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  1. bayouchick02

    Am I really a NP if I do laser hair removal?

    Agreed in regards to the above poster. You sound like you have a great gig to me!
  2. bayouchick02

    I keep getting sick!!

    Hello all, I've been working as an NP for a few months now in the retail setting, and whole I love what I do, I keep getting sick! Any advice on how to keep this from happening? I am always very meticulous about washing my hands, wiping down door knobs, counter tops, phones, and I even wear a mask with those who come in coughing. I've never been one to get sick until I started working here, and it sucks! And yes, I am a brand new NP.
  3. bayouchick02

    Retail NP

    I absolutely love working in retail for those reasons you mentioned above. I love the no call aspect as well as managing acute conditions. I don't care for chronics, but there are many people who beg to differ. Retail may be too slow for some, so it really depends what u wanna do
  4. bayouchick02

    New NP.

    I feel the same way!! I think it's better to send them to the ER and it turn out to be nothing than for you not to send them and the patient deteriorates.....I question everything too. People tell me it will get better with time. I sure hope so because I sure hate feeling like I don't know anything!
  5. bayouchick02

    Promising APN options?

    Many options out there! As an Fnp, you can do retail care so you don't have to be on call for physicians or whatnot. You can work in urgent care centers or the ER . You can also work in a doctor's office. I'm sure CRNAs have many options as well. Just do your research to determine the best fit for you! Good luck!
  6. bayouchick02

    NP program cost. Your input please!

    ^^^what they said. I went to a state school and paid about $20-25k out of pocket. Excellent pass rate for boards. It all depends on your current situation
  7. bayouchick02

    FNP Certification Prep

    I gave myself 3 weeks from the test date to get some real studying in. To be quite honest, I really studied for real for 2.5 weeks....anything longer i feel is too much. This is what worked for me. Everyone else may feel differently though. Good luck!!
  8. bayouchick02

    Staffing companies?

    Is anyone familiar with using staffing agencies to find NP jobs? I've seen a lot of their ads and emails, but I don't know how they work. Any pros? Cons?
  9. bayouchick02

    On call?

    My thoughts exactly...... I just never know what each night might bring!
  10. bayouchick02

    On call?

    See, that's what I'm unsure about. They said it can be an average of 5 calls throughout the night, on an average night. I feel that I'd be on edge every night the month I'm on call as I wait for those calls to come in. I'm just a little uneasy about this
  11. bayouchick02

    On call?

    On call meaning you carry a pager and respond to all phone calls during the night.....there's no extra incentive for this
  12. bayouchick02

    On call?

    I interviewed for a position today at a pedi clinic, which is where I'd love to work. Everything so far sounded good except for the on call responsibilities. It's 4 providers in the group who rotate, each rotation lasting one month. Is this reasonable? While you won't be on call for 2-3 months at a time, when its your turn , it's a full month of carrying around that pager. I almost wanna suck it up and do it, but I don't wanna burn out either. Thanks!
  13. bayouchick02

    Scared I may not get through my NP program

    First off, remember to breathe!! Lol. I understand the anxiety, but that much of it will interfere with your test taking. Before every test, I always said a little prayer to help get me through. That definitely calmed my nerves which allowed me to adequately think through each answer choice. Oh yeah, be sure to read each question carefully and read all answer choices before answering. Once u select an answer, DO NOT CHANGE IT! I can't tell you the number of times I've missed a question that I originally had correct because I changed it! Good luck, I hope this helps :-)
  14. bayouchick02

    NICU only experience ok for PNP program admittance?

    EverGraceRN, I would not even worry about that! I've been a Level III NICU RN for nearly 5 years myself, and I just completed the FNP program. My only experience is NICU (as well some mother/baby and NBN). I had the same fears as you, but honestly, your role as an NP is different from that of a staff RN anyway. Plus, you learn a lot of that stuff in school. Yes, it was a bit of a learning curve for me, and I even had one of my professors try to put me down for it, but in the end yes your experience would be seen as an asset. I know of a nurse that I used to work with, also a NICU (Level 2) nurse who completed her PNP program with only NICU experience. She's now working at a pediatric clinic and she loves it! You should go for it, and don't let anyone try to tell you otherwise!
  15. bayouchick02

    Preparation for AANP exam

    Same with the AANP
  16. bayouchick02

    Preparation for AANP exam

    Yaaaaaay! It's a wonderful feeling to be done, isn't it? You get to have a life again!! Congratulations!!