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  1. Hydakins

    how much do you make?

    $19.34/hr for days, $21.43/hr for night shift at a hospital in Long Island NY
  2. Hydakins

    South Florida Hospital Salary info

    Hi. Im new to the Florida Healthcare sytem. I had an interview at North Broward Medical Center on Sample Rd in Deerfield Beach. I was wondering how much the current starting rate is for a PCA. Also, what are the night and weekend differentials? I have 6 years experience that I was told will be added to the base pay. How much is added on for each year?
  3. Hydakins

    Applying to Mountainside Hospital School of Nursing?

    Congratulations to all of the new students!
  4. Hydakins

    RN-BS program

    The University of Delaware has a really good online program.
  5. Hydakins

    I guess NCC started sending out acceptance letters

  6. Hydakins

    Testing average to pass? or final and overall?

    Im not in a BSN program, but our passing grade for all exams is an 80.
  7. Hydakins

    I am accepted to my first choice nursing school!

  8. Hydakins

    Rutgers BSN program

    I sent you a private message.
  9. Hydakins

    what makes nursing courses challenging?

    I use that website also!
  10. Hydakins

    What exactly is a...........PCT?

    A PCT/Patient Care Technician is another name for a CNA. Hospitals (many of them) dont use CNA and find replacement names.
  11. Hydakins

    what makes nursing courses challenging?

    i came back to add a few things but nurse educate hit one on the head. if you have a weak a&p class: nursing classes will be much more difficult to get through. if you took a professor that taught enough a&p for you to just "pass", nursing school is going to be double work. you've wasted a whole semester or year to get that a or b. also, some people are used to having fun and hanging out and find it extremely hard to just stop once they begin nursing school, especially because you can still play around while taking pre- and co-reqs. for some people, ive found that a lack of a social life, not the coursework is why they find nursing school to be rough.
  12. Hydakins

    Is $18,000 "to much for LPN program"

    Im paying not much more than that for my RN program in NJ (not too far from the school that you are asking about). That is definitely too expensive.
  13. Hydakins

    Suggested reading for newbie to oncolgoy nursing?

    Thank you BBQvegan! I also have a summer student externship position, but I will be in the cardiothoracic unit at a cancer hospital. I was just signing on to ask the same question.
  14. Hydakins

    what makes nursing courses challenging?

    Its a LOT of info to learn in a small amount of time. I personally wouldnt say that its hard, I guess because my professors are diverse and make it interesting. I also look for my own ways to find studying or whatever else interesting. I also dont mind asking questions so that I understand what Im doing--which takes the stress out of situations. But thats my opinion.
  15. Hydakins

    new grad, cant get hired

    Keep looking. There ARE facilities that will hire a nurse from a diploma program. I am in a diploma program and I accepted a position for a summer externship program at a very well known hospital in NYC. During my 2nd interview, I was told that they and surrounding hospitals have hired students from my school. I know that one thing that managers look for is experience in the medical field other than clinical experience during your schooling. Im not sure which category you are in but, keep looking. Dont give up.
  16. Hydakins


    Not sure about waiting lists for LPN programs, I think you're either in or you're not, but here is a list of schools: http://www.state.nj.us/oag/ca/nursing/vocschool.pdf