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  1. luvschoolnursing

    mom upset about asthma

    You need to write a 504 plan with specific recommendations that you have FROM THE PHYSICIAN. Get a release to talk to the physician and have him/her determine the severity of the asthma. Get this in writing. Mom may have such a relationship with the doctor that he will write whatever she wants, but at least you will be covered for the excessive absences and any reflection in the student's grades.
  2. luvschoolnursing

    Has the school nursing job market changed?

    In Pennsylvania, we need a BSN and then certification from the department of education. We work on the teachers' pay scale. It is less than we could make in the hospital but the hours and benefits are very good. It is difficult to get a school nurse job in Pennsylvania because few of us leave until we retire and there just aren't that many jobs as compared to how many hospital positions there are.
  3. luvschoolnursing

    I pulled this out of my head!!!! LOL

    I like the ones that use the human lice shampoo on all the pets to make sure they get rid of the lice in the house. I try educating them that human lice does not live on animals, but often they are so freaked out, they treat everything but the fish! Poor kitty!
  4. luvschoolnursing

    Just wondering.......

    The nurse prior to me had them listed by homeroom. I switched to alphabetical by grade the first year. Makes it much easier for me.
  5. luvschoolnursing

    How often does your school district hire new school nurses?

    I don't know that our district has ever had a nurse leave for another job. They retire. Our next opening should be in about 3-5 years and not another one for nearly 20 years.
  6. luvschoolnursing

    Do you enjoy being a school nurse?

    Depends on the kid. Anything we give, we have to have a doctor's order. Some have inhalers, some have nebulizers. As far as weather to call the parent or transport by EMS, that's why we are there. We are skilled to make that decision. Most kids are fine to go home with parent and be seen by primary MD, but if something comes on suddenly or there is a more serious injury, we call EMS, then the parent.
  7. luvschoolnursing

    Grand Central Station...

    And when you get the 3 calls at the same time, then call back the ones you missed they say-"you are never in your office" I also think the phone is connected to the bathroom-everytime I sit down, the phone rings!
  8. luvschoolnursing

    Hearing and Vision

    For ht/wt/vision, I am only allowed to pull kids from PE, so I do my best to get them from there. 1/2 of our kids have PE first semester and 1/2 the second semester, so it takes me all year. Hearing screening is still done in 1 day (11th grade is all I have to do) The speech therapists come in and help so we can get the whole class done in a couple hours.
  9. luvschoolnursing

    Teacher Contract?

    If you get a teacher's contract, you are one of the lucky ones. Unless you are responsible for the evaluations of the Lpn's you oversee, you are probably not "administrator" category. It is also likely to cause a lot of unrest if you get an admin contract and work with the teachers.
  10. luvschoolnursing


    I agree, Martha, but you still have to send them to be evaluated and be started on treatment. I send home anyone who has goo, gunk, ick or any other medical term you choose. If their eyes are just watery, and I believe they can keeps their hands to themselves, they stay. I did send one girl home the other day who had no drainage, but her eye just didn't look like typical allergy eye. She was diagnosed with periorbital cellulitis.
  11. luvschoolnursing

    Vision/Hearing Screenings

    I do my own vision screenings. 1,000 kids. Takes me all year! I try to do ht/wt at the same time. Our speech therapists have always been willing to help with the hearing. It really speeds up the process. We can get all of 11th grade done in about an hour, then that just leaves me with the re-checks, special ed and absent kids. Screenings are a very time consuming part of my job.
  12. luvschoolnursing

    from acute care to school nursing

    :grpwlcm:You will learn a lot here. I know I do. Also, since school nursing cam be a bit isolated, you make "friends" here that are not from an education background. We bring something unique to the education setting. Enjoy your new job!
  13. I took the test in 1986. I don't think there was even the term "NCLEX" it was just State Boards. Wasn't that hard just LONG. Probably couldn't pass today because I haven't even worked in a hospital for 8 years and school nursing is a whole different animal, but it would be interesting to try.
  14. luvschoolnursing

    Fall forcast

    We lost a handful of teachers, fortunately no nurses. They are cutting electives. Also got rid of quite a few instructional aides on the elementary level.
  15. luvschoolnursing

    not sure of my niche

    Took me 17 years to find my niche! Get your education, get a job and look around. You will find what you love. Congrats on the scholarship!