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Cant wait to be a nurse and make a difference in my life as well as those i serve.

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  1. 2bnursejacksonrn

    I'm really angry!!! And i just need to vent!!!!

    Well im sorry to hear this. I know a friend that had the same problem but she was hired at a hospital that told her "we hire new grads so much, were known for it" Its JFK in Wellington. She loves her job, they are still hiring so if u havent already give it a try. And try Acess Nurses. Its an agency for travel nurses. Good luck and dont you dare give up, or else everything u sacrificed was for nothing at all.:redpinkhe
  2. 2bnursejacksonrn

    Broward College A&P Practical, etc

    Its still pretty tough, so take pictures of everything at the practical reviews. And study, study, study!
  3. 2bnursejacksonrn

    Where to start looking for a job as a new grad in Broward?

    JFK in West Palm Beach hires new grads on a continuous basis. Dont know if thats too far, but they are starting at 25/hr i was told.
  4. 2bnursejacksonrn

    Broward College / Prerequisites

    Hi, Im currently taking my prereques now and from what other students tell me, they have to be within 10 years. Also any grade lower than a B will stopyou from being accepted according to one girl. Dont beleive all that you hear, just give them a call if need be.
  5. 2bnursejacksonrn

    Nursing jobs in South Florida and lsewhere

    Wow. I was recently told to accept the scholarships at the local Memorial because they at least hire them before anyone else. I have faith things will look up soon
  6. 2bnursejacksonrn

    Hospital Romances

    That was kinda the point of the thread in the first place.
  7. 2bnursejacksonrn

    Hospital Romances

    Great advice
  8. 2bnursejacksonrn

    Quit after first day of orientation!

    wow dude. i mean i get ur logic a little, but i've seen nursing student eighty pounds ask the guy on the golf cart for a ride to class 50 feet in front of where they are. So its not a fat thing. I dont think that girl ever said she was fat. Thats kinda insensitive and offbase.
  9. 2bnursejacksonrn

    Hospital Romances

    Ok so there is some truth, but these girls think that every hospital will have a Mc. Dreamy. And if so, it doesnt mean he'll want them ya know. I think it's nice u met your hubby there. At least they arent completely ridiculous. Thanks jessiern. What state are u from?
  10. 2bnursejacksonrn

    Hospital Romances

    I just wanted to ask. Ive been watching Grey's Anatomy, Mercy, and Hawthorne and I want to know: Just how real is it that there are romances at work that often? Do employees hang at local bar's?(LOL) Do you become roomates? Please be brutally honest because I have younger girls in my class daydreaming about the chance of romance and roomates at work and i want them to read the posts to get the ideas out of their heads and get a real idea of what being a nurse will entail. Thanks again.:loveya:
  11. 2bnursejacksonrn

    Quit after first day of orientation!

    Wow babe. It seems like everyone is letting you have it. In a way you deserve it, but you are brave to admit such a thing on this site. I hope you find your way, and dont take the criticism too hard. Just pray long and hard about what it is you REALLY want to do and ask yourself what it was about nursing that made you want to persue it. Maybe you can take on different aspects of healthcare. Good luck to you. Keep your head up.
  12. 2bnursejacksonrn

    Did anyone here who is or has taken A&P 1 had to memorize

    Read then re-read. Get a coloring book of the anatomy body and repeat the names as u color them in. That really helped. If you have a lab manual read the same chapter ur going over in Lecture. It helps to hear the same info in different words sometimes. Oh and pray that God opens your mind to absorb the information.
  13. Wow congrats to you!
  14. 2bnursejacksonrn

    If you've ever cried at work...

    oh sweet lord...
  15. 2bnursejacksonrn

    Vent....Visitors and Customer Service

    I believe the best and most important customer service you can give, to pts. and family members is acurate, professional and compassionate care. Kissing someones butt, while your in the middle of caring for someone should not be part of your job description. Give respect and ye shall recieve respect. The nurses at my area hospital dont play that jive, you act up or pull a stunt like opening a curtain and security will most likely escort you to the waiting room. I witnessed that as a pt. myself.(it wasnt me who was escorted by the way)
  16. 2bnursejacksonrn

    Nursing jobs in South Florida and lsewhere

    Thanks NurseStephRN, I have a friend thats a CNA at Memorial. She's been there for like 10 yrs and loves it. Some nurses that teach at B.C are from your hospital and they have nothing but great things to say as well. I hope the freeze, ends swiftly for the new grads. One girl interviewed in Gainsville and was hired on the spot. Since hearing this my friend is thinking of relocating, so I guess thats puts how bad it is in perspective. I'll let her know about HolyCross. Thanks again.