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  1. I suffer from IBS and while I don't recall ever having a diarrhea attack while doing a procedure, I do remember when I worked long term care as the night nurse we were required to do all the am suppositories to the residents not having bowel movements, well it never failed going and popping in all those suppositories sure made me need to poop, and quick like. lol
  2. ThirdWorldGirl

    Maryland Lottery Commercial

    Well I'm going to have to check this out, thanks for giving us a more detailed look at it. If this is the case then I would have to agree with it being an inappropriate depiction of nurses. I've tried searching the web to get a file of it that can be played on my media player, will post it if I can get one.
  3. ThirdWorldGirl

    Maryland Lottery Commercial

    I would have to actually see the commercial to base any real answer on its meaning, but if the nurse lost might the narrator meant that it's lucky for his patients that he was in the losing, so they could continue to have him in nursing?
  4. ThirdWorldGirl

    Avatars for dummies?

    Thanks a million LPN2Be2004!!! I have been sick of my avatar for the longest and wanted to change it, and have been unable to do so, did just what you suggested, went to my msn group site, uploaded the picture I wanted, right clicked it, went to properties, copied the url and pasted it in another window (just to make sure it worked) then came back here and put that in the url box for changing avatars!! Thank you sooooooo much
  5. ThirdWorldGirl

    Finally full time Oncology

    Well it's official now, no longer resource and full time Oncology come Sunday, thought about working Saturday night for one last resource shift for the money before my pay deduction takes effect but signed up for $15 stipend Sunday night instead.... I'm so excited about this change I'm making and so eager to be a part of something I feel so strong about. I worked Oncology today (days... ouch, I am not a morning person but pulled my butt after the rest of my body after 2pm but did pretty good I have to admit), and my "new" charge nurse came on tonight and after we had given report she gave me a very nice pen, says "Oncology nurses, everyday heroes", I almost cried. I am scared though I have to admit, I know so little but I will learn everything I need to know, plus more just to be a really good Oncology nurse. Sorry for rambling lol, just pretty darn excited about all this. :)
  6. ThirdWorldGirl

    LVNs in oncology

    I'm going to go out on a limb here and say probably not, depending on the state you are working in of course, and what LVN/LPN's are allowed to do in that state, but here in Texas, there is too much an LVN can not do to make it a feasible part of Oncology (once again, I can't speak for the whole state of Texas, but the hospital I work for), starting next week I will be moving to Oncology full time, but only because I will be getting my ADN to work there, and have had alot of support and backing from the RN's on that unit. Good luck to you
  7. ThirdWorldGirl

    What is the difference between LPN and RN??

    FutureNurse2005, I am very sorry for my post yesterday morning and my behavior, it was rude of me to answer you like that, when I simply could have passed it up, or said that as far as Canada goes I couldn't answer it due to not having any knowledge of Canadian nursing. I am truly sorry everyone was right, that was extremely rude of me and I hope you accept my apology. ThirdWorldGirl
  8. ThirdWorldGirl

    What is the difference between LPN and RN??

    First of all let me say good morning to everyone and hope you have a nice start to a wonderful weekend, now let me ask some questions to the poster of this topic. (Is poster the appropriate title?)... anyway...... 1. At what point did you come to the conclusion that anyone truly believed being an LVN was the "same as being an RN"? 2. For the love of God are there not enough posts about this already? 3. Revert back to #2.
  9. ThirdWorldGirl

    Celebrity Patients - Who would you want?

    James Hetfield........ that's all, just him... pleeeeeeeeeeeeease:D (for those who don't know of him, Metallica.
  10. ThirdWorldGirl

    Need to find cheap airfare, family member ill

    I've used hotwire.com for most of my travels to D.C. and have been very pleased with the costs.
  11. ThirdWorldGirl

    Financial aid for Excelsior students

    Thank you for your replies, yes I do feel like I have a wonderful oppurtunity with this, I have so many questions about the program but don't know where to start. But you'll definately be one of the first to know when they come up. Thanks again for your response.
  12. ThirdWorldGirl

    Financial aid for Excelsior students

    Will apologize in advance for the length of this thread so here goes......... I am an LVN in Texas currently working in the Resource unit of the best hospital in town and my passion has always been Oncology but they only staff RN's so I could only work when they needed help from the Resource unit, well with much appreciated help from all the RN's on the unit they persuaded the Director to allow me to work on the unit while I was trying to get my ADN. The waiting list at the 2 colleges here are so far behind that the hospital chose 3 of us (LVN's) to be a "pilot program" and the hospital would get us in the Excelsior Program starting in January with full hospital tuition reimbursement without commitment contracts and at the end, we (the 3 of us) will decide if/what commitment should be made to the hospital, and we would serve on the advancement committee to screen and interview the future LVN advancements (assuming we were able to do a good enough job at this to keep this program going). Anyway.... in leaving the Resource unit I will be taking an $8.84/hr paycut and while I can handle that loss of money and will not be paying for any of my schooling, tests, flights/hotel to do clinicals, I am wondering if there is financial aid from the state or federal government for this, I realize I'm getting an easy ride from the hospital but I can't help but feel the state should assist me as well since I am a single parent and taking such a pay cut. Any ideas? Once again I am sorry for this being so long, just want to make sure that I get all the info accurate before I submit and have to backtrack to answer any questions. Thank you so much for any help.
  13. ThirdWorldGirl

    Top Ten Nursing Home Games

    I know this is a little off the topic, but something that I've always pondered..... know how in the nursing homes, there is always music time (which I always enjoyed listening to when I worked there) but it's usually piano gospel music since that is the kind of music the people being entertained likes to listen to..... well when I'm in the nursing home are they going to cater to my likes and play some Metallica, AC/DC and the likes????
  14. ThirdWorldGirl

    Some Feel Good stories

    Awwwww I personally don't think it's cheezy at all, these little moments are what makes it all worth while, it's like children, the really big moments are the ones that are the most simple (did that make sense?) anyway one of mine, after 13 years I have many but the one that really lets me know how much I'm appreciated.... one night while working on the oncology floor I went in to check on this little man, and he was obviously frustrated with his cell phone that his daughter had bought him, I asked if I could help him with something, and all he needed was for me to program her number into the phone and show him how to easily get to it when he needed to call her, it took me about 2 minutes to do this but the way he hugged me, and teared up you would have thought I had just given him the moon, anyway that's my story...
  15. ThirdWorldGirl

    lpn-rn...same difference

    LPNs do practical tasks, not assessments. That's why they aren't allowed to IV push dangerous drugs like narcotics. It must depend on the state you practice in, here in Texas LVN's do push narcotics.
  16. ThirdWorldGirl

    Stealing drugs!! what's your opinion?????

    I've never taken a drug from work, but I admit I eat the Saltines like they're going out of style (something about saltines at work is better than the ones in my pantry), and I have taken a soda from the fridge a time or two, not too much of a problem anymore since I despise Pepsi and the hospital recently signed a Pepsi contract (no more coke for me)... thankfully the hospital I work for provides a small amount of things for staff like Gaviscon, Tylenol, and Ibuprofen. It's a serious issue that all nurses have to face and like was said before it's the least person you would suspect, so I kind of just treat everybody like they're likely and I would hope for their own protection they view me as the same.