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Conqueror+ has 27 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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  1. Conqueror+

    Need Advice with Encouraging Staff to Precept New Hires!

    Pay them extra when precepting and lighten their patient load because a shift takes twice as long when you have to train someone.
  2. Conqueror+

    Almost fired for med error

    I have witnessed this before. The CNO was one of those straight through to MSN/MBA people who never worked as a nurse. She was clueless about what the job actually entailed. You just cannot teach what being a nurse is LIKE from books. Hang in there.
  3. Conqueror+

    Forced to resign after 7 weeks

    Orientation is a trial period for employer and employee, not an actual job. I do have to be honest though, telling me that you don't know what xx units of insulin looks like would scare me. If you can read the syringe and know how to draw up insulin...Hope it works out for you.
  4. Conqueror+

    Denied PTO for my marriage

    It doesn't matter if you are new. I had been a loyal employee at my job for years when I got married. I even had the DON offer me his office and computer to order wedding supplies since I was in the building so much working OT to pay for it. THREE days before my wedding the state surveyors show up. He had the audacity to call me and tell me that ALL pto had been cancelled and that he expected me to report for my 11-7 shift on Friday night when my wedding was at 10am on Saturday. He told me to abbreviate my bachelorette party by cutting it off at 10p on Friday so I could get to work and that I would have plenty of time to get ready after working all night. No one from the job showed up to my wedding because he told everyone that if I did not show I was fired. I only tell you this to help you realize that a job is just that. If you are as upset as you seem you will not get over this and will never be happy there. Resign two weeks before the wedding and enjoy your new life or suck it up and move the wedding. If you move the wedding do not hold a grudge or you will lose the job anyway. Either decision is valid. Even if he did not fire me I wouldn't have stayed there long after that.
  5. Conqueror+

    "Observed" urine drug screen

    I had to do this when I went to work as a traveler at a military hospital. It was a little weird but I was in my early 20's and in great shape so....
  6. Conqueror+

    "Fixin' to die"

    Um, what is wrong with being a hick ? I take exception to that generalization. I'm fixin to post about it on Facebook.
  7. Conqueror+

    How to deal with a preceptor that violates HIPAA

    Graduate, pass boards and do not violate HIPAA when you are practicing.
  8. I did not have friends in school I had classmates. I have a total of ONE friend that I met at work in 20+ years of nursing. We hung out after I left the building to work elsewhere. It has served me well but I am sure there is an argument for dragging your personal life past the timeclock/classroom doorway. All you need is some social media posting entitled "two drunk nurses get in shoving match at a bar."
  9. Conqueror+

    Coffee marketed to nurses. Would you buy it?

    I could see myself buying a bag of night shift 'nilla roast or hard night hazelnut. I am a bit goofy as a rule though.
  10. Conqueror+

    LVN keeps personal notes about patients

    Been doing it for 20+ years and it can save you. You will NOT remember a patient years later but the documentation is there.
  11. Conqueror+

    Resigned During Orientation - Advice Needed

    This may also be a result of the changes in nursing education. I see a lot of book smart BSN prepared nurses who do not have a grasp of basic time management and patient care. I worked my way up and without my in hospital LPN foundation I would be struggling in my latest acute care job. This is not a dig at the students just the result of the-student-is-now-a-customer nursing education. Hang in there.
  12. Conqueror+

    Off topic: 8 year old found out Santa doesn't exist

    My parents always told us the truth. We stopped doing presents at a pretty early age too. They asked us "If we are celebrating Christ's birthday, why do you expect to be the one getting gifts?" Our children are still small but there is no satan clause in our house. They get gifts all the time and are taught about giving to others. It works for us.
  13. Conqueror+

    FNP admission essay critique

    Was not taking a jab which is why I stated not being negative but I was still misunderstood. Anyway the content is good reading. I would have someone who knows you personally read it and see if it reflects who you really are. Hope that helps and good luck.
  14. Conqueror+

    FNP admission essay critique

    It is not formatted yet correct? NOT being negative just asking.
  15. Conqueror+

    Are nurses allowed to turn in wanted criminals?

    Thats a dramatic stretch. Treating someones asthma attack in my ER does not make me complicit in the murder they committed. I am not law enforcement.
  16. Conqueror+

    My professor is an LPN in a BSN program

    I think that you need to focus on being successful in your program. I wonder about students who fixate on the credentials of others. If she is your professor doing this will not end well for you. You need her, she does not need you. Good luck.