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  1. Rockhound

    You Know You're a Nurse When...

    OMG I found myself on soooo many of the replies. When my sister (also a nurse) and I are discussing work and the rest of the family either has a blank stare ( huh - english please) or are green. When my seven year old son thinks an alcohol pad will cure anything. When your spouse says they don't feel well and you ask them to describe their symptoms/pain. Burning, throbbing, stabbing, discharge, etc. When you have a pharmacy trial pack for almost anything. When your bag is like Felix the cats bag of tricks with tape, hemostat's, pens, IV start syringes, turniquets, scissors, blood pressure cuff, stethoscope etc. but you can't find your checkbook. When at the store you can't help yourself but respond to the conversation behind you about the kid with a cold. (is he getting enough fluids, what has his temp been running, what is the discharge like from his nose/cough.) When you forget how to spell with, before, after etc. and instead use medical abbreviations. When a five minute shower seems like a luxury. When scrubs is all you own. When you go to the store for a new outfit and buy that cute pair of scrubs instead. When you label your luggage with ID wristbands. When at any given moment you can pull out a black pen, a black sharpee and a yellow highlighter. Thanks for the laughs
  2. Rockhound

    Where can I get good info on respiratory?

    I have a Question please Help ME!!! The place I work is now requiring LVN's to do respiratory on ventilator patients. They say the RT's will be available for weaning but the LVN's will do treatments, trach care etc. That is fine with me but I don't feel comfortable with adjusting vent settings etc. Is this even within my scope of practice for LVN. When I was in school my instructors basically said if the alarm is going off check tubes etc but the RT's handle the settings. Help.