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jayde_RN specializes in New LTC nurse.

New nurse, looking to advance my education,

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  1. jayde_RN

    4th Semester Students!!! Dec O8

    school for!!! I am sooo excited, and more than ready to start my fourth and final semester.
  2. jayde_RN

    4th Semester Students!!! Dec O8

    Dont forget about me. Its officially time to start the countdown!!! Im so excited that I'll soon have the opportunity to do what I went to
  3. jayde_RN

    DECEMBER '08 Grads!!!!!!!!

    Whew!!! For a minute there I was worried that I was getting excited prematurely (sp)! I was grinning all day on January 1 knowing that this will be the year. This time next year we will be graduate nurses! I too plan on REALLY celebrating the holidays and graduation:cheers: . No hobbies either, just will start to study for the NCLEX, so I can make that move from GN to RN.