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  1. michigansapphire

    Courses to take while waiting for job opportunities?

    I'm taking Spanish, and I'd like to take ASL (American Sign Language) too at some point.
  2. michigansapphire

    Worth it to go to Canada in order to graduate 4 months faster?

    Would you be able to sit the NCLEX in your preferred US state with a degree from a Canadian program? Doesn't the state board of nursing have to receive documentation of your education from your school? I would think a Canadian school would not be familiar with US state board procedures.
  3. michigansapphire

    Can you live a luxury lifestyle as a nurse?

    Part of whether this is possible would depend on your comfort level with debt (e.g., car payments) and on how aggressively you save for retirement.
  4. michigansapphire

    Assessing Each Other??!??

    Because of the way our assessment lab section fell together, I had an opposite-sex partner. He never saw anything more private than my bra strap and my bare abdomen to my waist. I never saw anything that his wife could have objected to if she'd been standing in the exam room with us. (He did offer once to take off his shirt for me so I could do lung percussion more easily -- I never would have asked.) The other piece of assessment is obtaining your patient's history. Our instructor told us we didn't have to tell anything we wanted to keep private, as long as what we said was consistent.
  5. michigansapphire

    What is the first day of an accelerated BSN program like?

    Yes, I am at UM. Sounds like you have the same schedule I did - Monday lecture, Tuesday clinical. I'd be happy to talk with you about my experiences - send me a private message or an email through the site (little icons next to my username) and we can talk! caliotter3, on our first 8-hour clinical day, we spent about 3 hours sitting in the cafeteria with our instructor going over the syllabus and his expectations, then we went to the floor for the rest of the day. Because of the accelerated schedule, we would have lost a clinical day if we'd used our first meeting just for orientation stuff. Honestly, it was intimidating at the time but waiting another week wouldn't have helped much!
  6. michigansapphire

    What is the first day of an accelerated BSN program like?

    We'd learned to do catheters in our skills blitz but I don't think anyone did one on that first day. Mostly it was shadowing our nurses. Still, it felt like being thrown in the deep end!
  7. michigansapphire

    What is the first day of an accelerated BSN program like?

    My first day of our accelerated program was a clinical day! We had to be on the floor at 6:30am, got some orientation, and saw our first patients before lunch.
  8. michigansapphire

    Moving to Michigan....

    I'm glad to hear that things worked out for you and your children!
  9. michigansapphire

    HOW do nurses THINK?

    I had a nursing instructor who liked to say "They talk a lot in nursing school about 'critical thinking' ... funny, that's what I just call 'thinking'."
  10. michigansapphire

    Dog on the floor, what do you think?

    What about people who are afraid of dogs - especially large dogs? Yes, I know, your dog is wonderful and wouldn't hurt a fly. But there are many people with this fear. I was one of them until I moved in with a friend who had a greyhound.
  11. michigansapphire

    How often do you get drug tested?

    Our program doesn't drug test, but some of our clinical sites do. I'm in an accelerated program so our clinical sites change every 5-10 weeks.
  12. michigansapphire

    What kinda watch....

    We were required to have a watch with a second hand - no digital watches. I replaced the canvas band with a rubber one because the canvas never dried and it was gross. It always ends up in my pocket after an hour anyway. There are clocks with second hands in every room.
  13. michigansapphire

    Plan of care:Please read and help if possible:)

    Sorry, I don't have any answers for you about this plan of care, but I can help with this: "in situ" (two words) is Latin for "in place". So, his indwelling catheter is currently in place.
  14. michigansapphire

    ACLS certification in San Diego area..??

    You can use the Class Connector at the American Heart Association's website to find ACLS classes by zip code.
  15. michigansapphire

    Time of the month in light colored scrubs

    Well, people who don't have problems with this issue are probably not reading this thread! (Tampon + 2 pads, myself.)