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Urgent Care, Family Medicine & OB/GYN
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MissJS specializes in Urgent Care, Family Medicine & OB/GYN.

Working in the Clinic as an OB/GYN nurse. I <3 women's health.

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  1. MissJS

    Brookhaven Fall 2010 students

    I am so not going to read this thread from the beginning but I did want to stop through and say CONGRATS to those of you starting and GOOD LUCK ! I recently graduated from BHC with my ADN this past May. If you have any questions or just want to vent I'm making myself available! :) Take care and hang in there.
  2. MissJS

    Brookhaven College Student

    It all depends on the classes you've taken and how many you have left. GOOD LUCK!
  3. MissJS

    Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    I got my Quick Results today and saw that I PASSED! I'm an RN now! A sigh of relief! :-) Congrats to all the other new RN's!
  4. MissJS

    Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    Got the good pop up a few minutes ago. The thing turned off at 75 questions and I almost cried when I got to the car! We'll see on Wed if the trick works for me.
  5. I'm right there with you but I have to pass to graduate w/an 850. Scared to death but I have faith I will pass in time to graduate! Good luck!
  6. MissJS

    Looking for fellow black nurses!

    Nursing student in Texas! May 2010! :-) We're out here!
  7. MissJS

    Brookhaven/Mountain View Fall 2009

    Just wanted to say good luck! :-)
  8. MissJS

    Brookhaven College ADN Program

    Wow! Sounds like you're good to me! Good luck! :-)
  9. MissJS


    The physical/immunization information doesn't need to be included in your application. When I turned in my application she (Ann Cortez) told me that they will give you enough time during success camp to get everything done. Get those shots early though! :-)
  10. I loved A&P as well! Good luck with the semester. :)
  11. MissJS

    Please send some good thoughts my way!

    Good Luck!
  12. MissJS

    I Got A Nursing Scholarship!!!

    Wow! That sounds GREAT! CONGRATULATIONS!
  13. MissJS

    Grossest Thing You've Ever Seen

    ANYTHING but roaches!!! How in the world? Then the mushrooms? *faints* They never told me it would be easy. -lol-Thanks everyone for sharing these stories!
  14. MissJS


    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! Posts like these help motivate me! -lol-
  15. MissJS

    update: jerk fiancee

    I never got a chance to make a comment on the other thread, but CONGRATS on moving out. I know that took a lot, but it seems like you and your son will be so much better. Take care, we're thinking of you, and be blessed!
  16. MissJS

    Spring 09 Hopefuls

    I turned in my application this past Friday for Brookhaven College. Now the waiting game begins. I'm trying my best to stay busy. -lol-