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Baloney Amputation is a BSN, LPN, RN and specializes in LTC, Acute Care.

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  1. Baloney Amputation

    Wrinkled Ear Lobes means....

    I was told long ago by a dermatologist that people with eczema had lots more fine lines on their palms than the palms belonging to those without eczema. The reason wasn't known at that time by the dermatologist, but I've found it to be true.
  2. Baloney Amputation

    HIPPA Training!

    I am exactly the same way! I assume the educator in the OP's situation took a fair amount of time researching material for the inservice, which probably included coming across the expanded version of the term HIPAA. Why is it so difficult for presumably intelligent people to extrapolate the correct letters from the words "Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act?"
  3. Baloney Amputation

    HIPPA Training!

    I believe the OP was posting about how ridiculous it is that her healthcare-related in-service documents and quiz said "HIPPA" instead of "HIPAA." I agree wholeheartedly with her.
  4. Baloney Amputation

    Question, about HIPPA

    Argh! The "Ads by Google" on my page say "HIPPA" whenever I visit this thread! It hurts my eyes. :)
  5. Baloney Amputation

    Question, about HIPPA

    If I were you, I think I'd take a good look at that paper that you supposedly signed...
  6. Baloney Amputation

    Question, about HIPPA

    How on earth would your job enforce that?!?
  7. Baloney Amputation

    Should second-hand smoke be illegal in a home with children?

    If a child is asthmatic, for example, and forced to live with cigarette smoke, this is much more immediate and concerning than being fat. Hands down. Being fat doesn't hinder breathing in quite the same way that an acute asthma attack does.
  8. Baloney Amputation

    Should second-hand smoke be illegal in a home with children?

    My dad found out fairly recently that he has alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, many years after he stopped smoking, so his few years of smoking did much more lung damage than it normally would to a normal person's lungs. I am lucky I don't have it (it's hereditary), because the second-hand smoke could have done far more damage to my lungs. Smoking sucks and can do incredible damage to the smoker and those around them, even if people don't want to admit it.
  9. Baloney Amputation

    Should second-hand smoke be illegal in a home with children?

    I had dozens of hospitalizations due to asthma attacks while my dad was smoking in the house when I was a child. Once he quit smoking and went to chewing tobacco, my hospitalizations for asthma attacks went down sharply. I don't think outlawing smoking around children would have done anything for me as far as day-to-day living in my house because he would have done it anyway, but at least someone would have had my back.
  10. Baloney Amputation

    Does anyone else feel this way?

    That is not true. You can get lung cancer without ever smoking and you can get cirrhosis as a nondrinker. You knew that, right?
  11. Baloney Amputation

    How do I have more confident talking/calling doctors?

    You can harp on your coworkers all you want about their English, but your post quoted here doesn't exactly command a lot of respect from those of us who know how to spell and properly use plural nouns.
  12. Baloney Amputation

    Most Annoying Nursing Stereotype

    Yes, random family member/friend/acquaintance, my possession of a nursing license DOES mean I want to hear about your bowel problems.
  13. Baloney Amputation

    Being forced to rethink my views on fibromyalgia

    My husband has it. Anyone who thinks it's not a real disease needs to hang out with him when he's having real issues with it. It's awful, and he is a tough cookie. A PM&R doctor and a rheumatologist both diagnosed him with it. The rheumatologist explained it being something where the brain isn't getting the pain signals quite right, so certain sensations that are normally not painful are painful for fibro people. For him, Lyrica works and so does Savella, but the Savella has side effects he doesn't like. Incidentally, he takes the rare Vicodin for back pain (an old very serious injury of fractured vertebrae) maybe once every few weeks to few months, and those do nothing for the fibro pain. He can distinguish the fibro pain and the pain from the old injury and doesn't take pain pills for the fibro pain. It's hard to make some people "believe" it's real if they don't have the joy of living with it. To me, fibro is like depression where the symptoms show up in pain and tenderness rather than depressive gloom. By the way, the fibro brain fog is frustrating, too.
  14. Baloney Amputation

    POOP! What do I put on my nursing notes for poop?

    You're only overcharting if you document the flavor.
  15. Baloney Amputation

    Advice needed (sorry so long lol)

    I'm trying to understand...the charge nurse told you could not leave, but the other nurses covered for you while you left anyway?
  16. Baloney Amputation

    Incompetent or disabled is there a differnce

    What's that mean? I know what "rev them up" means, but what is she specifically doing?