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  1. Iwould have a nursing home each room of side of room the eact replica of there bedroom,also lets have a couch or loveseat lets make it home and the outside let there be a alz garden with shredded tires as walkway to prevent injury, how about friendly dog or two to visit residents,how about this a building for assisted living a cottagetype area for independant living and transitional ltc home setting what about those eletric fireplaces too and why must the staff wear uniform how about jeans and tshirts with logo on it with a name tag to desinate your professional area rn,lpn,cena,cota etc. how about a central area in dining with the kitchen prepartion in the center like franks house in tupulo miss. You can make these things a reality you make have to te boomers dont ant to live in instituational like setting they want there doggone internet too, believe me times wll be a changin go for your dream talk is cheap you can make it happen.

    Lpn to adn programs

    I friend of mine who is a lpn is thinking of going back to school for adn but is concerned about what school to go to she lives in oakland county and works fulltime pms in the detroit. Any suggestions, And thank you in advance for any advice and suggestions, I am writing this for then because they are learning the computer to get savvey on it. thanks everyone :redbeathe

    how do you deal with a patient who...

    Well I feel that pain management needs to be adressed can she get a pain patch instead that will maintain theraputic blood level but be aware that in the elderly population metaboism of drug maybe be slower or faster depending upon the drug ,also may I also infur that her pcp needs to be informed of this situation could it be pychological or could it be physiological , Dear nurse lets not be judgemental lets be critical thinkers to help out elders, because one day we :twocents:may be in her position we all get older bless you and just take a deep breath.:redbeathe

    How do you deal with an insensitive CNA?

    Gee I would take this in a different approach, first I would document all convertsations in a small notepad and then i would go to unit manager and discuss this with her,this cena sounds like she needs inservicing in reality orientation/behavior modification the latest trends/ in alz care and redirection , sounds like shes burning out and maybe needs to be transfered to another floor. Oh is this ltc unionized if so you may have to let this sit in the hands of the unit manager or adon/don Also the legal ramifications regarding age discrimmnation is a factor and also, Better to retrain so as to retain the woamn has a lot of years experience,how about a postion as team leader?As far as bon goes duh, only if she kills someone,with malice of intent physical. verbal abuse cases very seldom hold water when investigated and then I big can of worms could be opened up, Be carefull and judicuous with advisement to terminate the raminfications could be extrememly unpleasant . Good luck to you

    Prayer/positive thought request for a fellow nurse

    :redbeatheA prayer for today, Every day I ned Thee,but this day especially,I need some extra strength to face whatever is to be.This day,more than any other day ,I ned to feel Thy close compassion upon me,to hel me. For by myself I cannot meet the challenge of the hour,the minute,thesecond of this day. For there are times when even human creatures need a Higher power whtever you may percieve this power to be to help them to bear what must be bourne.And so Dear Lord,HOld on to my trembling hand and be with your humble servant always. You are in control and i trust you in whatever the outcome is. May your will be done as it is in heaven. poem by citcat 1998.

    Am I too old to fulfill my original dream?

    dear krissy what is old? i say old is when your dead. hey go for it, instructors,teachers are in reat demand at colleges and universities,there is a crtical shortage of rns that will teach especially those who want to be lpns come on whatch waitin for?you are competent,intellegent woman age has nothing to do with it. font size edited to make it easier to read. suzanne4

    Is there such thing as a dumb airhead nurse?

    I am so sorry that you wee treated so harshly I have had nurses treat me with a alot of unprofessionalisn when I was a young nurse but now as the years progress, i just dont feed into it I call it the homonal outbursts, I look at these nurses as I would with any person with behavioral problems after all Nurses are human beings first and I address them in a matter of fact professional manner and that is all .They know and understand that and that ends the resolves he problem.

    Prayers for the hurricaine victims

    God grant us the strength to go onward, to persevere, to be thankful. God give us the wisdom to work with your creation in unity and to use wisdom for Dear God this life and all its material things is just temporal help us not to be angry at loss but help us to be creative in finding more solutions to work with nature. Be with those affected by hurricanes in the gulfcoast areas, instill upon them sense of unity and compassion to yes I will be my brothers keeper.

    will universal healthcare ( in the usa) cut RN pay?

    What ever happened to the compasion of nursing . The facts are that this nation is no longer the new world but is becoming the old world , like Europe in the sese of population and census , Dear nurses, its a four generational situ the war babies,the boomers the xers, he now y generation.We must be innovative,creative to provide these generations with the care that all americans need and deserve.We must look outside of our selfishness and look toward the whole.chronic illness is a problem the go to washington and tell your goverment to stop feeding your children junk food,fast food ,fried food, Be proactive rather than reactive with out any action that is my opinion .
  10. CITCAT

    I can't believe she said that

    I my professioal opinion beinga nurse for many years,Ihavefound that individuals wih this type of behavour may appear to havepossible control/impulse /ego issues ths kind of nurse would concern me lack of of info for the paients welfare is the main concern not hormonal behavioural innappropiate responses.You did the right response not feeding into this graduates behavioral problems your the professional Good nurses communicate effectively to each other and there is NO SUCH THING AS A STUPID QUESTION! WHEN IT CONCERNS YOUR PATIENT YOUR A GREAT NURSE KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK:yeah:
  11. CITCAT

    Helping Someone "Let Go" At Time of Death

    :saint:iempathsize for you and your current situation ,i have only one family member left i have been through alot of deaths.as i get older i find that to die is a release for some, this might sound nuts just be yourself,she can hear you she is holding on something in her mind is undone,why not ask he and maybe help to complete this unfinished business in her mind may i suggest elizabeth kubler-ross book death and dying, the process and the journey dear nurse this was the book that was required reading when i went to nursing school she was the first authority on the pyscholocgical manifestations of the dying process,if i may say our journey as humans on his is just temporal its a transition from one place to another,gently and peacefully that is the conviction of every nurse to attempt to ensure /the hospice credo.as told to me my a senior nurse many years ago when i was just a young nurse.may god or your higher power give you and yours peace,comfort,serenity and wisdom at this most delicate time.
  12. CITCAT

    Docs yelling at nurses....

    Hello my brothers in nursing , as to to question of doctorsyelling at nurses, inone hospital in the midwest thay have a code for misbehaving doctors its a private code by the nurses so as to stop this unprofessional behaviour, personality i wouldnt put up with it re thread nurse slapped by doctor. We are professionals there are other ways legaly to address the issue so guysMANUP AND girlsGALUP
  13. CITCAT

    I was slapped by a doctor!

    hey clueless one time a doctor say your dam mother deseves to be a a concentration camp and he slapped me so I didnt slap him back i filed a lawsuit and I won! the son of a doctor go his right in the maxuis gluteus and I say dont be afraid get a lawyer and sue his butt
  14. CITCAT

    LPNs Supervising RNs

    re ltcconsultant, It would be greatly appreciated if you could quote your sources of nurse/bon in the legal reference defining clinical, thank you your reponse will be greatly appreciated on this forum
  15. You have representation in congress Senator Mike Crapo Iowa is a advocate for those with copd and is trying to change law to better assist copders in regard to travel
  16. CITCAT

    Anyone work at Shellpoint

    In regard to your inquiry my suggestion would be to click to the florida section of this website you will probably get some answers, just a suggestion to be more marketable spanish is reccomended. Have a great time in Fla:yeah: