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  1. grinsngripe

    HIPAA and patients name

    Thats the proper"'ist" way *L* ahh, i do suppose i have a way to go sometimes... i get soo nervous at times its like a handicap! thanks again for an outside view.
  2. grinsngripe

    HIPAA and patients name

    Thanks, I appreciate your input. I did notice many times CNAs left their assignments in open view on their carts and such, as i did, i would look it over , gather my supplies before entering and then write down my findings. and that was where i had concern. i would have appreciated being told it was required, rather than just reporting me for it. It was strickly enforced to me threw a state orientation NOT to do any patient info with their name on it, that you should use their medical record #, pt Id #, anything to define them but a name. that was my HIPPA training, and i was trying to dothe best right thing. ,
  3. grinsngripe

    HIPAA and patients name

    i have been curious regarding taking assignment in hospital as a CNA. i was taught to write the patients room number not their name, on my personal notes. so i was in training and the girl told me their names, but i wrote their corresponding room numbers for my own assigment. later i was reprimanded that i HAVE to write their name on my paper, which i throw away at the end of shift anyways! i specifically avoiding writing names d/ t HIPPA and explained that to nurse ed. who again told me i was wrong.. WAS I? any input id appreciate, i really wanted that job, and i truely felt bullyed. that was one of many issues, i obviously wasnt in the in click.
  4. grinsngripe

    What was your job training like?

    i have found orientations to vary widely. I find the classroom part could be anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks, and completely boring and repetitive, but i do have experience and so it would only be normal that i feel that. it should be benefical for a new comer. the actual training on your unit varies as well. I would suggest you make it clear and understood you have no experience and are nervous, and NEED training, dont be afraid to ask any question. find out in advance how long you can remain in training before you are put on your own. dont be bullied! if they should try making you do something you arent comfortable with GET HELP! never hesitate to ask for help. if you dont any, just ask again. you will do fine, and god bless!
  5. grinsngripe

    Nurse Mobbing/bullying

    i think this is the real reason there is such a shortage of nurses. i mean theres waiting lists to get into schools all over, so i cant see a lack of supply. i see lack of desire. i got a cna position at a local hospital where i always wanted to work, i had great respect for them. i was beginning my final year at Rn school come the fall, and i had been out for 7 years ( talk about nerve wreaking) I WAS happy to be there, but the CNA "training" me gave me her assignment, and went on with the head nurse to go learn skills doing ivs and such. i didnt complain, but when i didnt do her job just as she would done it, i got reprimanded and fired tbereafter. the head nurse kept making it verbally loud and clear that the other CNA who was supoosed to be training me ( who was in school for her LPN) was her favorite, but that should not have cost me. i called the DON after i did make a error, in hopes of keeping a job, and she told me to come in and work my next 12 hour shift and then see her in the morning. That shift went very well, i was getting things done right, and i felt positive, finally. was grateful i was going to have a oppotunity to discuss my "training" and at least be heard. the DON fired me on the spot, at theend of that 12 hour shiftwith no problems. told me to "remediate" my nursing skills. though i was working and hired only as a CNA , and i dont how many times i thought i had been clear that i had a 7 year absence from school, and was just beginning over again. it took all desire away from me.
  6. grinsngripe

    Giving report to a cna

    they need to know if the patient requires additional assitance, i( 1 person or 2) a hoyer? their diet staus, any cultures needed, if they have anything contangious requires PPE, remember your aide does hands on care, they need to report any change in status to you, LOC, skin bruising...Bm's. need to know if they have appts, with dr's or Pt.. why not ASK your aides what hey need to know, and if they have any questions ?
  7. grinsngripe

    Nursing School Bloopers

    besides the first one is sterile , right? *L*
  8. grinsngripe

    What do RNs do that LPNs can't?

    contact your state nurses association, you should be able to find out in depth there. good luck.
  9. grinsngripe


    hi, i just joined too! its interesting to look over the site .
  10. grinsngripe

    Anyone know what an LPN's salary on Long Island Is?

    YEP thats my impression as well. starting at 20 an hour, but hospitals do use LPN's, they do treatments, and med's.
  11. grinsngripe

    Li/ny Hospitals Starting Salary

    mather starts at 61,000.
  12. grinsngripe

    Hi I'm In Long Island New York Looking For Lpn Programs

    i know SCCC is opening a LPN program in 08 riverhead, thats far for you, try farmingdale maybe?
  13. grinsngripe

    hospitals in or near cohoes NY

    I am from LI but moved upstate , i did rounds to these hospital. St peters is the best, beware of the lady in HR, but past that.. very nice. Ellis also offers much. i believe st peters pays more, nicer area too, right next to SUNY, maria college. good luck
  14. grinsngripe

    Taking the person but leaving the body behind

    the saddest of all.. just wanted you know this was read and appreciated. god bless all those who love and work with alzheimers patients.
  15. grinsngripe

    Agency CNAs

    HI! i worked as a CNA threw agencys in Ny for a few years, i loved it, you have control of schedule, you get vast experience if you choose to. and also had alot of private duty cases. its worth trying. im finding a new trend against the use of agency CNAs though, just fairly recently. hospitals are getting away from agency, and nursing homes if they are union are not allowed to use agency...( so i have been told, but it wasnt followed thru) sometimes i encountered problems with the other staff CNA who resented agency CNA, and i thought it was nasty. there are some different rules for agency than staff. like agency leaves at the exact time of end of shift, you dont have to wait for replacements. in some cases that is nice, well its always nice to know!