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  1. Bandaide

    2020-2021 influenza vaccine

    I will get my flu shot in mid-October. I had Covid in March, and I feel like if I got the flu, it might just finish me off. I take my husband and we get our shots at the same time - it makes it easier to be sure that he gets it. We go get dinner after and has become a fall couples thing for us. I had H1N1 in 2009, and spent a few days wishing I would die and get it over with, so I'll do what I can to try to avoid that if I can.
  2. I've had 4 or 5 colonoscopies without sedation. I have an IV, and sometimes get a little fentanyl as the scope goes round the bend - usually for the doctor's comfort. The doctor had never done one that way before, but now he has a bunch of patients who elect to do it without sedation.
  3. Bandaide

    "Safe Injection Houses"- What's This?

    Keep in mind that it's to their benefit not to find any crime. How about users who can't get a chair in the place in time for their next fix? They end up on the doorstep of a nearby business or home. Now Seattle is talking about providing "clean" drugs for the addicts to use, free of charge. What is wrong with this picture? How about providing free drug treatment instead?
  4. Bandaide

    Impossible New Grad market Tacoma/Lakewood Area?

    With more than 25 nursing schools in the state of Washington, there are lots of new grads you would be competing with for jobs. About 1/3 (maybe 1/2?) of our ADN class that graduated this June have found jobs so far, and I think all are on units where they worked as techs or where they did their practicums. Good luck!
  5. Bandaide

    moving to anacortes next summer...

    Island Hospital is the only hospital, and then there are 2 nursing homes. I don't know if the hospital hires LPNs or not. My Mom was a patient there several years ago, and I was impressed with her care. Some of the RNs drove up from Seattle each shift to work there.
  6. Bandaide

    NCLEX passing rates

    The purpose of the NCLEX is to pass those candidates who meet the basic requirements to give safe care as new nurses, nothing more. It is not meant to select the best of the pool of applicants. It has no role in regulating the number of nurses in practice. If nursing schools are doing their job, they should be admitting students who are capable of learning the required information and skills, teaching them the content required, and graduating those who do so. Those students should be able to pass the NCLEX without repeating their education with review or cram classes if they take the NCLEX fairly soon after graduation. If students aren't prepared well enough to pass the NCLEX, either the school, the student or both have not performed as they should. I took the NCLEX earlier this month and found it to be about equal in difficulty (maybe even easier) than the exams we had throughout school. I passed with 75 questions in 55 minutes. So far, every student in my class who has taken the exam has passed, all but one with under 90 questions. We started NS with 36 in our class and ended with 29, so there was some attrition.
  7. Bandaide

    ATI mock nclex

    ATI is a testing company that gives the TEAS test that some schools use for entry into their nursing programs. They also have exams for the main curricular areas covered in nursing school, as well as the ATI Predictor which is supposed to indicate how the taker will do on the NCLEX. That is the test we are talking about above. Our school required us to take the ATI exam each quarter, so we had to purchase the package that included the ATI books and testing program.
  8. Bandaide

    ATI mock nclex

    I took it and got a 99%. When I took the NCLEX, I passed in 75 questions, so I think it was predictive for me. I didn't study much (about 10 hours) between the two exams. Good Luck!
  9. Bandaide

    new nurse, whidbey island, wa - help

    I have not heard that a Residency is required - it's just much better than not having one. There is someone from my class (we just graduated and passed the NCLEX) who is now working on a unit as an RN.
  10. Bandaide

    CEUs Online?

    As I understand it, and I could be wrong, we need to keep the certificates and if we are choosen to be audited, then we have to be able to produce them. But I've been dealing with inital licensing, and not the CEU part yet.
  11. Bandaide

    Bellevue College 2012 hopefuls

    I took the state test. You may need it if you decide to work as a tech in a hospital during school. And it looks better on your resume, since you followed through with it and didn't just do the bare minimum required to get into the program.
  12. Bandaide

    Bellevue College 2012 hopefuls

    To my knowledge, only two in our class have jobs. My experience so far has been that recruiters don't really want to hear from us until we pass NCLEX. Some of my classmates have been harrassing HR until they get a first interview, but they haven't gotten jobs yet. I have a trip planned this fall (once-in-a-lifetime, family thing) so I won't be applying anywhere until I get back. There are so many areas I'm interested in, that I think I can be happy in many different situations. So where ever I end up, I don't thing I'll feel like I'm "settling". In a perfect world, I'd like to be in the ED, but not many take new grads.
  13. Bandaide

    CEUs Online?

    There are a lot of free CEUs out there. I have a Medscape account, and there are a lot available there. Just be sure to print and save the certificates.
  14. Bandaide

    Bellevue College 2012 hopefuls

    Our class (we just graduated) had higher attrition first quarter. By the end of second quarter, you know if nursing is really something you want to do or not. Second quarter clinicals expose you to a lot more stuff, so the really squeemish make their decisions to opt out. By about half way through 2nd quarter, you've figured out how you need to study most efficiently and also start to believe that you will survive, and the stress goes down a couple notches. A couple things I wish I had known: You won't have your reading assignments over the summer, but it sure wouldn't hurt to read as much as you are able from your Nursing Fundamentals text. Everything from your CNA class will be just a tiny blip of info - they assume you already know it and they will be teaching you nursing assessment skills and lots of other stuff. When you do care plans, make a spread sheet or data base of each medication. Then when you come across it for the next patient, the work is already mostly done. Just make sure that it is being given for the same reason - if not, copy/paste/edit and save both versions. Then cut and paste them into your new care plan when needed. If you will be taking the ATI subject tests at the end of each quarter, do use the ATI book to study. Since Med-Surg is both second and third quarters, your ATI will come at the end of third quarter. You will need to review what you studied second quarter to do well on the subject test. Make sure to download/print the outlines or power points before you go to lecture. There is just too much to keep up with writing everything down, and you will miss stuff. You can use a laptop for notes if that works for you and you're a fast typist. I found that taking notes on the power point worked best for me. You can print some stuff on campus up to a point, but you have to go to the computer center across campus so it isn't very convenient. Plan to get enough excercise. Don't gain a bunch of study weight like most of us did! And I don't know if it was something in the water, or what, but there were 9 babies born or conceived during our time in nursing school, and they were all boys! I don't think I would want to increase the stress by being pregnant if I could avoid it. The timing with clinicals worked out for everyone, but it could cause you to repeat a quater if you had to miss clinicals. Have a good summer. Get lots of sleep - you'll miss it!
  15. Bandaide

    Bellevue College 2012 hopefuls

    Get two sets of scrubs if you can afford it. You will be too busy doing your care plan to wash scrubs after you get home from clinical. Care plans usually take 6-8 hours.
  16. Bandaide

    ATI "Nurse in a box"

    We used these in our program, and we were required to buy them, but I think it's more that the books come along with buying the computer part of the product. I thought that the books did a good job condensing down what we needed to know for the subject, but I don't like the Pharmacolgy one. We took the section exams at the end of each quarter, and the books are very helpful for those exams. There are also multiple practice exams for each section that you can use as a check on how you're doing. Some quarters the proctored exams were included in calculating our grade, but not in all quarters. You can create study plans based on the questions that you miss. I am now at the end of my program, and the last thing we do is take the ATI Predictor for NCLEX. I don't have any idea how accurate it is, but hopefully it will tell me what I need to study for NCLEX.