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  1. luv2luvlife

    Help with instructor out for my blood! Long

    I think your teacher was EXTREMELY nice not to boot your whole group out of the school! Plagirism is grounds to be expelled,and it would go on your record as well. I've known students that were expelled for plagirism,and no other school would accept them. In the world of academic's plagirism is like committing murder. I think you were very fortunate to have passed,,,,,:igtsyt: I know you said you didn't plagirize but the others in the group did,,,it doesn't matter,your name was on the paper too. Maybe your teacher didn't think you appreciated her overlooking this HUGE mistake,,,,and gave you a hard time for it. The others gave her appreciation There is always a lesson in a experience,the hard part is figuring it out :throcomp:
  2. luv2luvlife

    South Florida Roll Call!!!!!

    Palm Beach Gardens
  3. luv2luvlife

    South Florida Roll Call!!!!!

    I'm in the Gardens. Love the sunshine!!!
  4. luv2luvlife

    MY mom wants me to but....

    your mom is talking about going to england or she has the tickets for you and her? if she is talking then ask her to wait until after you have done the nclex. give her a date. lets say your nclex is on april 22, then you leave for england on the 24th :) if she has booked the tickets then go,,,,,,,,,,, and do nclex when you return. once you start working as a nurse , you will be hard pressed to be able to take off and go on a trip. i would love to have been able to go on a trip with my mom to europe, she would not have had to ask me twice! bon voyage
  5. luv2luvlife

    Hi, I'm Thunderwolf and I am a Smoker

    "Cancer in our family is unheard of, on either side...so the fear of cancer never ever came to me as a concern....and they all smoked like chimneys, living to their elder days. Good genes, I guess. I don't deny the risk of cancer" Did they smoke the indian cigarettes, or the store bought ones? I think the indian cigarettes are safer to smoke and also quit with, because they don't have all the chemicals the store bought ones have. It may also be the reason they don't have cancer,,,,, Too bad there is no stats on this:rolleyes:
  6. luv2luvlife

    RE: Pt. disch. No teaching, No instructions, No nothing!!!

    Time to do a little creativity here:innerconf I'm going to respond to you ,,,,,,,using yr very own words "I know this sounds like a fairytale, but there were more things good about the 60's and 70's than just the 60's and 70's. We were enabled to give the best patient care we could devise. No idea was turned away if it helped prevent complications, promoted well-being and optimum health." Here is your answer to the above with your own words; "It really is time to go back to the good old days.....and the well known old adage that went like this: "STAY AWAY AND OUT OF HOSPITALS NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU. EVERYONE KNOWS PEOPLE ONLY GO THERE TO DIE!! My Response; I guess the old days were not so good after all, if this saying became common knowledge:bugeyes: My Response; I remember having a patient and his wife was an 'old' nurse. She kept talking about how this was done,,,that was done,,,how it was much better,,,,,,on and on she would rant. She and her husband didn't want anyone telling/educating them about anything. THe way they used to do it was best,,,,,,,,,,, We sent her and hubby home with educational booklet/pamphlets and an information sheet with community resources/nurses etc. God help the poor wee nurses and Doc's that come across these types.:redpinkhe
  7. luv2luvlife

    Am I wrong here?

    No, you're not wrong at all. The aide isn't wrong either. Both of you are viewing the scenario exactly the way management wants you to. IF you are both blaming each other, then that will distract you from the real problems, and keep you alienated from grouping together as a unit. Once you group together, all in alignment then management is scared,,,,very scared.:w00t:
  8. luv2luvlife


    Unless you want to call the USA racists. Its not about race, its about visa's I think. The Canadian can get a TN visa , which is very quick visa ,compared to the other choices for foreign nurses.
  9. luv2luvlife

    "You put me and my unborn child's life at risk"

    "When assessing my patient this AM I noticed that the patient had a scaly rash on his abdomen. The patient was admitted from the ER last night. I asked him when he developed the rash and he said it was about a week ago." Good for you,reporting a rash that the ER Doc's and nurses didn't notice! If any lecture should be scheduled, it should be for the ER staff. "Well then, take another, more experienced nurse with you, when y'all can figure out what the rash is.. come back and report it to me." Ok, well let me just check and see who the ER Doc and ER nurses that were on last night ,and then we can all go into the room and see if we can figure it out. So I went back and said.. "I guess it is shingles." She then said... "I want you to know... that you personally.. put me and my unborn child's life at risk.. You, as a nurse should be able to recognize shingles.. But since you didn't know what the rash was.. My life was put at risk." :no:Say it isn't so! That was a nasty comment! 2 things come to my mind here,,,,,1) This Doc is shocked that a nurse did not know what shingles looked like,,,,which means that she values nursing judgements. What she isn't thinking about is that the Docs and nurses in the ER did not report or see this. YOU DID. 2)She reminds me of a bear with her bear cub, she attacks when there is a threat upon her cub. :scrm: 3) If I were you I would ask the manager to ask the Doc to educate the ER dept via telling about her experience:devil:
  10. luv2luvlife

    Things I'm losing it over

    I don't think you are suffering from burnout. I think you have allowed her into yr personal space. ex ;"She reminds me of both my daughter and my little sister" You want to protect her.And you didn't understandably say anything. I think it is your conscience bothering you. Maybe, you can tell this piggie Doc, that you know of a staff member ,that hasn't been washing her/his hands between patients. Ask him what would be the best way to handle this situation since this member isn't open to feedback.:thnkg: Otherwise get yr patients to start asking whether the health care provider has washed their hands before touching them. Maybe, when you have taken some sort of action you may feel better.
  11. luv2luvlife

    My unit is going down the tubes...

    Everyone is telling you to move on,and I'm sure the 'good' nurses that left were told the same thing by others. Nurses are advocates for the patients and should also be advocates for each other. If I were in your position, I would have the nurse going off shift give me report at each patients bedside. Or have her go with you to look at each patient that she had. Just so you can eyeball the IV's ,charts etc with her. And if there is a problem, have the new nurse fix it. Document everything,,,,,these new nurses need more 'training,education'. Maybe, you can create a new job for yrself,,,,,ongoing preceptor of these new nurses. I would definitely tell management that the newbies need more training otherwise the hospital is going to wind up in court with an alarming death rate. Do a nursing care plan for your unit, and see what you can come up with to resolve some of the problems :nurse:make a copy for yrself and then hand it into management. There is always a way through the darkess,,,,if you can be the light:hrnsmlys:
  12. luv2luvlife

    ER Interview need some help PLEASE!

    Hi ; All you need to know is on this link
  13. luv2luvlife

    A Proposal to Require Flu Vaccines for Preschool

    The children that should definitely get the vaccine are the ones with asthma,cardiac and health problems. If you decide to get the flu vaccine via the nasal route,,,,DON't DO IT!!! My child has had excruciating headaches ever since he had it. It tells you the side affect can be headaches,,,,it doesn't tell you they will be excruciating. GO for the needle if you decide to get your child vaccinated.
  14. I wonder if they had to unwrinkle it to be ledgible? :rotfl:
  15. luv2luvlife

    I have a questionn for u nursing students or nurses

    :idea:Do not take b/p in arm if client has clenched fist pointed at you,distended neck vein,and foaming at mouth:devil:
  16. luv2luvlife

    Success with Nclex :)

    I moved on from the chapter after getting 75% or more. I did not review it. I had the whole book to get through and I had to find the areas I was below 75%. The 25% that I did not get from the book would be discovered on the CD disk. So I covered that 25% on the disk. If I kept reviewing a chapter until I got 100% I would not get to the questions on the CD.