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  1. labrador4122

    I failed my nursing exam AGAIN!

    look sometimes obstacles get us in the way but if you really want to do nursing, keep going for it.... maybe not that school but another school will take you in. back when I was applying to my local school you had to have at least a 75% or better on the NET (kinda like the teas to enter school) and I failed it TWICE even after studying. I got letters for alternative programs--- but I really wanted to be an RN so I just looked elsewhere-- I ended up completing RN school at a neighbor county community college & passed boards the first time so don't give up on your dreams. you can do anything you set your mind to.
  2. labrador4122

    anyone know good websites for EBP/HA?

  3. anyone know good websites to look up articles on evidence based practice related to health assessment for nurses? please please i am searching google and i can't find anything substantial. thanks!
  4. you are very much right. I can't stand the attitude of some of these nurses. I wish it could be fixed with a piece of gum or candy--- and I can't stand when you say something and they tell you "oh that's just the way she is"...... umm yeah she is mean, has an attitude and always rolling her eyes at me when I am giving report making me feel like a very small person...
  5. labrador4122

    Drexel RN to BSN..Anyone?

    Most state universities will require you to have your "basic" education through an AA. These include the extra classes we didn't take for our AS ---- every AS program is different, but to me it is the most economical to complete an AA, then the RN-BSN when you have an AS. I prefer a sate university than an online college-- to me the name has a lot of value
  6. Do we all go through the same thing? I feel through reading these posts I am reading my own personal experiences with the nasty attitude of other nurses when report time. That I really dread giving report to them, but I just know in my heart that I do my best, and do whatever I can in my shift.
  7. I love state universities for the RN-BSN options because of the price tag.
  8. labrador4122

    Think I will have to pass this up

    I think you need to use common sense! if 3 days orientation is all they offer-- then make sure you follow all LTC policies and procedures according to protocol & you should be fine! I would get that job & get my experience until i found something better-- but that's just me. you won't lose your license as long as you follow your guidelines as stated per institution. If you see something shady then you have to report it. it's hard to get a job these days. that is what I would do if I were in a situation similar to yours! best of luck!
  9. labrador4122

    RN tattoo

    This is such a nice tat!
  10. labrador4122

    RN tattoo

    That is so cute!
  11. labrador4122

    My friend was fired - Was she wrong?

    Technically only the RN is supposed to handle medication administration to a patient no matter what type of medication it is--- (obviously the patient's rights followed) and the Respiratory Tech is supposed to give medications in regards to their practice.... In my opinion, that is really strict that someone would fire the respiratory tech for that. I would of probably just have given a warning or a write up. But the RN who handed the medication to the RT should be reprimanded for that as well since he/she is not supposed to hand meds to an RT to give---- Definitely the RT should have said "no" to the RN. Fireable offense? well-- depends on the facility. Her facility obviously has a very strict policy on med administration. I remember once I walked into a room doing vital signs as a student and the RN told me to give a pill to a patient. and I said "oh, I am not supposed to give medications that I don't look up or I am not supposed to give that without my teacher's approval" I think that when you follow the rules you won't be in trouble. I am sorry that something like that had to happen to your RT friend. It is sad when things like that happen. Hopefully a lesson was learned from this.
  12. labrador4122

    University of Miami Traditional BSN

    Hey Ya'll back when I was a pre-RN student I went to 2 information sessions on UM nursing school and I highly recommend those for anyone who is trying to get in to UM. Go to the UM website and you will see the dates when they offer information sessions. They are very cool & even give you sandwiches, chips & drinks. I remember that they said they accepted all students as long as ALL the requirements were met.
  13. labrador4122

    Kaplan works?

    Honestly, Kaplan worked for me. And I used EVERYTHING that came with the complete course..... including content videos, questions, q-trainers.... and I passed first time 75Q I read in another forum that one woman said that "weight watchers" did not work for her.... but so many people lose weight with weight watchers.. so I think its the amount of work that you put in it!
  14. labrador4122

    City College RN Program

    NLNAC is an accreditation that I have noticed that it is given to community colleges. I remember that Nova had it when I was there, and then it expired in 2011--- but soon after it was gone. So NLAC is more for community colleges or 2 year colleges
  15. labrador4122

    Florida Online RN-BSN programs

    FAU is a better choice. MDC & FIU you actually have to go every week so you can complete a certain amount of clinical hours for com. health & practicum. at FAU you don't have to do that.
  16. labrador4122

    Florida Online RN-BSN programs

    Oh by the way MDC's RN-BSN is similar to FIU's. I met a person doing that program, and they have to do onsite clinicals like FIU as well. so thumbs down for MDC too!