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tattooednursie is a LVN and specializes in Mostly LTC, some acute and some ER,.

LVN upgrading to RN/BSN

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  1. tattooednursie

    i cried tonight

    You're not alone there at all. It does not matter who you are in the medical profession, we are also human beings with emotion. Sometimes it does put a patient more at ease when they can see, and feel in their hearts that someone does care for them. I have cried many times as a first responder, then as a CNA, as a nursing student, and now as a nurse. It's those moments that we feel so much compassion and understanding for our patients, that makes this profession a beautiful thing. You made your patient feel like someone cared, and understood her. For that, you should be proud. Just make sure you take care of you too, and don't let the sad aspects of the job get you down.
  2. tattooednursie

    What have other nurses done that have freaked you out?

    Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! Sick!!!!!! I'll tell ya. . . I think I have lost my appetite for the day! Let me print this out and put it on my fridge. Could be the latest diet trick for me. Okay, I have a story for ya. . . . . There was an agency nurse who would wait until the meal trays were all collected and placed back on the cart, and fix himself a USED plate of the residents LEFTOVERS!!! I don't even want to think about all the times I have seen them spit, vomit, or chew on something and spit it back out and nicely place it back on the plate. Eeeek! Then he would go back for seconds! This was after he would raid the employee refrigerator to see if we brought anything for lunch. He grossed me out so bad!!! He wasn't there long though. He attempted to prevent me from contacting the Ombudsman after a fairly brutal patient vs. patient abuse (Res's glasses were smashed into her face by another res). He was so determined to not have to do the paperwork, he followed me around after I had stated I was calling the ombudsman to make sure I didn't touch a phone. However, I wrote that number down, and called immediatly after I had gone home. I also let them know about being prevented from calling earlier by that nurse. That was his last shift.
  3. tattooednursie

    Can brown colored breastmilk be normal?

    Maybe its chocholate breast milk . . . J/k . . . had to say it . . . Really I am stumped, I have not heard of that before.
  4. tattooednursie

    Disgusting Nurses!! SICK of my status as a CNA

    There is a time to have fun at work. How else could we survive our job, but that time is NOT while taking care of a patient. If the patient was IN the photo's, that could be considered a HIPPA violation.
  5. tattooednursie

    Why am I responsible for the dirty blanket???

    :idntdt: LOL Or sometimes after a day like that. . . its just more fun to pass the buck. (Sarcasm intended)
  6. tattooednursie

    Should I stay in the same place as a new RN as I am currently as a CNA

    I am an LVN working in the same place where I had been a CNA for 6 years. I will be honest, the transition was hard for me. At first quite a few of the CNA's would not listen to anything I asked them to do, and had no respect for me as a nurse. I did have to put my foot down. The words that changed it all around: "I am sorry that you have a problem with me being your supervisor. If you recall, I did go to school to become a nurse. I earned this position, it didn't just fall out of the sky. Nothing is stopping you either. You're just as capable as I am of becoming a nurse, and think about how you would feel in my position. Go ahead and try to make my life hell, remember I can make it 10 times worse." The transition lasted about 6 months. I am now nearing 2 years as an LVN, and it is going a lot better. They show me respect, and in turn, I show them respect. There are even some CNA's I have remained close friends with, but that does not change anything at work. I am still their supervisor. I would grab the job that was offered to you. Yes, the transition was hard, but its an obsticle that can be overcome. There are perks or working in the same place. You already know who's who, you already know the ins and outs of the unit, and you know exactly who to go to when your not having the best day. Congratulations on surviving nursing school!!!
  7. tattooednursie

    So how often do nurses have sex in the hospital?

    Hmmm. . . .havn't tried that one. I really don't think I would have the time. . .and that is just not something to do while you are supposed to be taking care of patients.
  8. tattooednursie

    Attitudes towards LPN's

    Very well said.
  9. tattooednursie

    Attitudes towards LPN's

    When I read the first reply to this thread . . .I knew it was going to get ugly. . . Let me share a bit of info here. . . I am an LVN, and I am proud to say that I am. A lot of LVN's do work their way up to RN. I chose to do it this way, as I wanted to see what it was like on every level on the way up. I am GLAD I am doing it that way. I think it helps to prevent SOME of the attitudes we see on this very thread. I will be working my way up to RN, and I will have respect for any hard working person in the healthcare field. RN's stating that they have no respect for LVN's is a lot like LVN's saying they have no respect for CNA's. I know a lot of CNA's that love the job they do, and they are darn good at it. Other LVN's that I know are content where they are at, and there is not a thing wrong with that. Every day I go to work, and I run my butt off. If there is something that needs to be done out of the scope of my practice, most RN's that I work with are happy to do it, in turn I will do something to help them out. It is not a hard concept. It is called teamwork, and it is called respect. Sorry if I seem blunt, but some of these replied are just a bit to ignorant to not say anything about.
  10. tattooednursie

    RN in Long-Term Care

    A nurse is a nurse. RN/LVN is the scope of practice, and level of education.
  11. When the time has come for their PRN pain pill, and they were skipping up and down the hall giggling and laughing with everyone they come in contact with five minutes ago, a sudden 10/10 pain occurs. . ."Oh my, good dramatization. A little more practice, you'd win a grammy. Unfortunantly, I went into nursing, not show biz."
  12. tattooednursie

    Things you learned the hard way? (funny)

    When you are giving a tube feeding via kangaroo pump, and it is not flowing correctly, it is probably the pump. DON"T SQUUZE THE DARN BAG!!! I had a yucky, stucky, nasty shower of jevity. I had to go home and wash my hair!!! While doing a rectal tube. HOLD ONTO IT!!! It almost took out a window (true story). When your patient is having loose stools and you have them turned helping the CNA clean them. . . DON"T MAKE THEM LAUGH!!! They might shoot the person in the danger zone. . . or anything else in the way. If a patient say's they are going to vomit . . . you better believe it. Grab the closes bucket, or else you'll have to clean it up. Always expect the worst case scenario. When you don't, thats when it will happen.
  13. tattooednursie

    sweaty hands- please help!!

    I have the same issue. Doing most tasks I wear gloves, but if I have a non invasive contact I simply wash and dry my hands. It really helps calm down the sweating for a short about of time, and if there was moisture felt . . . they will think it was from washing your hands :)
  14. tattooednursie

    I Just Got My Acceptance Letter for RN-BSN!!!!!!!!

    WAY TO GO!!!! I am very happy for you!!!!
  15. tattooednursie

    Please Help! Need Advice!! LVN or RN????

    You have to look for the pro's and cons of doing both. Personally I did the LVN first to make sure nursing is what I wanted to do before putting fourth the effort to get my RN. Also, I feel that is is good to know what it is like on every step of the ladder. I got my LVN in 2007, and next fall I plan on taking the upgrade program (RN/BSN) and it is a part time program that is done mostly on line. It is a three year program, but it is worth the time if I am still able to make a decent living and have plenty of study time. On the other hand, there are times that I do wish I could have gone straight for my RN. I do not like my job limitations as an LVN, and the limited fields of practice as an LVN.
  16. tattooednursie

    1 year in and I cannot do bedside anymore!

    I agree. I don't think I am going to be long for bedside nursing myself. I love the ER and everything about it. I cannot wait to begin a career there.