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  1. i-njoy-being-a-nurse

    Diversity in the ICU

    You can forget about Parkland Trauma ICU, no diversity at all. I do not understand how that is. Look at the location and the population of patients that come through that hospital. I don't know about Baylor, but my friend told me her horror story about the HR at Baylor. Her voice on the phone did not match her physical appearance at all. She had a 3.7 GPA and theytold her over the phone that they wanted her to interview for the ICU's, but when they met her, they sent her to the Med-Surg floors. One of her friends rode with her to the interview and the ladies in the HR were very ugly after one of the recruiters escorted her to the Med-Surg floor.
  2. i-njoy-being-a-nurse

    Diversity in the ICU

    I would really like to work in the Northeast. I enjoy being a ICU nurse and I prefer to work with a good staff mix: Male, female, new grad to 10+ experience, and nurses from different backgrounds.
  3. i-njoy-being-a-nurse

    Employment after having report on group one

    Call group one and get a copy of your report.
  4. i-njoy-being-a-nurse

    East Texas

    No flexibility with scheduling at the Tyler hospital. Everyone works the Matrix and the removed the fourth day so you might work tues, fri, sat, sun, wed, thurs or mon, fri,sat, sun, wed, thurs for the rest of your career in East Texas.
  5. i-njoy-being-a-nurse

    Diversity in the ICU

    I have worked in the ICU for 7 years and 4 years on Medical/Surgical/Telemetry floor. I thought I would see more diversity in the ICU's by now. I found this very disappointing in some of the major cities in Texas due to the large amount of nurses from the Phillipines, India, Nigeria, etc. What is going on? I interviewed at one hospital in South Oak Cliff Dallas, Tx and I could not believe there was only one non-white nurse on the night rotation. I know Dallas has some nurses of color, but I usually see them on the med-surg floors. Is it a surgical and CVICU thing? I recently interviewed at a Magnet hospital in Houston and the staff mix was great: the experience ranged from 2-25 years; nurses of different ethnic backgrounds working together, not grouped in one section with other nurses that have the same physical features.
  6. i-njoy-being-a-nurse

    Memorial Hermann is planning on unpaid GN intersnship

    RUN, RUN, RUN!!!!!! Memorial Hermann is not a good company to work for. The best of the best (from hell!). I worked there for 3 years and it was not worth it. They should offer top pay since most of their Neuro-ICU nurses left at the same time. RUN!!!
  7. i-njoy-being-a-nurse

    How do I get accepted into Texas CRNA school?

    Your degree in biology should help, take the GRE, you need >500 on verbal for UT houston and an overall score >1000 for all the schools in TX. Try to work in a CVICU or Trauma ICU (level 1 preferrably)
  8. i-njoy-being-a-nurse

    HCA Hospitals in North Dallas

    Medical City Dallas is a good hospital and Medical Center Plano.
  9. i-njoy-being-a-nurse

    Memorial Hermann TMC Location

    Apply to another facility in the Medical Center. I worked at Memorial Hermann TMC for 2 years and they do not value their nurses. Ask the nurses on the unit how long they've been a nurse and how long they've worked at Memorial. I worked on a unit with the average being 1-3 years and one nurse with the system for 10 years. A good facility will have at least 25% of their staff working for the system for >10 years, not Memorial. Their orientation process was horrible.
  10. i-njoy-being-a-nurse

    TX ---Male Pre-Nursing Students

    Good luck to all of you, I enjoy working with male nurses. No drama!!!!!
  11. i-njoy-being-a-nurse

    Any black male nurses out there?

    I work in the famous Texas Medical Center in a CVICU and as far as black nurses there's less than 5 on days and nights total. Prarie View has a nursing school in the medical center and I know at least 40 nurses graduate in the spring and fall, but I do not see any coming to the ICU's. I really do not know why more black nurses work in ICU. We seem to handle the stresses of life well. Also I think about the physician relationships with staff nurses. Again, I have worked CVICU for 5 years and most of the time the surgeons are Caucasian. I am quite sure that factors in espically when these surgeons throw their temper tantrums. I think being a black nurse in a specialized ICU is like being a black quarter back in the NFL. You are tolerated, but the microscope is always on you.