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  1. urnurse072b

    How do we mark all read in the new interface

    Hi! I can't seem to find the search window... I would like to be able to be able to read through the forums...
  2. Hi! I worked as a dialysis nurse and make enough salary working 3 days a week, supposedly a 12-hr shift but we barely have patients on third shifts so we mostly work an average of 9 to 10 hours daily but still bring home an okey income. I also live in a low-cost town. The management and most patients are nice and this is one of the best jobs around. It's a small unit so we only have 1 RN on the floor and, on some days, my RN-Mgr is around and sometimes we have another part-time RN doing some paperwork. Since there is only me and another RN alternating as charge nurses, we pretty much just arrange our work schedule. Every month we each get at least one 5-7 days off between a 2 week period. The doctors are all nice and well-mannered. Except for the early start of 0530, this would have been a perfect job. My dilemma: I want a stable job with better benefits so I applied for HFEN job. I have been offered the job verbally and have done my medical. But this job will be in a big city with big traffic, long commute to affordable apartments, expensive rent, 5-day work week and 20-25k lower than my current pay. My first DON used to be a surveyor and quit because of the low pay. I am getting tired of working for private companies as there is the unmistakable undertone or threat of being fired at any time they want to. Plus, I don't want to be doing patient care when I am older. As one of my patients said, nothing is more depressing to look at than a wrinkled nurse (no offense). I live in a stand-alone 1 bedroom/mother-in-law unit in a small town and will be able to buy a house here if I want to. But this town is 1 to 1.5 hrs away from bigger towns or cities where my friends are. I got tired of driving to big cities and staying over at friends' places that now I almost do not have a social life as all of my co-workers are married with young kids. Frankly, being a transplant here and non-hispanic, I am not really "in" in their cliques. I don't really care. Given all the facts above, would any of you, if you were in my position, leave my current job to work in a more stressful job in a bigger city with lesser pay in exchange for a better retirement that I am may not even live to enjoy? Anybody left a surveyor job with the state of California? I would love to hear from anybody. If you worked as a surveyor, please include the county. Please help me decide.
  3. Hi! I am a new RN. I've been working at a SNF for 2 months only. I wanna move into dialysis. I know I do not have enough experience but I have learned from searching online that it's a totally different field. So I might as well get into it right now. I live in the SF bay area and trainings available is only for dialysis technician which is around 7000-7500 for 16 weeks. Too expensive. I came across an online training from dialysis4career f0r 500. Anybody heard of dialysis4career? Please advise. I don't wanna pay and discover later no employer will recognize that. Also, wld anybody of u go for an online training? thanks...
  4. urnurse072b

    i need a petitioner,.please help

    Employers can only petition, it's up to the immigration and the labor department to approve these petitions and issue visas... true, there is no real shortage of nurses... common sense, maybe?
  5. urnurse072b

    i need a petitioner,.please help

    Hi, bcpamisa. I know someone who is very interested about your hospital sponsoring nurses but I don't know where to PM you. Any chance for you to share it here or tell me to PM you? Sorry... I really suck at computer.. maybe technology in general..... ty
  6. urnurse072b

    I Passed nclex at 75 questions!

    I read Saunders for that and just practice answering questions, you'll tips from the explanation. Also, a lot has been posted about infection control here and they really help me... search the thread on infection control.. Good luck to you!
  7. urnurse072b

    Nclex-RN Materials (Diabetes)

    Hi! I I promised I will post some materials that helped me a lot. Here is one... I read this material again on my way to the test center. And what a help! I got 8 or 10 questions on diabetes alone! I don't know where to put them so here it is.. As most of you reading this blog know, glucose levels in the blood typically fluctuate only minor amounts between 80 and 110. This tight control is met through the balanced work of two pancreatic secretions named Insulin and Glucagon. Insulin picks up glucose from the blood and delivers it to cells in need of energy, or to the liver for storage. Glucagon senses when the level is low and frees stored glucose from its glycogen framework, into the bloodstream. However, for some this control malfunctions, and signs and symptoms begin to be seen. This imbalance is a life threatening emergency, and its recognition is vital to helping save our patients. What follows is a brief synopsis of a few glucose imbalance issues, and what we as practitioners must do about it. http://easynclex.blogspot.com/2008/04/glucose-problems-made-ez.html
  8. urnurse072b

    I Passed nclex at 75 questions!

