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KimberlyRN89 is a BSN, RN and specializes in Med-Surg/urology.

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  1. Hi all, I recently had a phone interview for an assistant nurse manager position on a mother baby unit. I have 7 years of nursing experience, 4 yrs of that in mother baby, charge nurse experience, but this is my first time applying for this type of position. The manager set up a second step of the interview process in which I meet with the night shift staff (this position is on night shift), as well as other department managers in various units such as NICU, peds, l&d, and the director of women’s services. I am pretty nervous! Any advice?
  2. KimberlyRN89

    Future Nurse Practitioner

    No, while I enjoy women's health I miss working with patients across the lifespan.
  3. KimberlyRN89

    Future Nurse Practitioner

    Hello! I work on a post partum unit. My hospital is in a big city and attached to a university. The medical group employs midwives and i think they are quite busy. As a l&d nurse, you may get one or two patients at any given shift, based on their acuity (just basing it off of what I've seen, never done l&d). After delivery, you stay with them for two hours after recovery and then transfer them to post partum. As a post partum nurse, I may get four couplets a shift. My tasks include helping with breast feeding, administering meds, checking vitals , performing tests on babies at 24 hours, and much more. I'm planning to go back to school to be an FNP. Hope this answers your question! Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
  4. KimberlyRN89

    Hospice RN vs Case Manager

    Hello! I am hospice nurse and that title "case manager" can be sooooo misleading. You are doing hands on skilled nursing. I think how well you adapt will depend on your company. When I got hired at mine, it was so short staffed and I was unable to get a proper orientation due to that. Six months into it and I'm feeling beyond burned out. Our turnover rate is high. I could go on and on...
  5. KimberlyRN89

    New Grad: Which Job to Choose?

    My vote is for#1 ! It sounds like a great opportunity. I may be a bit biased though because I'm seeking a position sort of what you described in #1 and if I'm offered the opportunity, I'm taking it :)
  6. KimberlyRN89

    CHPN Certification

    Glad to see a good review about the practice book. I just received it today and hope it will help me adequately prepare.
  7. KimberlyRN89

    Transferring out of Sojourner - douglass college

    Sojourner-Douglass College could become part of for-profit Virginia school - Baltimore Sun Stratford has agreed to take over S-DC.
  8. KimberlyRN89

    Medstar health tuition assistance?

    I'm at the hospital center in DC but I believe tuition reimbursement starts after 3 months of full time employment.
  9. KimberlyRN89

    Forced to resign, new grad with only 1 year of experinece.

    If you apply for a new job, it may not be a good idea to list your manager as a reference. See if you can use some of your charge nurses as references.
  10. I was a CNA and LPN during my time in nursing school. I worked pretty much every weekend. And occasionally I'd work 1-2 days during the week. It was not fun but it helped me learn more about healthcare and I believe it helped me when obtaining my first RN job.
  11. KimberlyRN89

    Transferring out of Sojourner - douglass college

    I am a 2013 alum of SDC and I'm very sad about the news. Has the school of nursing provided you all with any help?
  12. KimberlyRN89

    DC License by Endorsement

    I think they open at 0800. Call them first thing and speak to them. The only way to get a license is to call non-stop 😔 Edit: to answer your question, I have only gotten a temp.
  13. KimberlyRN89

    Sorry, we must start you as a new grad.

    I know a nurse on my that had LTC experience too and they put her in the new grad internship program. It's not exactly fair to label you as a new grad, but if you are seeking an acute care position that may be an option for you to get your foot in the door.
  14. KimberlyRN89

    DC License by Endorsement

    I called them too last Thursday and got the same story. I see you're going to be at the hospital center too so maybe we will be in orientation together lol. I read something about a supervised practice form here on this website. Maybe I can ask about that when I do my pre employment stuff. Have you already met with your nurse recruiter?
  15. KimberlyRN89

    DC License by Endorsement

    I'm in the same boat. Has anyone had any success with calling? I applied last Wednesday and they have cashed my check, according to my bank. I hope that is a sign that they are processing my application.
  16. Hi all! I have an interview at the hospital center this coming Wednesday on their mother-baby unit. I currently work med-surg at a hospital nearby in Montgomery County and have a year's experience as an RN. Just wanting to know what kind of questions to expect! Thanks!!