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Proud wife of a US Sailor and mommy to a beautiful princess.

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  1. huffy79

    is it true?

    I'm not sure about sitting for the exam, but I worked as a CNA/PCA in a hospital in Cincinnati on 3rd shift while going to school and taking my EMT class and I know that I had ample time to study. There were some busy nights, but mostly patients were sleeping so I studied until I was needed. It depends on what floor you'll be working on too.
  2. huffy79

    Military spouses in San Diego?

    central san diego
  3. huffy79

    Military spouses in San Diego?

    central san diego
  4. huffy79

    Military spouses in San Diego?

    Thanks to all that replied. I actually just got her into preschool so thats been awesome! That is going to be such a big help on me in so many ways. I had everything taken care of for Maric but they decided to change their program up(one of the many steps to become regionally accredited) and now have added the TEAS test that we have to take. Dh is in and out which is unusual because he's shore duty, but we'll work through it.
  5. I got the call the last week that they have decided to redo their program and are now requiring the TEAS. They only have a 7 person limit for the test times so I'm waiting to see when I take it. Anyone else getting ready to take it for the January entrance?
  6. huffy79

    grossmont &/or city college waiting list

    Good Luck sdmommie. I'm supposed to be taking it sometime in the next couple of weeks for Maric. I'm a little nervous myself. Let us know how it goes.
  7. huffy79

    Maric College

    you can be a CNA, MA, EMT, LVN, or Paramedic to get in.
  8. huffy79

    Any Military Spouses Out There!?

    Try looking into Balboa (Naval Medical Center).
  9. huffy79

    Military spouses in San Diego?

    Are there any military spouses in San Diego in Nursing school right now? What are some ways you deal with your spouse being gone while you're trying to study? Do any of you have any children? I'm just getting started, again. The first time I was accepted into a nursing program, I was single and had no children so it was a bit easier for me. Now I have a soon to be 3 yr old and a husband who is on shore duty but goes out atleast once a month. Just wondering some ways to kinda put it all in order when I start in February.
  10. huffy79

    Any Military Spouses Out There!?

    I am a Navy wife and we're stationed in San Diego. We lucked out though, we've been here since 2003 and we're staying here until he gets out in 2011. I think my hardest thing to deal with is trying to get daycare for my daughter so I have less to stress about and then the financial aid part. Other than that, my husband is on shore duty (finally!) so he rarely goes anywhere, if he does it's no more than 2 weeks at a time. I wish everyone the best!
  11. huffy79

    Who's doing Nursing School with a kid?

    I start in February and have a daughter who is turning 3 on Nov1st of this year. My husband is in the Navy and gone a lot so this should be interesting. But whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?
  12. huffy79

    Hey ya'll!

    Hi, my name is Melinda and I am currently a SAHM to a soon to be 3 yr old princess. My husband is in the Navy and we are stationed in San Diego, originally from Kentucky. I went to a community college last year for my pre reqs for nursing and after being told that they wouldn't accept half of my credits and I had a wait list of atleast 3 years and they lost their national accredidation I decided to transfer to Maric College and get in and out in 2 yrs. We just decided that my husband is getting out of the military after this enlistment so the pressure is kinda on to get in and out before his tour ends in 2011. I just took my entrance test, which I stressed way too much over (LOL) and completed my entrance essay and now I am waiting until January to start the rest of the stuff so I can begin classes in February. I am so anxious and can't wait to start. I've been hanging out on the boards all evening and you all seem so wonderful. Is there anyone else out there that plans on going or is going to Maric?
  13. huffy79

    MARIC COLLEGE..good or bad way to go for RN

    I'm getting ready to start at Maric after playing around at Grossmont for a year. My suggestion to you is to call a couple HR offices at the local hospitals and talk to someone. Personally I made my decision after speaking to a few nurses and other staff members at the Naval Medical Center. I've heard good things thus far so I'm starting early 2008.
  14. huffy79

    Maric College?????

    Hi, I'm orignally from Northern Ky and am currently in san diego due tomy husband's military career. I was at a community college last year and was told by my counselor that they lost their accredidation. So I am in the process of switching to Maric. I just tested and completed my entrance essay so I won't do anything else until January. We're moving away from san diego in 2011 so I had to talk to someone about my credits transferring for further education once I'm done and they told me yes, that they do. Maric is owned by Kaplan University and they are accredited. I hear a lot of people say they aren't. You have to have some kind of medical experience in order to get in. I was an EMT in Ky and also a CNA. Did you ever get your first responder cert? They very well may take that. I don't think they list it b/c CA isn't too big on first responders since they have the paramedics on staff at the larger cities. If you have any questions, I have all of my information sitting here so I can try to answer. BTW, they just quoted me as $42,000, and that's just having my English and Humanities to carry on.
  15. huffy79

    San Diego schools?

    I just passed the entrance test and wrote my essay and the're telling me the next ADN program starts Feb 19th! So thats when I start! Maybe we'll start together.
  16. huffy79

    Grossmont Community College

    Thats what I was told too. I was also told that they lost their national accredidation, which is really bad for me b/c I'm just in San Diego while my husband is in the Navy(until 2011) so I am starting Maric on Feb 19th.