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  1. The experience will benefit you in multiple ways and give you a leg up in clinicals. I have worked with aides who changed their minds about nursing school after seeing what was involved. Give yourself this experience, you have nothing to lose and much to gain from it.
  2. DeeAngel

    RN, ADN being obsolete

    I heard this nonsense when I was in nursing school and I granduated in 1975! Find a school that doesnt lie to your face to make more money.
  3. The same thing applies to nursing refresher courses, you have to find a place to do your clinical hours at. Its almost like they dont want nurses to return to nursing. I fail to see where, after 40 years of being an RN I need a refresher course after not working as a nurse for three years.
  4. DeeAngel

    Shower tech advise

    There are special shoes servers wear that are meant to stable on wet slippery floors. That and always keep an extra change of clothing with you.
  5. DeeAngel

    body odor

    Maybe you need to find an excuse to semi-hug this kid and then you can "discover" the problem for yourself and then the boy won't know anyone complained about him. Tell him is he doesnt clean up his act people might start calling names and its best to just avoid all that in the first place. That might get the importance of it through to him....or not.
  6. The family members that live the farthest away always have the stongest opinions and will insist on getting their way.
  7. DeeAngel

    Afraid to quit my job

    Never burn bridges because you *think* you wont need a recommendation. Nursing can be an extremely small world sometimes and you never know when you will meet these people working somewhere else.
  8. Consider studying for an hour or two a day for the first year if this is at all possible. It will really help to bring you up to speed and to feel more comfortable. For what its worth the first year is terrifying no matter what you do. There are all sorts of reference apps for your phone, is this something that might help you? I promise you, it gets better and easier and the more you study the faster you will progress to that point. Take a deep breath......you are going to be OK.
  9. DeeAngel

    Is aspirin a blood thinner?

    Yes it "counts", its a medication, even it doesnt seem like much.
  10. DeeAngel

    Pregnant 15 y/o in School

    I dont see where this requires a meeting but guard your answers carefully and do not trust anyone to have your back in this matter. If you are uncomfortable at the meeting or feel accused, I would end the meeting right then and there and would not speak another word without an attorney. I have little faith in any form of administration anymore.
  11. DeeAngel

    Advice on best time to have a baby (please!)

    I would finish school first before having another. Nursing school is hard and you need every spare minute to devote to it until you complete the program. I personally believe a husband, 2 kids, a newborn and nursing school is a near recipe for failure. If you wait until you're through school and working you will have that sweet hospital insurance plan to use.
  12. DeeAngel

    No Parking, Yes Problem!

    Report it to your agency and tell them you will not be able to return to that particular case until you are able to legally park. Its their problem, let them deal.
  13. You notify the doctor, notify your charge and in my old hospital the house as well, document everything and tell them to call their ride. Some patients act like I'm supposed to care if they decide to leave, nope, so long.
  14. DeeAngel

    Patient's "right" to abuse nurses...I need your opinion

    No they dont and I would never abandon my other patients to help one patient go out and smoke.
  15. DeeAngel

    Why nurses don't want to talk to a ward psychologist?

    Nurses know speaking to anyone connected with the hospital can lead to gossip and drama. We have learned not to trust hospital administration, they never have our interests at heart.