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  1. mrsLLnurse2b

    Insurance Reccs please

    Try 1) Mercer and 2) Cunningham Group (800-962-1224) I was looking around for malpractice for injections, I don't know if they offer insurance for what you are looking for. Good luck!
  2. Hello Everyone, I am a NP in MA. I have taken a Botox and Fillers course and I am searching for advice on: 1. Malpractice insurance coverage companies. I have no idea how much to expect but 1600 was my first quote. 2. I will practice independently beginning part time and then expand eventually into a space and add additional services. Any advice from others on what went well and what not to do? 3. Partnerships? good/bad 4. Need to have an MD, do they have to be in the aesthetics field? also what percentage/pay do you give them for being the supervising physician? Any advice you can give is greatly appreciated. Thank you Laura
  3. mrsLLnurse2b

    FNP student needs preceptor in MA south shore

    Hello BostonFNP, the school has not helped. I have not joined the Mass Coalition of NPs but l will, thank you for the information.
  4. Hello all, I am looking for a preceptor and would love some direction or a volunteer :) I have 100 hours (out of 200) that I can't seem to fill. I am using minute clinic and a private practice MD. Primary care, internal medicine, or urgent care is accepted for this class. I have already called, walked in, and reached out to friends of friends. Thank you Laura
  5. mrsLLnurse2b

    cant find a dialysis job, living south of boston

    just curious about pay for a dialysis RN, I have 3 years RN hospital experience-I was making 30 and some change at my hospital job in MA. What should a starting pay be for a new dialysis RN in your area be? Thank you
  6. mrsLLnurse2b

    Any fast track program for an Associate's?

    I am in a program that takes 5 semesters to become an RN it is an Associates program in FL great school and I love it! (I had a BS prior too)
  7. HI all, I applied for the evening program @ my school and didn't get in...3 points shy of making it! I got in the daytime program at my school instead. (Just finished the first NS semester with A's!) Here is the deal: -Evening program finishes 6 months earlier than the daytime program b/c they go straight through the summer. (I can have a FT day job) -Daytime program finishes Dec 09, summers are skipped =( Both started the same semester so I am hoping to beg and plead for my way in with the evening program for the summer?? so I can get a job during school and finish 6 mo. earlier (I figure that a few people may have dropped out by then?) This wouldn't aggrivate me so much if I were 21 again (I am 28), I just got married, can't get a FT job b/c of the daytime schedule-my classes are so scattered during the daytime (4 days a week) I have all my prereqs out the way too. Anyone been in this situation and was able to persuade a switch over? Advice needed! thanks! Best of luck to you all!