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Med-surg; OB/Well baby; pulmonology; RTS
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Burnt Out has 19 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Med-surg; OB/Well baby; pulmonology; RTS.

Married; have 3 children: 1 son in heaven and 2 daughters on earth

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  1. Burnt Out

    What awkward advice have your family members asked for?

    There was a man that used to help my husband at his family's business. He came to our house one day to help my husband move something because it was too heavy for me. He told me he thought he had a kidney infection and asked if I had any antibiotics "laying around". I told him no, that I didn't have any and then I nicely and gently told him that NO one should have leftover antibiotics as you need to always finish the course you're prescribed unless you have severe side effects or an allergic reaction and you've notified your doctor about it and you've been told to stop the antibiotic. My dad likes to talk about his bathroom habits as well.
  2. Burnt Out

    Migraines and nursing?

    My migraines are without aura but I do get a "weird" feeling....like a phenomonon for lack of a better word. Sometimes I'm wrong but I've been instructed by my doctor to take my rescue med if I feel it's a migraine and it turns out not to be.
  3. Burnt Out

    Migraines and nursing?

    I've had migraines since I was 13 and there were times I had to leave early (if it was really bad, I'd go straight to the ER) or call in if one hit me hours before I was supposed to be at work and I couldn't get it under control. If you know your triggers, do your best to avoid them. Get frequent sips of water or fluid, keep snacks handy if you get 5 minutes of calmness to keep your blood sugar from crashing, etc. My rescue med is Relpax, so I would have a couple of tablets in my purse and I kept Excedrin Migraine as well as ibuprofen in my locker; if I felt like my headache was a migraine (mine are without auras), I'd take Excedrin Migraine or high dose ibuprofen (600-800 mg per my doc's advice) first and if that didn't help, I'd take my Relpax an hour after Excedrin or ibuprofen. You do NOT have to disclose your migraines during interviews and I wouldn't do so.
  4. Burnt Out

    Brian Short News

    My thoughts, prayers and condolences go to Brian Short's family and friends (including all members here at allnurses) during this tragic, sad time. I joined allnurses.com 13 years ago and I'm so thankful for this site Brian created for so many reasons.
  5. Burnt Out

    Huntsville Hospital test?

    It's probably a math test for drug dosages, etc. I don't work at HH but most hospitals do give a math test.
  6. Burnt Out

    Anyone else having trouble renewing online?

    Any renewal after Nov. 30, 2010 is late and you will have to pay more fees. You should have received something in the mail to let you know about renewing if you are actively licensed in AL. It is important to make sure that the BON has your current address as well as email.
  7. Burnt Out

    Verbal order

    Your facility should have a P&P on the time-frame when verbal/telephone orders are co-signed by the physician: usually 24-48 hours. Most facilities will have guidelines about acceptable/non-acceptable verbal orders. At the last facility I worked at, we could not take a verbal or telephone order for DNR under any circumstance. If the physician couldn't come to the hospital to write the DNR order, it could be faxed after being notarized-it's been a couple of years since I've worked there and can't remember 100%. A lot of facilities are cracking down on verbal orders due to issues of misunderstanding and only allow them in an emergency for meds, procedures, etc. I have written many telephone orders in my time and when I've gotten a "verbal order" from a doc that is standing there talking to his golfing buddy or whatever and it clearly wasn't an emergency, I'd ever so sweetly ask them to co-sign right then and there or ask them to write and remind them of the policy.
  8. Burnt Out

    Best Lotion for cracked hands?

    I have some that is made by Vaseline. It is in a white tube with blue and green on it-can't remember the exact name to save my life. Johnson and Johnson had a hand cream that I took to work and within days, it was gone-everyone loved the scent and it felt good on the hands. The NICU that both of my daughters were admitted to had some sort of medical grade hand lotion that I really liked too-it was a clearish looking bottle with purple writing on it.
  9. Burnt Out

    Bittersweet Story: 'Claine and Samuel

    I have read Maclaine's story before from a link on a grief support site where one or both of her parents are members. I admire them for what they did. I had asked about organ donation when my son died in 2002 at the age of 12 days but he was just too sick and his body had been through so much, his doctors didn't think his organs would be able to help another child. My precious angel died from complications of ToF/VSD w/ DORV.
  10. Burnt Out

    npo question

    I consider them NPO if they are NPO. No gum, ice or meds unless specified by the doc.
  11. Burnt Out

    Doing Floor assessment in ED before admission

    I work on a floor and while I do want to assess my patients head to toe when they come to me, it would be beneficial to both the patient and the nursing staff if IT (for those of us who do computer charting) could make it where all of the questions about history that was asked in the ER would show back up when we have to do our admission assessments. It can be such a battle to get patients to want to answer our questions after they have been in the ER. If I had a dollar for every time I heard "I've already answered these questions", I could retire.:wink2: We were promised this would happen when we went from paper to computer charting but of course have not seen it yet.:typing:banghead:
  12. Burnt Out


    Different hospitals have different set-ups. We use charting by exception by computer. So when we chart our assessment, that is it unless something out of the ordinary occurs. We also have little prompts for abnormal labs/critical labs where we can document when we notified the MD.
  13. Burnt Out

    The Best Hospitals List

    It is listed under the best for cancer. But not on the general pediatric list.
  14. Burnt Out

    Clinitron Bed

    I think the name is Dri Flow pads. We are told this is the only thing we need to put between the patient and the bed on one of the specialty mattresses/beds. They are very strong too-able to pull the patient up in bed with them.
  15. Burnt Out

    IJ catheter for Dialysis

    Well first you did a wonderful job so don't feel dumb. It doesn't matter if you are a RN or LPN, we can not know everything. In my facility, we do not use a dialysis catheter/Vas Cath unless it is an emergent situation or we have no other access and then we get an MD order to use it. Most of ours do have a pigtail port that we use like you would a central line lumen. But if we have to use the other lines, we must deaccess all that heparin and re instill it after our infusions are complete.
  16. Burnt Out

    Green stool

    Sometimes something with purple dye will cause your stool to turn green. My preschooler has been wanting Kool Aid lately (grape) and my hubby freaked out one day when her stool was green.