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Tait has 13 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in Acute Care Cardiac, Education, Prof Practice.

I have spent 12 years in nursing. My experience ranges from bedside cardiac/complex med tele (4+years) to hospital and new graduate RN onboarding (5 years) , Pain and Spine (1 year), and now Professional Practice Manager and Interim New Graduate Residency Coordinator (shared leadership, strategic planning for Pathway to Excellence, RN recognition and professional development support). Five years as a member or leader of our Patient and Family Advisory Council.

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  1. I was just talking to my CNO yesterday about stress management. Apparently my hospital is reporting the highest levels of moral distress in our hospital system. I recently started exploring our resources and found classes on leadership in COVID, 4 am zooms with yoga, HIIT, and Barre trainers. So I am planning a week long mental health resources push for the first week of June. I am going to get out there and let our staff know what is available.
  2. Furloughs are rolling out, departments are being shut down, and the pressure is high. Having been an educator for over six years now I am used to being seen as "necessary but disposable". In my new role as a Manager of Professional Practice (nursing strategic planning/recognition/professional development planning) I was definitely feeling that vibe again yesterday as I walked amongst the units dropping off some self-care donations we had gotten. When COVID hit I was given the hospital educators to "direct", I am interim coordinator (which is looking like it will be more and more permanent every day) over the new grad nurses, I have organized and rolled out all education (with the educators) for cross-training, PPE changes, vetted innovations, helped modify policy after policy, reworked Code Blue, and sat on endless calls about everything under my umbrella and then some. I guess this is more of a vent than anything else. I am grateful my leadership team feels I add value to the team above the cost of my salary (I did discuss my willingness to furlough if it was felt to be the best choice, as well as recognized I may see a pay cut at some point) but I often don't know what to say to frustrated folks on the floor who just see their managers being furloughed and them being fed back to the hospital. Thanks for listening.
  3. Tait

    Saline Flushes - My Old As Dirt Question

    Thank you so much for all the responses!
  4. Tait

    Does Trump have Covid?

    I think he says he is taking/says he is taking it so people will buy it up. Not convinced he doesn't have stock in it now.
  5. Tait

    COVID Code Blue

    Forgive me if this has been discussed. I did a quick forum search and didn't see anything. I am curious how your facilities are handling COVID-19 codes. We are following the AHA guidelines from April ( https://www.ahajournals.org/doi/pdf/10.1161/CIRCULATIONAHA.120.047463 ) but we have had situations where a patient isn't COVID + , has coded, and then be found positive. This was all despite previous negative testing. Due to situations like this we have moved to managing ALL codes as COVID+ to prevent exposures. We are also draping our patients, which is causing the system to look at oxygen pooling fire hazard risk. I am curious to hear how other facilities are managing codes in general. Thank you
  6. Tait

    New Grad Nurse Unlicensed but Want to Help in NY

    So Georgia has been discussing pre-liscensure Graduate Nurses, which looks a lot like when I started nursing back in 2007. Basically you can work as a nurse, sign your name GN instead of RN, and have to have a lot oversight and double checks. My "contract" also noted that I had to take my NCLEX within a certain time period from hire. I think it was 3 months. I would look at the Board of Nursing page for New York and see if they have any information. Also if NY and RI are in a compact you could look at the RI BON as well. I am not sure how it is up there.
  7. Tait

    Saline Flushes - My Old As Dirt Question

    Thanks for this feedback. I will let you know how ours pans out. We meet in two weeks and I am trying to bring back persepctives from other facilities to help support our next steps. At this point it looks like we will be going to charging for flushes as part of "supply". So if you give an IV med you would charge for two flushes automatically (one for pre and post flush). We would have to look at other procedures however, like PICC line blood draws where you may need a lot more. I am pushing for them to stay in the Omnicell for safety and our accreditation folks have confirmed if deemed a medical device they can safely be in a nurses pocket or a locked WOW!, but we still need to keep them out of patients rooms so they can't use it access a line with something we didn't prescribe.
  8. I love my career but was just talking to my mom about this. We add so much nostalgia and magic to the nursing "calling". I literally went into nursing because massage therapy was full.
  9. Tait

    Nurse with mental issues?

