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  1. martymoose

    Spouse of nurse

    Nope,you don’t have that wrong. And I think this bothers me now as opposed to 10 years ago,for example, because I tired.im old,I’m in pain, and we clearly don’t get along now.although he’s tired ,old,and in pain too.so I guess that’s just the way the cookie crumbles at this stage in life.It sure isn’t very enjoyable.
  2. martymoose

    Severe knee OA,how long before you got TKR?

    Ahhh,so you changed your job instead of getting the surgery.
  3. As the title states. My question is how long before you stopped working/had the surgery ? When you couldn't bear weight anymore,couldn't take the pain anymore?Couldn't perform your job anymore? Thanks
  4. martymoose

    Spouse of nurse

    HorseshoeBsnRn, you are blessed then, in that you don’t have to worry about footing any of the bills.That your spouse can pay for private schools and you not having to worry that the propane bill won’t be paid and you won’t have any heat(for example) My son had to go to crappy public schools ,but luckily got his work ethic from me,and is working his tailbone off and paying his own way to the community college. i guess I am droning in about the disparity because not being able to pay the bills anymore is making me sick. Oh and about fairness; I am expected to do all the house chores ,because otherwise they don’t get done period.He (spouse)has no qualms of leaving dirty dishes stacked up for a week or more.
  5. martymoose

    Questionable actions that make you go hmm?

    That's due to our sue happy society,and getting spanked by Medicare.Liability.
  6. martymoose

    Spouse of nurse

    Well,since we're still talking about it then,the concensus seems to be it should be a partnership,not a husband provider.I wasn't actually asking for that at all,I liked being able to have my own money to spend ( back when that was a possibility)But let's look at this if it was a business partnership.50percent of the bills ,but enjoy 100 percent of the outcome.no one is asking that said spouse should contribute more than 50percent of the bills,or be the main provider.The benefit/outcomes are house,food,cars,fuel,and utilities . unfortunately that also includes maintenance and repairs. So given all those things,shouldn't 50percnt be contributed ? My point was that he doesn't even make the 50 percent .I wasn't asking for him to be a millionaire.just pay your part.kinda hard to do when you work a loser job that wasn't supposed to be a permanent job. Ack.all upset again.oh well.
  7. martymoose

    Spouse of nurse

  8. martymoose

    Spouse of nurse

    Thank you Zbb13
  9. martymoose

    Spouse of nurse

    Ok.well,I wanted input,so I got input. at least I am not the only one in this situation.apparently I have let it bother me . yes,I was holding a grudge at the wage disparity.i see the general consensus is to look for a more suitable job for me,despite the loss of income it will cause me. i actually am going to get my knees replaced,find a job,and go from there.granted,going out on medical will definitely make some bills to not be paid,but,oh well.guess I had to get super upset before accepting things as they are. thank you for all inputs
  10. martymoose

    Who Did NOT Do a Year of Med Surg?

    I actually interviewed for the OR where i am, and they told me I needed a year of med surg. I would think the only experience you need to work in the OR is how to duck from flying instruments,and learning to deal with arrogant ,spoiled baby, rude surgeons....
  11. martymoose

    Which units/wards have the least admissions/quiet?

    Nope, our place is the same.we get one from 8to 4 ,but we get slammed at 5 and on, especially on mondays. Computer charting ,ahahahaha
  12. martymoose

    Nursing judgment question??

    I do not hold any meds without an order;we've been told this is company policy.That said, i hang on to it til i get that order.and if i get told to give it anyway,I make sure the progress note states that so and so provider ordered to give it despite< situation>.
  13. martymoose

    Spouse of nurse

    Also, if we file for bankruptcy,no one will hire me, is that right ?
  14. martymoose

    Spouse of nurse

    Thank you for information. I think weve been married that long because we never see each other due to us rarely being on the same shifts(hes days m-f, im a and b ,mostly b, shift 7 days a week interspersed. I cant have any other social life with my shifts.i think were each more tired respectively and crash after our shifts anyway. I know i cant walk after mine, and he doesnt want to hear it as hes in pain from his job too. Counseling wont work. Its one sided (my side) as he thinks im making a big deal about this.we cant even talk about conflict, he gets angry and defensive.Clergy wont work as he is atheist.I pray for solutions though. As far as the mine and yours thing,we have always had our money direct deposit into one bank account and the bills get paid out of that.There is no mine or yours. I just was wishing that he would put more money into the pool. I have been given some tough food for thought. Thanks
  15. martymoose

    Spouse of nurse

    Glycerine 82,ASN,LPN, You know, there was a time ,maybe 5 years ago, that I didnt care about the difference in pay.But we were able to pay the bills, had some padding each week,and even took small vacations.we also used to get good tax returns and put that in savings. Thats all gone to car repairs and house repairs now.
  16. martymoose

    Spouse of nurse

    No, he had almost completed a degree short of two classes, used to help with cleaning the house, had hobbies,worked part time jobs in addition many years ago. We married 30years ago this november

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