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  1. liltweedy03

    overwhelmed nursing student

    Try to just focus in on objectives!
  2. liltweedy03

    Ok Guysssss, Lets Start The Graduate Count Down

    April, 2009 for me!
  3. I am graduating April '09. :cheers:
  4. I work at Baptist and go to the college. I am a nurse tech II. I won't become an intern until the fall. Yes, it is hard to become a tech or intern there. Luckily, I was received a call about a month after I put in my application. I am not sure how the process works because people that put in their application long before I did are still waiting to hear something. I know that being the tuition deferral program should get you considered first. I say just keep calling out there and worrying the admissions rep. Good luck!
  5. I am also in this same transition. It seems like a lot of work, but I am determined to make it. Nursing is the only thing I can see myself doing. I will just push forward towards my goal of becoming a nurse.
  6. liltweedy03

    Am I crazy?

    I agree with the others. There is no way I could do this but maybe you can. Set a schedule. And see how it works.
  7. I am a first semester. In health assessment lab we practice the full head to toe exam. I am not sure what integrative skills I is but in our foundations lab we practiced making beds, giving baths, blood pressures, foley catheters, and ng tubes. Hope this helps!
  8. liltweedy03

    Age you will/were graduated?

    I will be 24 when I graduate in April 2009.
  9. liltweedy03

    School Project

    We have to do a group project on Nursing in the 90's. The only thing I can think of to present on is the technological advances and the research done. Any other suggestions.....
  10. liltweedy03

    What kind of job would be helpful?

    Try your local hospital for a nurse tech job. That is what I am doing. You do not need any experience at all and it decent money. Plus, I go to work whenever I can so I don't have to worry about work interfering with studying!
  11. liltweedy03

    Who else is LOVING nursing school??

    I am loving school as well. It is my first semester in clinical rotation and I am having a blast. Well, maybe because we have not gone to the hospital yet. But in lab, I am learning so much but my teacher is the best and is making things simple for us to understand. I so not really care for my Health Assessment class, probably because the teacher is not good.
  12. liltweedy03

    Good day in clinical lab

    Today was my first day in clinical lab and I actually had fun! We went over hand-washing, bed-making, and bathing patients. I was really a help to my teacher because I am a nurse tech and could show other how to make beds and stuff. I even answered a question right about ischemia(i think thats how you spell it.) I hope the rest of the days are this good.
  13. liltweedy03

    First Fundamentals Test ???

    I would like some help on this too. I am too in Foundations of Nursing and would like to know what to expect on the first test. We are studying hygiene, safety, vitals and hand washing. Thanks!
  14. liltweedy03

    Big syllabus

    Our syllabus was huge too, but it was very detailed and I think very helpful!
  15. liltweedy03

    What is the passing test grade at your school?

    At my school, 77 is passing.
  16. I attend Baptist, but I am in the day program. But, I know people that work full time and are in the night/weekend program and are doing fine. You can go to bchs.edu. and click access and the click on course schedule and glance there to see how the classes run at night. Hope this is a help.