    I can empathize with that dead to the bone tired feeling. Don't underestimate the power of small changes. When I was having rolling panic attacks at the start of the pandemic (good for an hour then crashed into a panic attack, repeating through out the day) I paid the $70 for the Calm app (now it and other providers like Headspace are offering a free year to healthcare workers). I can't tell you what a difference it made. It didn't immediately fix my issues, but it gave me some ability to separate myself from the intense feelings I was having. This gave me more "spoons" to figure out what else I could change. Basically it set my feet on the ground so I could start walking. Have your kids do it with you. We got the chance to talk about how meditation was hard (distractions etc) but how mindfulness was a valuable skill. I personally love the Calm app because it knows when you will drift. It isn't just a bell and lake sounds, there is narration and they discuss different topics that resonated with me. Please continue to communicate with us here, or PM if you need more one on one time. You will find there are lots of us here struggling with the same issues and part of managing is coming to terms with what you are feeling, and knowing it DOES NOT define you.
  10. Tait

    Saline Flushes - My Old As Dirt Question

    Bumping this for a few more responses. Thank you to everyone who is taking time to fill out the survey.
  11. Tait

    Nurse with mental issues?

    Zoloft for a time, therapy, mindfulness, CrossFit (which is now closed leaving me a lost on that avenue) and now back on Zoloft/therapy due to pandemic. Diagnosed with Situational Anxiety in 2013.
  12. Tait

    To All Nurse Preceptors:

    1. I am so sorry this happened to you. 2. I recommend new grads look for a facility with an RN Residency and onsite coordinator. Part of my job, for over five years, has been managing new grad onboarding. My job is to intervene when I start to catch wind that a relationship isn't going well. I check in weekly on the new grads and make sure I keep open communication (they have my cell phone number). 3. I have said for a long time that a preceptor can make or break a new grad. Often they are amazing, but occasionally there is one in there, just like the one you encountered. Please do not let this person make you doubt your abilities. I recently had an amazing new grad with someone I trusted. This preceptor was one I had raised myself through residency and had always respected. But they were like oil and water. Preceptor was so heavy handed and rude I was shocked when I sat and talked with my new grad. I am thankful that her unit quickly saw the interactions and moved the new grad to nights, but I am concerned about this preceptor and will now watch closer if she is asked to precept again. 4. Take care and remember when you start to precept how you felt during this situation. I have faith you will make a wonderful nurse and preceptor
  13. Good Morning, Georgia, about a year ago, I have now heard changed our salines from a medication to a device. TJC supports this as a device. Now comes the process of changing our salines from a scanned med, to a documented part of supplies. Looking for additional points of view on this to present to the task force. It is funny because last week when I Googled for this topic I found my own posts from 2011 where my previous hospital was loosing 1/2 a million a year in unscanned flushes. Some topics never die. Thank you for any input you can provide.
  14. Tait

    Mask allergy??

    I recommend reaching out to your infection prevention officer or employee health nurse. I know that we are providing wound care consults if anyone gets skin breakdown, and working to make sure people have the appropriate ti on N95s (some have had to have alternative masks due to poor fit). Maybe they have some advice. If nothing else it documents it with your facility and distribution may be able to look at where those masks came from.
  15. Thank you for this feedback. Part of my role as a Manager of Professional Practice is to organize the Nurse's Week celebrations. Prior to COVID I was planning a day when schools come in to talk about advancing degrees, I was planning a EBP display and education, as well as showing people how to build a CAP (Clinical Advancement) binder. Also bringing back the DAISY Award recognition. I know that trinkets and food are nice for a bit (though currently our hospital is inundated with fatty food donations) but what I really want to bring is substance to the week. I was able to arrange for books, healthy snack baskets, and a couple of webinars. I think the hard thing with Nurse's Week is that in leadership they feel the lack of ability to do something meaningful as well. Don't underestimate how much your leadership feels the pain of staffing, hiring freezes, and system push back on initiatives. It isn't all roses and free COVID tests in the C-Suite. I stand next to them every day and watch them push and pull on each other. The health care system in and of itself is broken, and just as nurses do their best to manage on the floor, the leadership is doing that as well.
  16. Tait

    Covid 19 visitor restrictions

    We have been zero visitors but recently allowing special circumstances (I am not entirely sure what those are yet). We use iPads to talk with the patient and to let them talk with family.

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