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  1. WM_84

    Mayo New Grad Program

    Have other new grads apply to Mayo's New Grad Program in FL?
  2. WM_84

    Another COT question

    Quick question Would a COT be required in this instance: 5 day RUG is RMA10 14 day RUG is RMA2D Same RUG Category. Would a COT be required if the RUGs were different (i.e RMA vs. RUC)?
  3. WM_84

    Travel nursing with my experience

    I haven't asked any agencies yet, just dabbling here on the travel board. Thanks for your input!
  4. Hi all! What would be the likelihood of me getting a travel nurse job? My experience: LPN for 3 years working in long-term acute care which included telemetry, vent & trach pts, IV drips (heparin, dopamine, etc) and rehab nursing. Currently working as MDS coordinator (since July 2010) while in RN school-graduation April 2011. The plan: Go back to floor nursing upon graduation, ideally Med-Surg, then look into travel nursing after about 6 months experience. Do you think I would be marketable to travel nursing agencies?
  5. WM_84

    RN Coder/Auditor

    What exactly happened? You're previous posts about this company were so positive. Please e-mail me at fcgurl84@yahoo.com. I have some other questions regarding this company as well. Thanks in advance!
  6. WM_84

    Mayo Clinic and Shands: Jacksonville

    What floor is this? I work at Shands and our unit is actively interviewing/hiring for nurses. We dont have many positions available, but we've hired two nurses in the past two months.
  7. WM_84

    FSCJ/FCCJ spring 2011 hopefuls

    Good job aIIure17!!! I take the NAT in 2 weeks. Any pointers? Im really nervous about the science portion.
  8. WM_84

    FSCJ/FCCJ point system/withdrawing

    Dessertgirl5 how did you do on the NAT? What was the test like? Im taking it in 3 weeks.
  9. WM_84

    FSCJ/FCCJ spring 2011 hopefuls

    I'm all done with my pre-reqs. My grades are pretty average, so Im kinda hoping I'll score well on the NAT to balance things out. I'll take the NAT the 2nd or 3rd week of September. How about you?
  10. WM_84

    FSCJ/FCCJ spring 2011 hopefuls

    Well I have some hope about getting into the Spring 2011 program. Someone in the "FSCJ Fall 2010 Accepted" thread said they got in with 198.26 points. Guess after applicants drop the program (for various reasons), its possible for those who got denied to get in!
  11. WM_84

    FSCJ Fall 2010 ACCEPTED

    Congrats to all you future nurses!! Im a future Spring 2011 hopeful here with a few questions for you guys. What was the natural science portion like on the NAT? I picked up the ARCO test prep book and there's a portion for chemistry and physics in the book. Did chemistry and physics show up in the science portion? Or was just pure basic biology and general science? Thanks in advance!
  12. WM_84

    FSCJ/FCCJ spring 2011 hopefuls

    Future Spring 2011 hopeful here!! For those of you who have taken the NAT, what was the natural science portion like? I picked up the ARCO test prep book and there's a portion for chemistry and physics in the book. Did chemistry and physics show up in the science portion? Or was just pure basic biology and general science? Can anyone chime in on the topic? Thanks in advance!
  13. WM_84


    In my facility, there are only two difference between an LPN and RN. As an LPN, I cannot receive admissions and I need a RN co-signer on all telephone orders. Otherwise, we can do everything else which includes hanging blood, administering IV narcotics/push IV meds and participate in codes. I work in Florida where there are still a few hospitals that do hire LPN. I happen to work on a med/surg floor and ventilator unit.
  14. WM_84

    "If I Only had a Brain......"

    My shift was great today, until I discovered a doctor's order wasn't followed through by me. It was written the shift prior, but was to be put in action on my shift. The ironic thing about it is that I was on the phone with the doctor looking at the bag of IV fluids ordered because he wanted to add something to it. Turns out I was looking at another pts bag. I didn't realize this until the end of the shift, when i went to retrieve the bag from the med room and it was gone. Thats when it dawned on me that I was looking at the wrong bag for the wrong pt. Pharmacy has limited hours on the weekend, so I couldn't just call em up. I told the oncoming nurse about this situation and she said she'll bring it to the MDs attention when he shows up tonight. I fault the night nurse for not catching this (cause it was written on her shift, she had the pt on the prior ngt shift) and seeking clarification and I fault myself too. Perhaps thats why she was so willing to help. I had all day to clarify this, but didn't realize the problem until someone pointed it out to me. I was so busy all day. 6 pts swamps me. I'm 2 months new into nursing. Before I left, night nurse and I found out the order was written incorrectly. This order also required an additional protocols sheet for the MD to fill out. The IV fluids wont be given until we receive clarification. Thank God the pt isnt a critical one. I felt so defeated when I was leaving the floor. I told myself, "Why didn't I realize that?", "Why didnt I look at that order a little bit closer", "If I had my nursing cap on (lol) and thought a little bit more critically, I would've caught that." I also thought to myself, either way, everything will be taken care of, by the morning. I've been doing so well so far, that I cant believe I had this type of a brain fart. : X Thank God I have the next few days off.
  15. WM_84

    When to submit my resume

    Thank you for your reply. I ask because a Level One Trauma hospital in my area has a position open for a LPN on their post-trauma unit. I just completed my clinical rotation on that exact floor several months and and I loved it!
  16. WM_84

    When to submit my resume

    Hello everyone, I'm a LPN student that will be graduating in February. When is a good time to submit my resume to potential employers? Thanks in advance!