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gypsyd8 has 10+ years experience and specializes in TELE, CVU, ICU.

قال النبي (ص) : I am a deist, feminist, libertarian, liberal, professional, progressive

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  1. gypsyd8

    EpiPen Alternative

    Good question, and I am surprised the the "emergency trained nurse practitioner" doesn't know the answer. If you check out the description of the video on YouTube there are other intersting tells. Anyway, there are several articles on the subject. Here is one: Rawas-Qalaji, Mutasem et al. (2009). Long-term stability of epinephrine dispensed in unsealed syringes for the first-aid treatment of anaphylaxis. Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, 102, (6), 500 - 503
  2. gypsyd8

    EpiPen Alternative

    This "advice" is dangerous. I understand this is a site for medical professionals, but putting this out on you tube is negligent.
  3. Neurogenic bladder is related to neurological injury, not foley insertion. Was this from a textbook or an idiot nursing instructor?
  4. gypsyd8

    "Smart" students make bad nurses?

    It's antiintellectuallism. Nurses are supposed to be good little worker bees who do what they're told and don't think. Thinking people rock the boat.
  5. gypsyd8

    My husband doesn't want me on ALLNURSES

    FYI that ring on your finger ain't no chain. Slavery is outlawed in this country. He can support his own self
  6. gypsyd8

    BKAT-Critical Care

    My facility has instituted this test. I emailed with the developer of the test in order to request study materials, (something like the test plan for the CCRN) and received this reply: "If you are taking a BKAT, go to the BKAT Webpage at www.BKAT-toth.org and choose the BKAT that you think you would/will be taking. READ about it. Keep reading until you find the part about ‘content areas' [this is towards the beginning]: These are the things to study. Also, close to the content areas are three actual questions on-line to give you an idea about the BKAT. To see them, click on the yellow star. If you are currently working in an ICU, you may order any BKAT you wish. Since you are at the BKAT Webpage, click on ‘To Order', and read. Please note that it takes 3-4 weeks to receive your BKAT(s) after you have been approved as eligible. The time delay makes it unlikely that a BKAT that is ordered to memorize answers will arrive soon enough: This is planned, on purpose. To be eligible, you must be currently working in an ICU as a RN or a critical care educator. To order the MED-SURG BKAT, you must be currently working in a med/surg unit and be a RN. Remember: BKAT means basic knowledge, not CCRN. Also, BKAT may NOT be used for hiring, firing, or screening. Please report any abuse to bkat7.toth@yahoo.com"
  7. gypsyd8

    Is nursing school REALLY that hard?

    Nope. Tedious, not hard
  8. gypsyd8

    Nurses Notes: Guidelines On What Not To Chart

    I have also witnessed this. At this time, I was working in a very unhealthy work environment and didn't know it, so I said nothing. I really feel this issue needs to be addressed, however. It is a form of bullying. This nurses behavior needs correction, or you need to get out of that workplace.
  9. gypsyd8

    Really, is this real?!?!

    First of all, after reading the entire thread, I can say with some confidence that you are being hazed. From what I understand this is relatively common in nursing (it is where the nurses eat their young stereotype comes from) and it is unacceptable. It happened to me as a new grad on a tele floor (six patients max, usually five, until mandatory ratios kicked in), it happened to me when I was new on a stepdown unit (three patients max) and it happened to me when I was new in ICU (two patients max). I mention the ratios so you understand that you are not only dealing with being hazed as a new nurse, but an untenable workload exists for all the nurses on your unit. This is part of the reason they are bullying you. It is called oppressed group syndrome. Having said that, I wanted to address something nobody else has brought up: You state that your husband's job precludes a night shift position. Why? Are you being expected to care for your children while he is at work? And he cannot care for them while you work because of his work? Why is your job and career on the back burner here? Secondly, why did you move to be closer to your husband's family? What about your family? What about your career? If they are so close why can they not chip in and take care of the kids while you are working or sleeping? If they are not going to help you why do you need to be close to them? Move to where the good work is. Five hours is not that long of a commute for holidays and the occasional family gathering. Basically I feel there is more to this story that is causing you undue stress as you embark on a new career. You stated that your husband supported you through nursing school. Well, good for him. You don't owe him anything for that. Now he can support you in your career. That support should not disappear because you graduated. Nursing school is a significant investment and so is nursing. Unless he is making $100K/year at his job he needs to support you 110% and rearrange his schedule as necessary. He should also be willing to move to where the good nursing jobs are. You previously said you moved a lot for his job, well, now it's his turn to move for your career. I am not mentioning this kind of dedication on your husband's part is necessary out of feminist indignation (although there is that too) but because if you are going to make a career out of this you will have to go back to school. Over and over again. You will be at conferences, in other states, lasting from anywhere from a few days to a week. You will be changing jobs. The initial time and money investment that you both took on when you started nursing school does not evaporate. It is a continual process. Your career needs to come first. Period. That is how you make manager, director, CNO, etc. Your perfectionism means that this is where you are going. Anything less would leave you unsatisfied. You need to come first. You cannot do your job unless you are the priority.
  10. gypsyd8

    Inland Empire

    The IE is pretty big, so it's hard to give specific advice. Corona has a hospital, and is a short commute to Orange County hospitals. The best pay is St. Bernadine's, Riverside Community, Desert Regional, or Kaiser
  11. gypsyd8

    An open letter to the #NursesUnite movement

    RATIOS: Implementation | National Nurses United
  12. gypsyd8

    The role of CNMs in abortion care

    I was looking at the post master's DNP and it does not seem like it is offered at that level either http://www.ohsu.edu/xd/education/schools/school-of-nursing/programs/upload/DNP-postmasters-POS-1516-070115.pdf http://www.ohsu.edu/xd/education/schools/school-of-nursing/programs/upload/FNP-MNDNP-1516-FINAL-050415.pdf
  13. gypsyd8

    The role of CNMs in abortion care

    I would also like to be an abortion provider. After reading the responses on this thread, I think it would be more appropriate for me to go for a DNP women's health or family practice instead of the CNM route. I have to do more research and find a good program (and pay off student loans!) before I commit though.
  14. gypsyd8

    The role of CNMs in abortion care

    I am interested in receiving appropriate training and would consider A DNP/CNM pathway if I were able to provide full abortion services.
  15. gypsyd8

    The Controversy: Mandatory Flu Vaccines

    Are you even a medical professional? The amount of nonsense you have posted here leads me to believe you never graduated high school let alone a university.
  16. gypsyd8

    The Controversy: Mandatory Flu Vaccines

    1)__ Do you take the flu vaccine yearly? If you do not, what is the reason you do not participate (if you don't mind answering this question)? I get the yearly flu vaccine offered by my employer 2)__ Does your employer have a mandatory influenza vaccination policy as a condition of employment? If yes, where do you work? No, it is usually not required, but strongly encouraged 3)__ What concerns do you have about the flu vaccine? Nothing. It's just a vaccine. 4)__ Do you know if anyone who has been released from their job because they did not get the flu vaccine? No, but I know of people who should have been