong. On my last test, I got a question wrong, and I was sitting there in co-op reading the question going "DUH- that's the right answer and I put the wrong one down :mad:" I never thought about covering up the answers. I'm only looking at 1 question at a time, but I'm seeing the answers as well, that's a good idea. Thanks for the advice. I'm halfway through the first half of medsurge. And also at the halfway point in my program. Have a good break. I just started mine today and it just feels nice doing NOTHING right now Cheryl
  14. sneakymom2011

    Summer break....

    Less than 1 week. 1 test on Monday, a full day of clinical Tuesday. Then clinical until 12 Wed, then we do mid-term evals and I am DONE for 6 weeks. I so need this break Cheryl
  15. sneakymom2011

    Ridiculous book vent

    I had to buy a $150 acess code for skills lab. What a waste. I've used it 3 times total. I looked at it again a few weeks ago b/c we did a skills lab on IV's, and it was useless What makes me angrier- is the fact that added into our tuition are 2 websites. One of them is a math site. I used it 1st semester. Haven't used it since but I'm still charged for it. And then there's this ATI test site that we had to pay for- that we can't even USE anymore! And it had NCLEX questions on it So of course there goes another $30 for a med-surge NCLEX book so I have SOMETHING to practice on for tests Just one more thing that just frustrates me about nursing school Cheryl