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  1. piquant

    Should I take a job in Nursing home

    I had 3 days orientation in an LTC setting too and it was a nightmare on my first day on my own. But I got through it just fine, after a couple of weeks bombarding my coworkers with lots of questions and getting to know the patients and their usual concerns. As an RN, there are times youre the only RN esp if youre on NOC shift. You can be the RN supervisor and have your own set of patients too. Here in Southern Cali, new grad RNs start at 24/hr.
  2. piquant

    The Medical City

    i took the psych exam Nov 6 and I never received a call or a text from them. Does that mean that I failed?
  3. piquant

    When will i practice my profession???

    i've been asking myself the same question. it's been a year since I graduated and until now I haven't had any training/volunteer experience yet (on May I will be on BST)..then after that I'm thinking what's next. the cycle just goes on. maybe we need to think of productive things to do...work in a non-nursing field..just to 'kill time and pay bills'. these days, we have to be practical and worry less..we can't just sit in one corner and sulk. it's a good idea to fully equip ourselves so when opportunity knocks...we go marching in! keep the faith!
  4. those who have gone through the hiring process/training...the works..please update us...does it really take that long for them to contact their applicants for exam or interview? thanks
  5. they need the ANSAP receipt. That's already a proof that you're just waiting for your IVT license.
  6. just called them this morning. it's not for volunteer. it's for pooling, which is good I guess. board rating should be 80 and above and you should have IVT already.
  7. theyre currently accepting BST applicants for May 2010 batch. Hi Nell017, how is your training?
  8. piquant

    7months and still no eligibility! help!

    Thanks for your help! Really appreciate it!
  9. piquant

    7months and still no eligibility! help!

    Thanks NurseCubanita! It was thru Fed Ex . Tracked the mail on their website and it says it was delivered and received by someone. They received it in 5 days (October 12, 2009). The letter they sent me asking for a copy of my license was dated July. It says clearly that I only have a year to complete my requirements. I hope it wouldn't take that long to wait for my eligibility... Anyways, I'll try to be more patient and just pray that it's on its way.
  10. piquant

    7months and still no eligibility! help!

    ohh i get it! so i should count from October then! :-) Thanks for the reply NurseCubanitaRN2b. ! I've been itching to call them but someone said it's likely all I would hear is a recorded message.
  11. I am so worried what happened to my eligibility to sit the NCLEX for Cali. I submitted my requirements June 2009, and got a reply July 2009 that I needed to submit a copy of my license. I sent them an authenticated copy of my PRC license October 2009 since it took some time for the PRC to release it. Do you have any suggestions how to follow-up aside from sending an email to the CA BRN? I already sent them an email last December and they havent replied yet. My friend who followed up through email got a reply in 2 weeks. If I try to call them, would I be speaking to someone who could really give me the status? Thanks
  12. piquant

    Employment process @ St. Luke's Medical Center (e.rod)

    i submitted my application first week of November 2009, a week before they stopped accepting applications. I was wondering if it's okay to followup considering those that were almost through with all the steps and just waiting for the final interview...
  13. piquant

    How's the exam like in CAPITOL medical center???

    Thanks phaneenrix. Nice suggestion! :-)
  14. I emailed CA BRN to followup the status of my NCLEX application. How long do they usually reply? I submiited my application June 2009. Got a reply on July 2009 asking for copy of my license. Sent copy of my license October 2009 and until now I've been waiting for my eligibility? Do I need to send them an email again? Or call them? I heard that it's hard to contact the BRN.
  15. piquant

    The Medical City

    what's their basis on calling the applicants if they dont require any documents? do they call randomly?
  16. piquant

    How's the exam like in CAPITOL medical center???

    I called them today. I was told the same thing, freeze hiring. :-)