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Tait MSN, RN

Acute Care Cardiac, Education, Prof Practice
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Tait has 14 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in Acute Care Cardiac, Education, Prof Practice.

I have spent 12 years in nursing. My experience ranges from bedside cardiac/complex med tele (4+years) to hospital and new graduate RN onboarding (5 years) , Pain and Spine (1 year), and now Professional Practice Manager and Interim New Graduate Residency Coordinator (shared leadership, strategic planning for Pathway to Excellence, RN recognition and professional development support). Five years as a member or leader of our Patient and Family Advisory Council.

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  1. I am an RN of going on 14 years. Five years bedside acute care cardiac specialty, three years off completing my MSN and making two beautiful minions (now 8 and 10 years old), and have been in education/new grad residency coordinator and now manager o...
  2. Tait

    Covid wedding... am I the bad guy?

    I am going to agree too. Honestly if he is willing to sack his marriage over an absent sibling I wonder if he is just looking for an out...LOL?
  3. Tait

    Essential Employee Letters

    So most of us, I believe, are familiar with some form of "essential employee" letter that was given out during stay at home orders. This letter is a sort of "passport" to be out on the streets heading to work, in case you get pulled over. This w...
  4. Tait

    Med/Surg to ICU

    Side note: Having spent the last 6+ years working directly with new graduate RNs I do not recommend switching units in the first year unless you are at risk from bullying or other toxic behaviors. There is a significant growth and reality shock curve...
  5. Tait

    Nurses Disciplined, Fired for Wearing Hospital-Issued Scrubs

    We spent several weeks trying to come up with a solution for all our nurses to have access to hospital scrubs. We went round and round about the cost, dispersion, people wearing them home and not having them properly cleaned, how to hand them out, al...
  6. Tait

    Do you think this is safe?

    We went with paper bags, my mom's hospital went with plastic containers. Our rationale for paper I believe was due to the evidence at the time that COVID fell apart faster on paper than plastic.
  7. Tait

    It Is OK

    It is OK to be scared right now. It is OK to be angry right now. It is OK to feel you aren't being heard right now. It is OK to feel anguish for your patients right now. It is OK to feel betrayed right now. It is OK to feel l...
  8. Tait

    "Oh so you still have a job?"

    In a nutshell yes. But I also understand the level of stress our staff are under and my role only became official at the end of last year, though I had been doing it informally for nearly a year.
  9. Tait

    "Oh so you still have a job?"

    Furloughs are rolling out, departments are being shut down, and the pressure is high. Having been an educator for over six years now I am used to being seen as "necessary but disposable". In my new role as a Manager of Professional Practice (nursing ...
  10. Tait

    Orientation As A Semi-Experienced Nurse is Aggravating

    My first job was four years on a complex med/surg floor (non-titrated cardiac drips, insulin drips, whipples, pre-open heart, post cath etc). When I went to a new hospital after two years out with kiddos and school, and before I got my first educatio...
  11. Tait

    COVID Code Blue

    Today I was able to attend the code and it definitely was a cluster at the door, but honestly it looked better than our regular codes. We average 10-15 people in the room I swear. The last code put 13+ people at exposed. For this one I don't think we...
  12. Tait

    Does Trump have Covid?

    I think he says he is taking/says he is taking it so people will buy it up. Not convinced he doesn't have stock in it now.
  13. Tait

    COVID Code Blue

    Forgive me if this has been discussed. I did a quick forum search and didn't see anything. I am curious how your facilities are handling COVID-19 codes. We are following the AHA guidelines from April ( https://www.ahajournals.org/doi/pdf/10.116...
  14. Tait

    Saline Flushes - My Old As Dirt Question

    Thanks for this feedback. I will let you know how ours pans out. We meet in two weeks and I am trying to bring back persepctives from other facilities to help support our next steps. At this point it looks like we will be going to charging for flushe...
  15. Tait

    To All Nurse Preceptors:

    Well then I definitely sorry they weren't supporting you. We have to be on top of any new grad we think we are at risk of losing. New grads have the highest turnover and burnout of any group in that first year.
  16. Tait


    That is why I have been working my way into administration and working with new grads for the past 10 years. Getting the chance to shape the future is my way of giving back and bolstering nursing as a career. Frustrating? Heck yes, but I feel good do...