    Hi! I took the exam last Monday and saw my name online (CA BRN) this morning (Thursday). I wanna say thank you to all members. This site was a source of support and study materials for me. I will try to copy this site some of the materials I used which I also got online from some helpful people. My experience wasn't too bad. I got a lot of prioritization and infection control questions, 5 SATA and 6 meds. When I hit 60 I knew I already passed so I kept looking at the time and the item number expecting it to shut off at 75. And it did. In fact, I was ready to take it as soon as I got my ATT but my friends suggested I review first. So I reviewed for 2 months on my own using all the books I can borrow from the library. Yep, I did not pay any review center and bought just 1 book - Mosby's Delegation, prioritization & assignment (good practice material). Seriously, I think I overprepared. You only need 52% to pass but I was scoring from 68%-80% on my Kaplan Trainers (which I downloaded online for free). Anyway, my advice is know thyself... Know the areas you are weak and work on it.. trust your judgment, you will know when you are prepared or not..and there is no need to be overly prepared.. time is money also.. Again, thank you so much!
  9. urnurse072b

    Quick Facts/nclex Infecton Control

    Great posts! I've been reviewing and noticed that whenever the question asks for which patient should go with what room assignment... if there is a private room in the choices and even if there is a patient with similar disease, the answer is always that "private room"... Is this part of ivory-tower nursing in nclex? Anybody have the same experience???
  10. urnurse072b

    Took Nclex-rn Today

    Hi! I don't know where to put this question but since someone mentioned it here I might as well ask about it... How do I access the Infection Control Sticky Facts? It's mentioned a lot but I cannot find the actual thread or article...please help! many thanks!
  11. urnurse072b

    What is Suzzane's Plan? Please help

    Hi! How u guys? I have been looking for the same thing but whenever I click on it I always get a webpage that says I am not authorized to access it. I don't know why .. pls. help... I have read saunders and done my review so I am ready fro the next step... I can't even send an email to Suzzane. Pls, help me Suzzane.. Yep, I finally got the ATT from California BRN..
  12. I graduated from Philippines Oct 2007, I did not take the local board, have a hard time getting ATT from California. I'm thinking of applying for an RN license in Texas since I have a sister in Texas. I noticed in their application packet that they are requiring work experience in entry-level nursing? I have no license anywhere so no way I can work as I nurse. I do have a CNA license and I am workign as a CNA now. Is Texas really strict about that? I don't wanna waste time and money again only to find out in the end that I cannot get an ATT again. Pls, anybody help me... What states do not require CGNFS, local license and work experience? Many thanks!
  13. Hi! Is it true that Ohio no longer requires CES? I did not take the NLE, can I apply for nclex there? How long is processing time? Also, I have applied to CA-BRN and they keep asking for a Philippine license. I faxed 2 explanations but to no avail. My application has a filing date of Dec 2007. Will my existing application with CA-BRN affect my future applications with other state? Please help me. i waited for 6 months just to know that CA_BRN will not let issue me ATT because I have no local license. I would really appreciate advice from anybody. I'm late for June 2008. I am pregnant and due in December so that is out for me also. I just wanna be licensed in the uS. Many thanks to all!
  14. urnurse072b

    Tuition in Phils deductible for US tax returns?

    thanks! I truly appreciate the inputs! U guys are awesome!
  15. I am preparing my US tax returns and I have a dilemma. Can I deduct my tuition fees and other related expenses for my nursing education in Philippines ( I paid a lot)? Are schools in the Philippines eligible to participate in the student loan/assistance programs in the US? I asked the IRS helpline and they cannot answer me in concrete terms they keep quoting from the general guidelines which of course that does not say anything about foreign institutions or studying abroad. I know so many Americans study abroad so somebody must know something.. Also, some Filipino students are supported by US tax-payers..What do you people know about this? Please help.. Thank you so much!