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  1. nursemouse

    Schwarzenegger Says Nurses are "Set Dressing"

    However, if he DOES need a nurse, I have no doubt that the nurse will care for him in the most competent and professional way possible, whatever the staffing ratio. And he truly hope that he is appreciative of that nurse's competence and professionalism , and that he then recognizes the barriers of a high nurse-patient ratio. (Now ascending to the sky on a pink balloon of optimism...) :wink2:
  2. What many people do not realize is that, while your insurance covers things such as lab tests and ER visits, the Physician groups MAY NOT BE ON THE INSURANCE!!! This has happened to me. I had to visit the ER r/t hyponatremia from a GI illness, got admitted and was seen by the Hospitalist who saw inpatients for my physician. Well, neither the hospitalist nor the ER physician was on the plan! I was at the hospital WHERE I WORKED and using that hospital's insurance! Expenses for those two docs ended up being around $800 (and that was after I negotiated with their physician groups). Other horror stories from colleagues include radiology groups (sometimes the only group in town) or pathologists (once again, the only game in town) who are not covered. Hospital administrations admit that they can't force the doctors onto the plan (they make more money off of it) and the docs hold all the cards. The moral of this story is...as you drag your battered and bleeding body to the hospital, ask if the ER physician, pathologist, radiologist and any other physician who will be called in on your case is covered under your insurance. If they aren't, go home and die.
  3. nursemouse

    Funny things you have said but wish you didn't

    These are great! Here's mine: I'd placed an elderly male patient on the bedpan with instructions to put on the call light when he'd completed his business. I was at the station when I saw his light go off. Bypassing the usual "How may I help you?" route, I answered the light directly with "Are you ready to get off?" I didn't even realize the implications of what I'd said until my colleagues, after initially looking startled, burst out laughing. Fortunately, so did the patient. :uhoh21:
  4. nursemouse

    not funny, just nasty

    I've got a nursing sense of humor as "black" as the next person, but I also agree that this cartoon is offensive to our profession.
  5. nursemouse

    Dress or scrubs? Females ONLY!!!!

    I agree with what Gwenith said, and I wouldn't wear a dress myself at the bedside; however, if my colleagues (male or female) want to wear one, it's fine with me!
  6. nursemouse

    An affront to the nursing profession

    I was in academia, and I'd totally agree. Unfortunately, I didn't find one of those academic jobs where we work 6-hour days and have all sorts of free and holiday time. Between preparing and updating lectures, grading papers, rotating my clinical groups in hospitals and multiple other responsibilities, I easily had a 60 hour/week job. If I went home, paperwork went with me. And the salary was embarrassingly low (I have a Masters). I tried this at a major University and at a hospital-based Diploma program. I really, really loved those positions (and, frankly, I was GOOD at it), but didn't feel it was fair to have put my family through the nightmare and expense of my grad school (I'm still paying off the loans) only to take a $10,000-$20,000/year pay cut. Until nursing faculty are paid what they are worth, there will continue to be a nursing shortage. Nursemouse
  7. nursemouse

    Male vs. Female

    Had the experience of a very professional, intelligent male nurse where I worked being propositioned by a patient. I was charge, and he came out to the station, reported it, documented it, and asked courteously to be removed from the case, which I did. Then the patient called me into the room and claimed that HE had propositioned HER! Even more interesting: after making the accusation, she asked if he could come back and be her nurse again. (BTW: this shouldn't matter, but she was 90 years old...)
  8. nursemouse

    What does your post name reflect about you?

    When I was teaching a senior citizen's aerobics class years ago, for some reason I still don't know they nicknamed me "mouse". Then people started giving me stuffed toy mice and mouse figurines for gifts. I now have an office "populated" with mice, including some special "stressmice" that I throttle when I'm in the middle of something frustrating. (Maybe instead of "nursemouse" I should have gone with "stressmouse!"
  9. nursemouse

    In One Sentence; if you weren't a nurse, you'd be a ________

    I'd be a film critic! (Before I fell sideways into nursing, I was a journalism major, drama minor. Boy, did I get sidetracked!). Nursehouse.
  10. nursemouse

    LVN/LPNs in acute care

    Thanks! We're trying to look for the best way to utilize these excellent practitioners without exploiting them or exceeding their scope of practice. Your feedback is really helpful!:kiss
  11. nursemouse

    LVN/LPNs in acute care

    HI! Need help/feedback on the role LVNs take in the acute care setting. I used to be an LVN in acute care myself in the 80s and I know how the role has changed/evolved/come full circle in many ways. Are LVNs used in your facility? What practice model do you use (team, total care, etc.). What are the nurse/patient ratios? Looking for good information to improve our practice. Thanks, Nursemouse (jeannie)
  12. nursemouse

    PLEASE say something POSITIVE about Nursing

    Simply and selfishly: I do this because I haven't done anything in nursing yet that I absolutely hated. Even tough jobs have their moments of joy and accomplishment, and I go home most of the time exhausted, but with a warm heart. I'm currently a CNS with a focus on staff education and that's great too. What a wonderful career! Nursemouse.
  13. nursemouse

    Central Lines: saline or heparin?

    thank you so much for your assistance and answers. Literature notwithstanding, it looks like it's overwhelmingly Heparin on this board. I'll admit I didn't expect that, but that's why I asked the question! As usual, you guys have been great. Take care! Nursemouse (Jeannie):blushkiss
  14. nursemouse

    Getting it on the MAR: How hard is that?

    A quick thanks for all of the assistance you provided. You helped make a difference for me and my colleagues. Your help was SO appreciated! Nursemouse (Jeannie):kiss
  15. nursemouse

    what size syringe is used to flush triple lumen?

    I agree: 10 cc or larger.
  16. nursemouse

    Getting it on the MAR: How hard is that?

    I'm seeing some really great and innovative ideas that I can take back. Thank you so much for your help, everyone. Please, keep them coming!!!