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  1. studentmom2007

    Durham Tech questions

    Thanks! So far the relocation is going slow. My husband has interviewed at a couple of places but had not gotten an offer yet. He's still looking and applying, but at this point we really don't know when we'll be moving. So, I still feel at a stand still right now, everything is in a holding pattern! Good luck on NET test! Let me know how it goes.
  2. studentmom2007

    OHSU OCNE applicants

    deasiac, was this an automated email or a response to one you sent them? I did not get an email from them today. I am wondering if anyone has seen a decision notice in their online application summary? I know it says "decision data not final until applicant receives a letter..." I know the ABSN students were notified over a month ago. I'm leaving town on Sunday for 2 months, so I guess I'll be calling my neighbor who is checking my mail to let me know when something from OHSU arrives!
  3. studentmom2007

    PCC A/P & MicroBio (RC)

    I took Micro there in winter 2006 and LOVED my instructor, but she left for a university position somewhere on the East coast before fall term that year. I may get differing opinions on this one, but I preferred my A&P 2 and 3 instructor over my A&P 1 instructor. One gave all essay exams, which was fine, but you learn pretty quick that if you just remember exactly what was on his slides, you will do well on the test. Lab exams were the standard mix of slides, ID labes and such. A&P I instructor did incorporate the physiology part on his lab exams. For example he would have a slide for a type of muscle specimen and you had to ID it and then state what it did. I made a B, but only b/c I had a hard time getting to open lab so my lab exams were mostly C's while my lecture exams were A's. Instrutor for A&P 2 and 3 gave multiple choice exams, however you REALLY had to know the ins and outs of each process. You really had to think about each and every possible answer b/c he usually doesn't put even one obviously wrong answer to make it easy to eliminate. Bottom line, you REALLY need to know the material. A lot of people recorded his lectures b/c he doesn't use powerpoint. He writes on the board, old school style. He has an odd sense of humor, but I liked him. I found that by participating, asking questions, being involved in labs, I didn't have any problems with him. My group ended up joking around with him quite a bit. He won't hold your hand or guide you step by step. He does expect you to make the effort to think about an answer to a question and maybe find the solution yourself, instead of just "going to the expert" for a quick and easy answer. I would recommend going to each and every open lab, though. He LOVES slides and I personally found that I needed every moment I could find to study, study, study those slides in every possible combination! We would set up a number of scopes and each pick a couple of slides to put on and then we would go around and guess, sort of test ourselves. That was SOOOO helpful. And we really put the student lab leader/person to work!! We kept her busy! I made an A in both sections with him and in A&P 3, I had the highest grade in the class. I am a 2nd career student with a previous bachelors, which was a GPA of 2.3. I am 33, a full-time stay at home mom to 2 kids who were 2.5 and 8 months at the time of taking these classes. In high school and college I HATED science and would squeak by with C's and D's. So, I personally thought he was a great instructor. I would take his class again if I had to do it over. I can still remember a lot of the material and it's been ovr a year since I finished the series. I worked my tail off, but it was worth it!
  4. studentmom2007

    OHSU OCNE applicants

    I applied to the standard OCNE program at OHSU this year. My friend found out she got into the ABSN program a month earlier than their website states. I emailed them and they said letters for the OCNE program will go out late April, early May. Anyone else waiting on pins and needles like me? I am only applying to the Portland campus. We are leaving for vacation May 3 so I really hope my letter comes by this Saturday!
  5. studentmom2007

    PCC Nursing class of 2011, thread Anyone find out?

    I didn't get in this time. That lottery thing kind of stinks. Was it your first time applying? It was for me.
  6. studentmom2007

    OHSU and other PDX area applicants for 2009

    I saw on OHSU's FAQ page that letters are mailed out on June 1 for the OCNE applicants. I would LOVE for it to be earlier, I hope I'm wrong about the June date!
  7. studentmom2007

    OHSU and other PDX area applicants for 2009

    WHAT??? I took my reading test in the fall, so I'm sure I had plenty of time, but why would the test date matter as long as you got all the required documents into the HA office by the deadline?
  8. studentmom2007

    OHSU and other PDX area applicants for 2009

    I've applied to OHSU OCNE as well. I can't believe how long we have to wait. We will be out of town when the letters are mailed. My husband has his 8 week Sabbatical and we will be traveling all of May and June. You can bet I'll be calling my neighbor and asking them to open my mail! I've also applied to PCC. This is their last year of doing the lottery. Next year they will join the OCNE program. I saw on their website they will hold their drawing on March 20.
  9. studentmom2007

