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RNtwoB has 12 years experience and specializes in Medical-Surgical.

Married with family, Attending Excelsior College, Working FT

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  1. RNtwoB

    Opinions on Excelsior College?

    Anyone planning on taking the CPNE in the Southern Region in Atlanta or Savannah? How is it? Please advise.
  2. RNtwoB

    Opinions on Excelsior College?

    Hello 2b_bsrn0523, how long did it take for you to get a date for your CPNE after you applied for it? I was thinking about taking it in NY also, thinking that I could possibly get a date sooner because there are more sites there, but I was told that the wait is about the same at all the centers in all the regions, is this true? Besides the CPNE Guide, did you use any other Excelsior resources to help prepare and study for the CPNE? I am considering doing the 3 day workshop to get a better understanding of what is required, what do you think? Any suggestions or tips will be greatly appreciated and welcomed. I to am going to be another Excelsior Success Story as well.:balloons: Way to go!
  3. RNtwoB

    Opinions on Excelsior College?

    I understand your frustration. I too am waiting for a date to take the CPNE and like you it is driving me crazy as well:uhoh21:. If just doesn't seem fair that we have to wait 4-6 months. I'm so frustrated :angryfirethat I haven't even begun reading the CPNE guide. What's the point right now, I just applied last week and still have another 6 months before having to regurgitate the info anyway. However, it was suggested that I start reading the info now and apply it to my everyday practice so that is engraved in my memory, so that is what I'm trying to do. PM me, if you would like to vent together, share ideas :idea:for studying and bounce info off of each other. Were all in this together.
  4. RNtwoB

    Is Excelsior Accepted?

    I am currently in the Excelsior program here in SC. For many years nurses have completed their degree with Excelsior formly known as Regents College. It is an accredited college with a good reputation. I about to take my last Nursing Concepts Exam in about a week and then apply for the CPNE. So stop second guessing yourselves and go for it. There are many nurses that work in SC that have completed Excelsior and they are currently working as RN's. Some jobs will even pay for you to complete your degree with Excelsior, mine is. Feel free to email me if you have any questions about Excelsior.
  5. RNtwoB

    Opinions on Excelsior College?

    I am new to allnurses.com, but I read your comments in reference to the Excelsior program and I totally agree with you. Once you get the foundation the rest is up to you. I work with nurses who graduated from technical schools with all the clinical experience and it was very frightening. It is what you make of it. Only you can determine whether your going to be a scary nurse or a good nurse. I'm about to take my last NC exam with Excelsior and get ready for the CPNE. I've enjoyed the program and I absolutely love the school. I did it at my own pace with another LPN that I work with and we completed the program in about 12months. So again, it's what you make it. Keep your nose in the books and stay focus. The practice exams were wonderful and purchasing the books helped a lot. Don't let people sway you. This was to leeae85.