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  1. stripec30

    My NCLEX Notes

    Bump. Thought you December grads could use these. :-)
  2. stripec30

    scrubs dont fit me well

    Also try browsing craigslist for a seamstress - for like $5-7 they'll slim a shirt so it fits your torso better.
  3. stripec30

    Feelings at the three month mark! How do/did you feel?

    At the three month mark on Sunday and I would say I'm about 70% competent/knowledgable/can navigate around the landmines. Making some mistakes for the first time are out of my control; but I am able to prevent them in the future. I know that the specialty I work in is not where I'll retire from, but it's an excellent place to learn about what works and what doesn't. :) As far as knowing/finding a niche, try reading the sticky posts in each specialty sub-forums here on allnurses.
  4. stripec30

    What is an irregular heart beat???

  5. stripec30

    Taking the reins from your preceptor

    Try setting up mutual expectations (i.e., as a preceptee my expectations of you as a preceptor are.... likewise, what are your expectations of me?) Also, take a couple of minutes and make a plan for the beginning of each shift. Clarify what your preceptor expects you to accomplish with (and without) assistance.
  6. stripec30

    case management interview at Samuel Merritt

    They're looking for someone who can be well rounded and interact with people from all different kinds of backgrounds, ethnicities and cultures.
  7. stripec30

    My most important tip for a nursing student is....

    If it seems pretty easy, you're missing something.
  8. stripec30

    New Grads We Have Hit A New Low...Work For FREE

    lol. They're always in need of nurses too. The company makes around a $400 million dollar/year profit and essentially is taking advantage of an economic situation to avoid paying nurses for work that needs to be done.
  9. stripec30

    Stuck between being a LVN or wait 6 years to be a RN?

    As an LVN you can complete an LVN to RN bridge program that's about a year long. There are less people applying for these programs also. Just sayin...
  10. The female Filipino nurses wild and freaking crazy. ;-)
  11. stripec30

    Looking in Sac area

    Honestly your best bet is volunteering in a hospital and making connections. That being said: UC Davis keeps spots open specifically for new grads. Most managers prefer you have experience at the hospital. The application period is usually 1 week. Note: for a recent NG position on an extended care unit the recruiter received 400 applications. Don't bother applying if you don't have your BSN. The screener will just throw your application in the trash. The Mercy System has new grad programs. Mercy folsom will hire NG's for part time positions. Kaiser can be great if you have an inside connection. Sutter typically hires the student externs whom precept there. It might be beneficial to talk with their recruiters (they're off of Gateway Drive in Natomas). Otherwise, there are a lot of skilled nursing and assisted living facilities who are always hiring people. Personally I would rather work at an assisted living facility -- much, much nicer.
  12. stripec30

    Anyone Up For Random FACT THROWING??

    This is by far one of the best threads I've ever read. Worth reading through each page. Yeah, there are some repeats but it just helps with the memorization. ;-)
  13. stripec30

    WANTED: Nursing student tidbits of advice

    If it hasn't been said already: Grab an NCLEX book and follow along with what you're covering in class (eg. peds, maternity, cardiac, pharm).
  14. stripec30

    Qualified New Grad RN, No one wants to hire!!!!!

    ^ this.
  15. stripec30

    Best scrub store sacramento area

    2nd vote for uniform advantage. They've got a great clearance section. :-D
  16. Yes, in hospitals. Problem?