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MICU - CCRN, IR, Vascular Surgery
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Lennonninja has 10 years experience as a MSN, APRN, NP and specializes in MICU - CCRN, IR, Vascular Surgery.


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  1. Not everywhere has a pediatric ED. The closest one to me is over an hour away, and I'm not in a rural area. Should you pass and become a nurse, you'll realize how important your psych nursing class was, no matter what the rest of your classmates said. Surprise surprise, nursing students don't know what real life nursing is like! Your 1% statistic means nothing. If the board of nursing wants you to have the education, there's no way around it. If you're upset about the cost of a textbook, try to borrow one. It would serve you well to try and calm down your defensive attitude before you finish school, because you sound like a chore to precept.
  2. Lennonninja

    Can med surg nurse go into ICU?

    I went from med/surg straight to the ICU. It all depends on your hospital. Give it a shot!
  3. Lennonninja

    If you could build your own radiology department

    I've been in IR for 7 months now, and we do radiology nursing as well. Decide what you can be called in for. Should you be called in for an inpatient ICU para or thora? Should you be called in for an inpatient lumbar puncture? Are you on call for both IR and radiology? Do you get a callback minimum if you're called in and aren't working for at least 3 hours (that's our callback minimum).
  4. Lennonninja

    Three 12s vs Five 8s

    I work four 9s per week and take call (Interventional Radiology) and it's been a great change. I miss the extra day off from three 12s, but being able to do things on a work day is so nice!
  5. Lennonninja

    Specialty for introvert?

    I second this, IR is a good place for introverts. Short term interactions with people, and in the 5 months I've been in IR, I've only had 3 grumpy patients/families!
  6. Lennonninja

    How does on call work?

    So I just changed from ICU to IR this year and am taking call for the first time. We have 8 RNs in our department, 5 Rad Techs. Because we have 8 nurses, we each take call every 8th weekend (Friday 5pm - Monday 6am), and 1 holiday per year. The Rad Techs are more on frequent call since there's fewer of them. Every 8 weeks I have 6 weekday evenings of call (5pm - 6am), so I have 2 weeks out of every 8 with no call at all. I never have more than one weeknight per week unless I pick up someone else's call. Rad Techs get called in for everything we do except paracentesis & thoracentesis procedures, those are MD & RN only. If it's just a bedside central line placement in off hours, the RN has the option to not come in. I've only been doing this 4 months so far, and the times I've been on call, I'm more likely to have to stay late and finish up late cases. I've only had to come in at 3am once. We do IR, CT procedures, Ultrasound, and Xray procedures (mostly LPs) and we don't get called in too often. Call pay is $2/hour and if you get called in, time and a half, for a minimum of 3 hours worth of pay, even if you don't work the full 3 hours. Edited to add - We are not yet combined with Cath Lab/EP but we will be in a few years. Lord only knows what will happen to call when that happens... We are a stroke center, but we do not do any interventions in our IR above the clavicle basically. My only 3am call was CT guided neph tubes for hydro. Some weekends nothing happens at all, and some weekends you're there the whole time, but at least it's only every 8th! They try not to call us in if it can wait until the next day.
  7. Lennonninja

    Pay for experienced critical care RN in Indianapolis?

    I just left an ICU in the Indy area, 5 years of critical care & CCRN at $28 and change per hour on day shift.
  8. Lennonninja

    Er nurse to ir nurse

    I went from ICU to IR, and while the slower pace and better hours are awesome, I miss the adrenaline of the ICU. My plan is to pick up prn in the ICU and stay full time in IR while I'm in grad school.
  9. Lennonninja

    Not Everyone is meant/wants to be a leader!

    That's literally the reason I did as many committees as I could at my previous job. If it looks good on a resume or an NP application, I would volunteer for it.
  10. Lennonninja

    Rapid Response?

    I work as rapid response when I was in the ICU. It was a separate role, but the ICU charge nurse was the back up rapid if there was more than one happening at once. I also worked as ICU charge. I absolutely LOVED this role! I enjoyed a lot of autonomy and bringing education to the nurses when working with their patients. The downside - everyone in the hospital (it felt like) would call rapid for IVs, even if they hadn't even tried a single time. Lab even started calling rapid to do lab sticks instead of sending a phlebotomist at times. This was really annoying.
  11. Lennonninja

    Should nurses be able to listen to music at work?

    I loved playing music at the bedside in the ICU whenever possible. I would ask families what the patient liked to listen to, and for bath time I would find a station on my Amazon Music app on my phone that coincided with the patient's preferences and play that. I cared for extremely high acuity patients in the ICU, and my brain works well when combining music with my detail oriented work. Our tvs also had a relaxation station that played classical and relaxing music along with nice scenery and I played it for my patients most of the time. If I were the patient, I would much prefer to hear music rather than all of the beeps and alarms in the ICU.
  12. Lennonninja

    ED Admissions Right At Shift Change

    After almost 7 years of working as an RN, I've learned that the ONLY time the ED is ready to bring me a patient is during shift change.
  13. Lennonninja

    Typical cost for RN-BSN program

    I did Indiana University's online ASN-BSN transition class, part time, in 4 semesters (no co-reqs needed d/t my previous BA), and it was about $12k.
  14. Lennonninja

    Moving ICU to med/surg unit

    I wouldn't do it. ICU patients deserve ICU level care, not having your time divided between them and more med/surg patients as well. This sounds like a nightmare waiting to happen.
  15. Lennonninja

    How late after your shift do you stay at work?

    Rarely later than 15 minutes. It depends on who I'm giving report to, and if I have to wait for them to get done with their other patient. We do bedside report in the MICU, and always do the first turn with the oncoming nurse, so if there's a poop situation that will delay things too. But for charting, almost never, unless it's been an astronomically bad day.
  16. Thanks to you I'm now googling cerebral microdialysis and it's both fascinating and horrifying!