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  1. Virgo_RN

    Scope of Practice Question

    Is it within an RN's scope of practice to lance a boil, or to remove an embedded object, such as a piece of glass, from a finger/hand? I have checked my State BON's website, with no luck.
  2. Virgo_RN

    Forced Flu Shots

    Except in this case, it's more a medication allergy than a food allergy. At any rate, OP, what about the intranasal vaccine. Are you able to take that?
  3. Virgo_RN

    What do you pray for?

    I don't pray. I am an atheist. I agree with both you and your husband. I agree that sometimes, in order to pay the bills, one must do what one must do. On the other hand, I agree that job satisfaction in the long run is crucial. Sometimes, you take what you can get while you keep looking for what you really want.
  4. Virgo_RN

    Taking BP on pt. with pacemaker

    When I worked cardiac, I only avoided the left arm if it was a fresh implant, simply because the left chest is already tender, and those automatic cuffs can squeeze like the dickens. Probably makes no difference, but I felt better.
  5. Virgo_RN

    Straight caths - to clamp or not to clamp?

    I was taught to clamp at 500-600ccs in nursing school, but this not the standard practice in the real world. The rationale was bladder spasms.
  6. Virgo_RN

    I forgot to chart something.

    You can go back in and do a late entry. Just make sure you document it as such.
  7. Virgo_RN

    Lost it at Work

    Sounds like a really stressful situation. When do you get a day off?
  8. Virgo_RN

    Please,please give me some guidance here...

    Honey, you have to toughen up. Don't wear your heart on your shirt sleeve. Take criticism as an opportunity to do better. Do not take things personally.
  9. Virgo_RN

    How much free water/fluid do you count 1/2 cup applesauce as?

    I wouldn't count apple sauce as "free" water or fluid. "Free water/fluid" refers to just plain water/fluid without any solids in it. The key word is "Free".
  10. Virgo_RN

    How to handle a patient asking for personal info

    I'd just tell him it's "against the rules".
  11. Virgo_RN

    Are they trying to get rid of me? Will I make it as nurse?

    Sucks to be a misspellophobe.
  12. Virgo_RN

    Are they trying to get rid of me? Will I make it as nurse?

    The word is "gruDge", not "grunge".
  13. Virgo_RN


    Families like this drive me absolutely buggy. They will not be satisfied until 100% of your attention is focused on their family member. It sounds like you did your best, and too bad if it wasn't good enough for them. At least you didn't have to deal with them the second night! Whoever did, buy them some chocolates and thank them for taking one for the team!
  14. Virgo_RN

    Are they trying to get rid of me? Will I make it as nurse?

    I'm going to agree with your educator and say that this is a legitimate concern. There are no guarantees that 3rd shift will always be "quiet". As a former noc shifter, I know for a fact that people do NOT always sleep all night. As a member of the Team, they may need you to cover a 1st or 2nd shift at some point in time, and you need to be able to cut the mustard. I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that they are trying to get rid of you, but rather, I would presume that they are trying to provide you with opportunities to make yourself an asset to the team. How you choose to respond to this reflects upon your work ethic.
  15. Virgo_RN

    letting go of personal baggage from past medical issues

    Well, having never gone through anything like your experience, I can say that it is different providing care for someone that you do not share a close personal bond with, as opposed to your child or family member. I would think that because of your experience, that you would be able to empathize with your patients and their family members, which isn't a bad thing. You know what their questions and concerns are likely to be, and can use that knowledge and experience to be a better nurse. It may sound simplistic, but take that experience and turn it into something good for someone else.