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NebraskaRN specializes in NICU.

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    Update I have had many good assignments since that day. The unit is trying hard to make assignments better. I am very happy with this hospital and my choice to work here.
  2. NebraskaRN

    Average NICU ratios for admit area, vents, feeder/grower.s???

    Update I have had many good assignments since that day. The unit is trying hard to make assignments better. I am very happy with this hospital and my choice to work here.
  3. NebraskaRN


    thanks what state are you in? just curious if you don't mind.
  4. NebraskaRN


    thanks again i have seen other threads about this but i wanted more up to date information
  5. NebraskaRN


    thanks for the information
  6. NebraskaRN

    Infection control overkill?

    the nicu i worked at ny had a policy to glove for any patient and equipment contact but did not enforce the policy for jewelry here in fl you can where a simple wedding band but must scrub in at the start of the shift and practice good hand hygiene before and after patient contact. i agree that the bundles for ivs is a good idea and is proven to work, also i agree that babies need skin contact. i am undecided on the wedding ring, i agree bacteria is hard to remove around rings but i dont like not wearing my wedding ring i feel naked...lol i am planning on buying a simple wedding band to wear at work.
  7. NebraskaRN

    Cleaning protocol in nicu

    I have been at the hospital I work at now for just over 3 months. I had worked at a hospital in NY for 4 years and some nurses cleaned with cavi-wipes some did not. Here there are wipes in each baby room and again some use them some do not. I do wipe things down and some nurses call me a cleaner....lol oh well. The isolettes are suppose to be changed weekly, in NY the isolettes did not get changed. There is house keeping here that cleans the floor when they change the trash and linen bags, in NY they did not clean the floors but yearly they tried to clean the nursery rooms top to bottom. I am not aware of a written protocol for wiping things down here or in NY but I could be wrong.
  8. NebraskaRN


    Nurse to patient ratios can be difficult and a very complex and hard problem to figure out with the nursing shortage and bad economy.
  9. The stress of moving to a new unit can be overwhelming but worth it!
  10. NebraskaRN

    Holy mackeral....we are having an influx of methadone kids!

    Yes we have a ton of ISAM kids! :grn:At least 1 in every assignment it is crazy!:hdvwl: Even if they are not screaming you still have to give them Morphine every 3 hours which is a lot of time going to get the medication and getting a witness.
  11. NebraskaRN

    What are the reasons nurses leave the NICU?

    I think that if you went to work in another area of nursing and then decided that NICU really is for you they should not fault you for that. I have worked with a lot of nurses with varied backgrounds and some leave NICU and return. Nurses burnout it happens a lot even if nurses don't leave the NICU they may change something because of burnout due to the harsh stressful work we do....that we love But if you leave NICU and come back just try and stress that you love NICU and give a honest answer on why you left and why you want to come back.
  12. NebraskaRN

    oral care

    and gauze or q-tips.....Tampa area regional medical center: sterile water, gauze, q-tips, and pink tipped oral care swabs
  13. NebraskaRN

    oral care

    Upstate NY regional medical center sterile water
  14. NebraskaRN

    Prostaglandin Via UAC

    We try to not infuse anything except D5W with Heparin via UAC.
  15. NebraskaRN

    Got my FLORIDA license!!!!!

    I got my FLORIDA license by endorsement! I actually have it in hand....YEAH!! I have interviewed with All Children's Hospital in the NICU and got an offer! I have searched the forums, but I was still hopeful that some nice soul would give me some inside information on the hospital. So any All Children's Hospital information??? Thank you in advance
  16. NebraskaRN

    Florida NICU reviews

    I did and I posted in the FL as well, but no reply