    OHSU and other PDX area applicants for 2009

    WOW! That was fast! Congrats!! That's so exciting!
  10. studentmom2007

    OHSU and other PDX area applicants for 2009

    Wow! Congrats on the baby! How exciting. Do you know boy or girl? We didn't find out with either of ours and it was so much fun! So, I would HIGHLY recommend NOT doing the ABM with a newborn! I was pregnant with my 2nd son during my pre-reqs of A&P. I finished A&P1 in December and was due in early Feb. I debated taking A&P2 knowing we would have family in town for a month after the baby was born. I figured they could help take care of the baby, except feeding him, and I could study, etc. I was due right around mid-terms and talked to the instructor and she said she could accomodate me if I needed it. I knew that the family in town would last until very close to finals so I thought it might work. Hubby was a little worried, remembering back to what the first 6 weeks were like with our first son and he suggested I take time off. I AM SOOOOOOO GLAD I DID!! I went back in the fall and winter quarters to finish up the other 2 sections of A&P. My son was about 7 months old...perfect timing. Is this your first child? If so, then you may want to wait a year if it's possible. I was only taking 1 class at a time and felt that was plenty on my plate. I am a full time stay at home mom. My kids are 3.5 and 2 and I am now feeling like things are getting "easy" enough (but it's never easy) to apply to nursing school. Of course, with the way things are with the schools right now, if you get accepted, you better take your chance when you get it, right? I, too have the ultimate dream of becoming a midwife, but I am going to take it one step at a time right now. I'd like to get through nursing school and get some experience in L&D but I am also interested in peds or NICU or mother/baby, so I'd like to see how the various clinicals go. Whatever you decide, best of luck to you!!
  11. studentmom2007

    "Babies Know: A Little Dirt is Good for You"

    I have to agree! Both my boys are intense finger suckers (never used a binky). They suck their fingers ALL the time, during play, during eating, during sleeping. Of all the things I have seen them touch (playing on a playground, in the sandbox, a dog, you name it) and the fingers go right back in the mouth. Since they were so young when they started, I have never been paranoid about things dropping on the floor and going in their mouth. I am VERY particular about hand washing after using the bathroom, but other than that, it's just too much to keep up with. Both my kids are rarely sick, especially my older one (he's 4). They both hate to wear a jacket and we even live in a cold and rainy climate. Of course, the big dilema will be getting them to stop! My older one STILL sucks his fingers....ALL the time!!
  12. studentmom2007

    hiring freeze?

    A hiring freeze is when all hiring is halted, stopped, frozen, in other words NOBODY is getting hired. Typically this happens during slow economic times.
  13. studentmom2007

    Winston-Salem State & NC Baptist Hospital Contract

    My sister in law got her CRNA through a similar type of program at Moses Cone Hospital, and her tuition was mostly paid for through the program. If she left the hospital before her contract was up, she would have to pay them back. It's worked really well for her and I think she is now past her contract and she still works for the hospital. I live in Portland, OR and the University of Portland offers a program where the student's tuition is paid for and they must commit to 3 years at the hospital system that is affiliated with the school. They accept about 20 students for that program and the other 60 or so students in the class must find other ways of footing the $35,000 a year tuition!
  14. studentmom2007

    How long does it take University of Portland to notify you?

    Good luck! I applied to PCC this year so I am waiting on the "late April" lottery drawing. Why don't they give an exact date yet? They say numbers will be sent to the applicants 2-3 weeks before the drawing. Ugh...I also applied to OHSU and their FAQ section says letters will be mailed June 1 (for the Standard BSN program and NOT the ABSN). These waits are TORTUROUS!!!!
  15. studentmom2007

    Durham area - recommendations on where to live?

    Thanks, WantAccel! My mom has also been warning me about living right in Durham and said pretty much all the schools are bad. I'm sure Chapel Hill is much more pricey in cost of living, but I guess it would be worth it to be in a good area. We do have some friends that live in Chapel Hill, right off Hwy 54 and one of them works for Duke Hospital. We have another friend that lives in another area near Durham so once we have something final, I'm sure we'll be contacting them for some reccomendations, too. I don't know what the traffic would be like, but my in-laws live close to 85/40 in Mebane and said a lot of people are living there and commuting in. Since DH grew up there, he doesn't think the Alamance County schools are all that great either so who knows. I guess I really shouldn't worry too much about it yet. He's got to get a job offer first!!
  16. studentmom2007

    What hospitals ARE hiring new grads?

    Yeah, it's kind of tough. With all the schools in the area with new grads each term, it's hard to find something. I have a friend that just moved back to PDX and she had a hard time finding a job, even with 1+ year experience as an RN.