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  1. soontobenurse2

    What is your biggest nursing pet peeve?

    My biggest pet peeve is: When I'm giving report and they interrupt me to ask me if the patient has a PICC or an Heplock and where? I just tell them that is for me to know and for you to find out. Second Walking by a room and seen a patient exposed!!!! I walk in pull up the privacy curtains and close the door. HINT, HINT!!! and Third Nurses that complain about their assignments: " I had that patient twice this week" AND ? you have him again today!!!!! NURSING IS 24 HRS B****.
  2. soontobenurse2

    How long did it take b4 u got accepted to SPCOLLEGE Nursing school

    It took me 1 try for the ADN to BSN program and I had an answer by the 3rd day.
  3. soontobenurse2

    The NEW Nurse (Not the ones AOL speak of)

    I agree with previous post. Most of the "experience" nurses in my unit are disrespectful, are constantly on the phone or on the computer doing homework. Not to mention that do limited patient care. I think is not about being new or experience nurse. It is about dedication and respect.
  4. soontobenurse2

    Nursing Theorists Trivia

    Well, if you still trying to get information. Mildred Montag was a great theorist. Thanks to her we now have ADN programs. Hope this helps!
  5. soontobenurse2

    Why isn't my manager listening to me?

    Make sure you have documentation about everything that is happening and how many meetings you have had with your nurse manager. Since your manager is not listening. Talk to your manager's boss maybe she would listen. Good luck!
  6. soontobenurse2

    Education Benefits

    Thank you so much for the information. I will ask HR about this.
  7. I personally used Kaplan and it worked for me. When I took my Nclex it was just like doing the Kaplan questions online. Hope this helps you!!!T, RN
  8. soontobenurse2

    Education Benefits

    Hi, I will be starting at the local VA in a few weeks. I was wondering what type of education benefits do they have for employees and how does it work. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, T, RN:idea:
  9. soontobenurse2

    online license verification

    I had the same problem pearso vue said I passed. But the BON took a long time to show my results. I took my test Wednesday the 8/15 and my name did not appear in the BON until 8/21. So, CONGRATULATIONS on passing the NCLEX. Is now time to RELAX!!!!
  10. soontobenurse2

    South University

    I'm thinking about going for my BSN. Is anyone currently in the BSN program at South Unversity. Is it a good program??? Any information would really be appreciated.
  11. soontobenurse2

    Can I be denied employment due to claustrophobia???

    That is exactly what happened to me the hood thing made me very anxious and I couldn't continue with the fit test. I'm going to try to get over this. Thanks,
  12. soontobenurse2

    Can I be denied employment due to claustrophobia???

    Well, I just received a call back from the Manager and she said they have only had two cases of TB in the past 5 years. She said that I still have the job and she will work with me. I'm HAPPY!!! THANKS FOR ALL THE RESPONSES!!!!
  13. I applied to the local VA and was offered a job as a Graduate Nurse. Monday I went for my physical, completed a questionnaire stating that I was unable to be fitted with the N95 (TB mask) because I'm claustrophobic. The occupational health doctor had a fit over the fact that I'm claustrophobic and I'm going to work in a Ortho unit. She basically didn't want to complete my physical. She was expecting me to decline the position. I have called the unit manager several times and she has still not returned my call. I have declined other job offers for this job. Is there anything I can do? Has anyone had a problem like this before? ANY WORDS OF WISDOM!!!!
  14. soontobenurse2

    Child Care While In School

    Hi: I'm not sure which school you are applying to in Tampa. But I know that HCC has some sort of a program to help students that need childcare. Or maybe you can check with governmental offices. Hope this helps!!! ------------------------ RN as of 8/15/2007!!!!!
  15. soontobenurse2

    HELP!!! N-CLEX x 3

    Sorry to hear you didn't pass. I read hundreds of message in this site before I took the Nclex and most of them said that Kaplan questions look similar to the NCLEX. I have to agree!!!!! Kaplan was very helpful for me and also Saunders Q&A review for the NCLEX-RN for base knowledge questions. Keep your chin up! Good Luck and God Bless.
  16. soontobenurse2

    8 Days And Counting!!!!

    I took my test this past Wednesday and I found out today that I passed!!!!:balloons::monkeydance: What about you guys????